Self-bondage ideas needed

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Self-bondage ideas needed

Postby cd_laura » 25 Mar 2012, 22:21

I've been into self-bondage for many years. Recently I've not done a lot, so looking for some really good ideas.

I've got handcuffs, leg cuffs, some leather collars. I've also got a 3 inch penis gag. I will be expanding my restraint collection in the very near future.

I wanna do the session outside but not really sure what to wear, so any ideas would be welcome. I have a vast wardrobe of female clothing. I have various leotards, a school-girl uniform, and a wedding dress. I have all the usual underwear and have Bra's from 32A to 36D, I have breast forms for a 34C bra. I will admit that I do like dressing as a young girl as I am naughty when I dress-up :) , just lacking a real female to put me in my restraints.

Any ideas would be welcome.
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Re: Self-bondage ideas needed

Postby Anything_Once » 26 Mar 2012, 11:26

Okay here is an idea.
I'll give you the basic idea of the scenario then a list other variations depending on your situation / environment.
Use your own preferred safety release, you know what works best for you.

You will need two blankets, wrist cuffs and ankle cuffs.

The set up is simple,
1-Spread the blanket out on the floor
2-Put on your ankle cuffs, locked together so you can't walk but could hop or crawl in an emergency
3-Attach your wrist cuffs to the ankle cuffs so they rest just above your butt. You should be able to lock your wrists in whilst laying on your front (do not lock them on yet).
3-Lay down on your front
4-Place the blanket over your lower half covering all the restraints
5-Lock you wrists into the cuffs

The above scenario is simple and can easily be added to, here are some idea you could add depending on your situation.

  • Wear your schoolgirl outfit
  • Dress in everyday ladies clothing
  • Dress up in sexy lingerie (including stockings, heels and breast forms), shaved as a women would, full make up and a wig if possible or needed

  • Do not cover yourself with the second blanket
  • Wear your gag (only if it would be safe to do so)
  • Wear a blindfold (only if it would be safe to do so, not advised for public places)

  • Leave your keys indoors or some way away so you have to hop or crawl to get them
  • Tie your wrist cuffs to your ankle cuffs as tight as possible. Leave the keys a little way away.
  • Tie a rope to a tree / post at ground level and wrap it around the tree till only a foot or two is left loose. Put on a collar and tie yourself to it. Leave all keys / releases within the area the rope can reach.
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Re: Self-bondage ideas needed

Postby cd_laura » 27 Mar 2012, 18:44

I like the ideas. I might use a mix of the 3 ideas. So will do it something like:

Schoolgirl uniform
My black 32A Training Bra, Knickers and also a suspender belt and sexy stockings
My 3 inch Penis Gag
Handcuffs behind my back with a chain going to the ankle cuffs
Keys to the cuffs at home, so will only have the front door key hanging from my handcuffs.

I love being gagged with my penis gag and can wear it for 2/3 hours. Gonna order myself some smaller breast forms for my Training Bra's rather than padding them out.

Anyone else got any ideas.
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