My new Formula 1 watching habit

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My new Formula 1 watching habit

Postby Gregovic » 14 Apr 2019, 12:42

I like watching the Formula 1 races, but doing so often feel like I'm wasting time when I could be doing other stuff. So now I've decided to combine pleasure with pleasure and do some bondage while watching the races. I started this off-and-on last year and this year I've so far watched all 3 races while restrained in some way.

The scenarios this year so far:
Australian GP - Way too early in the day (for me) to do anything too elaborate. Decided to dress up en-femme a bit and simply cuff my hands and ankles together.

Bahrein GP - Wearing a thick diaper, plenty to drink before hand (already had to "go" by the time I started) completely immobilized in my chair, I really couldn't move much at all, wearing my leather panel ball-gag harness. Wrists locked in my lap with steel cuffs, release via K-safe. I stayed locked and stuck for the full length of the race (1,5 hours). Really enjoyed this one and I think I'll repeat it again in the future.

Chinese GP - Again wearing a diaper. This time locked in my heelless boots and forced to keep standing by a horse improvised from an adjustable metal trestle ([url]example[/url]). I lashed a rake handle (thicker than usual broomhandles) to this and then tied my torso to it so that I was forced to stay upright and couldn't bend or lean to relieve pressure. Either stand in the boots with painful calf muscles or rest on the trestle and get a painful bottom. I added a gag around the upright then locked my wrists behind me. The keys were in a Ksafe that would stay locked for another 35 minutes at that point. I could barely move at all and my legs were soon so sore I could barely stand to keep the pressure off my balls and ass. I was VERY glad when the safe finally opened and I could get out. Of course the race wasn't over yet, so I spent another 30 minutes with my ankles and wrists locked to the same spreader bar, drooling all over myself because of the tight ball gag in my mouth. However I think if I ever repeat this position I'll omit the ballgag. Everything was fine until I nearly threw up because I accidentally inhaled some saliva that had pooled in my mouth behind the gag. I'm very glad the gag was JUST loose enough that I could get it out with my tongue far enough to properly swallow and inhale normally. :gag: The warnings about gags are easy to ignore, the risks are pretty obvious when you have trouble breathing and feel like things are going wrong fast. :oops:

I'm thinking about trying a hog-tie next time, but I'll have to figure out a way that I'd be able to see the TV in that position.
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Re: My new Formula 1 watching habit

Postby Shannon SteelSlave » 14 Apr 2019, 14:02

Punishing my free time, as you have G, I would play "Gran Turismo" (driving simulator video game) using a steering wheel and pedals controller in 6 inch steel heels, 18 inch ankle chains, 24 inch wrist chains, and later, added a ball gag because I was swearing too much at the other drivers, as my racing skills declined. But they've had it once the chains come off, and really take verbal abuse once the gag comes off. My driving is exponentially better without the heavy heels weighing me down. "Punishment Practice".
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