Messy long crawl

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Messy long crawl

Postby nikolaus » 01 Aug 2018, 15:58

My idea is based on "a long crawl"

Read first

If you like it messy or like latex/neoprene everything else (also crossdressing, abdl etc.) you can do the following:
First, take your favorite stuff together.
Toys, dildos, clamps etc.+
If you like you can take a bra and two balloons, filled with water(warm, cold, urine, as u like) as fake breasts. Put them into the bra. Then put your outfit on. If you take a latex outfit, be carefull for the next step, use a trash bag to cover your upper body first. Punch some holes in it to fit your arms.
Squirt some lotion or other oil into the bra. The oils is going to break the balloons (rubber) soon. Thats why you have to cover your latex stuff. Then you proceed as usual.
You can put a dildo or plug in, put yourself in chasitity and put your hopefully waterproof stuff on (if not you will mess around alot). While crawling on your chest, you put pressure on the balloons.
The more water you used, the easier they will break. The more lotion/oil you used, the easier they will break. If you use too much, they will just break while standig still.
When it breaks you maybe have a cool refreshing shower, or a warm or disgusting shower (also combineable with diapers etc.)
You can also take a second challenge, adding suck and blow to it .
The first key allows you to knell, and for your wirstcuffs you need to suck the dildos until you are done.

But be advised during these hot days (at least in europe), drink enough, cause u will sweat alot.
Have fun.
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