Stuck for as long as *you* choose

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Stuck for as long as *you* choose

Postby uniboi » 01 Jul 2018, 20:26

Hi all,

I tend to lurk around this forum a lot and after reading Gregovic's last post it go me thinking, and creating.

I'm sure you've all got one of those directional padlocks that have a combination of up to 99 directions. If not... get one! they are amazing fun. Unlike a 4 or even 5 digit combilock you've got no chance of remembering the code to get his one open. I've set mine to 12 directions which thankfully I cannot remember, and created a little piece of software that allows me to set a max time to be tied and my mate in USA (I'm in the UK) to adjust the timer until it ticks down to 0 then the code is displayed and I can open the lock and be free. I use a laptop out of reach to display the website and have my phone (which you cannot view the site on) to chat to him etc.

I'll often have the confidence to lock in to a fun tie with say 30 mins on the timer... but we then play games via messenger and he will adjust the timer accordingly and I cannot stop it. The ultimate fun is when he maxes it out. It's a real mind fuck when he says that he's off to work "Have fun!" then the timer goes from 30mins remaining to 180 mins remaining. ...should probably stop rambling... but it sure is fun!

This got me thinking. It would be SUPER fun to be all tied up with the timer on having posted a link to a vote page where you lovely people can add time to keep me tied up to a max that I set, something like 3-6 hours depending on how I feel. Seeing the timer increase as people choose how much longer I should suffer for would be amazing.

---- SAFETY ----
As a LONG time practitioner, i'm fully aware of how things can fail etc. I always have multiple backups as should you and ALWAYS have my phone incase I need to phone a friend or the emergency services. We all try and make this fun as safe as possible. I know tech can fail and it has once and my first backup of a mate just a message away kicked into action. I will always make sure I'm as prepared as possible for multiple failures.

So, in short, I've made that system. It is a simple website that allows you all to add time to a timer that will hide the padlock code while I'm all tied up AND... I'd love to test it tonight. So, if you'd be up for making my life a little more uncomfortable and keeping me tied for as long as possible with just a click of your mouse then please respond here. I'm happy to answer questions about this too. :-)

If there's been a bit of response then i'll post the link and get all tied up tonight probably around 11pm BST for a max of let's say 2-4 hours; i'll decide later. Any thought's welcome.
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