Bondage games/predicaments

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Bondage games/predicaments

Postby Gregovic » 15 May 2018, 00:10

I've had one of those evenings where ideas just kept popping into my head for "fun" games and predicaments I'd possible want to try and create at some point and some that I WOULDN'T really want to do :oops: . I thought I'd share them here. Some are easily doable solo, some might require a Master/Mistress to perform or at least to supervise. I haven't thought any of these through beyond the basic premise and I have no idea if some of them are even viable, so be safe and think things through if you ever want to create something like this. I have a feeling some of these are downright diabolical :mrgreen:

sub has an E-stim unit locked onto him/her at a "sensitive" location at a painful level. The E-stim is linked to a device with motion detection capabilities. sub is free to move around as much as they want but the device will sound a short beep at random. sub then has 2 seconds to freeze in position for a random duration between 1 and 10 minutes. Any further motion after that will be punished by a shock. Repeat infringements increase the levels ofcourse. For extra devilishness, there will be NO signal when the time is up. sub will just have to figure it out :twisted:

Mistress says
sub is bound in a hogtie or similarly restraining position. Scattered around are buttons or sensors labelled with a number or at a known location. At random a computer will generate a command "Mistress says, Press button 1" (or "Go to the kitchen"). sub then has 5 minutes to get there and press the button or trip the sensor to show they are there. Ofcourse, like the great children's game, ONLY if the command is preceded by "Mistress says". sub then has to keep the button pressed or sensor tripped until the next command. Wait times are random. Warnings for getting it wrong are optional. Any time over the "par" time for getting to the next location or time not keeping the correct button pressed/sensor tripped is logged and saved for later. After a set number of commands have been given, all the "excess" times are added together and doubled. sub then has to stay in bondage for that amount of time from that point (with a pre-set but uncomfortably long max time to prevent getting stuck)
variation:Commands aren't preceded by a code phrase. They just might be false :gag: . sub has to choose whether to believe it or not. For this variation I'd choose to have a direct E-stim punishment lasting for a set amount of time when the button is released incorrectly or the next button not pressed in time, in a addition to the final time punishment, just so there is SOME chance of not spending a very long time in bondage.

Time! Or not time?
sub is locked in bondage and blindfolded, bonus points for earplugs and sensory deprivation hood. sub has a large button. sub has to press the button within 10 minutes of a certain duration (say, 30 minutes. So not before 25 minutes have passed or after 35 minutes have passed). If the sub presses the button he/she will be released after 1 hour without further consequences. If the sub presses the button too early, sub will remain locked for 2 hours while getting punished through an E-stim device or whipping machine for the last hour. If the sub presses the button too late, sub will also remain locked for 2 hours and punished but will have a chance for early release. Somewhere in the next hour, a beep will sound. sub then has 2 seconds to press the button. If the sub misses it, punishment levels will be increased. If the sub presses the button BEFORE the beep has sounded an aditional 30 minutes is added to the clock. If the sub doesn't press the button before the 2 hour mark at all they remain locked and punished for an additional hour. Should you press the button yet? :twisted:

Pay attention!
sub is again put in bondage and blindfolded. sub again has a button. This time, at random intervals a beep will sound. sub then has 2 seconds to press the button or sub will be punished (whipping machine, e-stim, additional time, whatever you can think of, maybe all them or one of the 3 at random :wink: ) Repeat until release time is reached. Bonus for varying the intensity and pitch of the beep to make sure sub keeps paying attention.
Variation 1: between 1 and 5 beeps sound in rapid succession. sub has to press the button the correct number of times or gets punished proportional to the number of beeps.
Variation 2: sub has 10 buttons (one for each finger). Instead of a beep, sub gets whipped or shocked between 1 and 10 times. After the last stroke/shock a beep will sound. sub then has 3 seconds to press the correct number of buttons simultaneously. Pressing buttons before the beep counts as a fail, pressing buttons not simultaneously counts as a fail. Punish to taste.
Variation 3: Instead of being blindfolded, sub is free to see and the beep is replaced with a fast blinking LED. Did you just see it blink or was that a trick of the light?

Remember the number?
sub is put in bondage. When the counter starts a number/code (4 to 6 digits, more if you want to test yourself) is shown for 10 seconds. sub has to remember the number. sub has access to a keypad. After a set time, a light turns on and sub has to press the correct sequence into the keypad. If sub gets it correct the sub is released. If sub gets it wrong the sub is punished and a new number is displayed. The clock resets and the whole thing starts over. This continues until the sub gets the code correct or a maximum time is reached.

Stay off the floor
sub is bound and has to stand across a bondage horse with a (somewhat) narrow top, sub can just about stand on tiptoes. Fixed to the floor are copper plates connected to one pole of an e-stim device, the other pole is attached to the top of the feet of the sub. If sub stands on the floor he'll get a shock every second. Resting on the horse will also get painful in short order. But sub has nowhere to go so will just have to stand there until time is up.

Puzzle time
sub is bound but has some way to interact with the system (free hand, foot, tongue, whatever) Some method of punishment (spanking machine, E-Stim) is set up. sub will randomly get punished between a minimum and maximum time. sub has to play a puzzle or game with a fixed time limit. If the sub wins the game or finishes the puzzle in time, time until release is reduced by some amount. If sub loses the game or fails to complete the puzzle in time the minimum and maximum times between punishments decrease and time until release is increased by some amount (up to the original max time). Puzzle/game resets and things start over. Continue until release time is reached. (remaining time is displayed so sub can keep track of time remaining and feel the pain of watching his release time move further away)
Variation: Losing the game also resets the time until release to what it would have been if player had never won any games. IE a max 2 hour session will now last a max of 2 hours again. Just imagine, you're on a winning streak and nearly there, you only have to finish this one game and you'll be free. Unexpectedly you get a large jolt and make a mistake in the game. All your progress is gone and you can only watch on helplessly as the clock goes back up :whip:

Thank you Mistress, may I have another?
sub is restrained in front of a spanking machine. sub will be released EITHER after a set amount of time (long and uncomfortable) OR after a random number (between 10 and 100) of swats with the whip or cane at a random intensity. sub does not know how many swats he'll have to take or how hard they'll be. For each stroke sub has to press and hold a button. If the button is released, the whipping stops. Can you keep holding the button for however long it takes?
Variation: sub has to count how many strokes the sub receives. After the whipping is over the sub has to type the correct number into a keypad or the sub won't be released until the time is over. Getting it wrong warrants further punishment ofcourse. Properly counted this time, or more bondage time is added. :whip:

Choose wisely, and fast
This one requires 2 spanking machines. One holds a paddle, the other a cane. Sub is restrained in front of the machines and has 2 buttons he/she can press. When a signal is given (beep or light blink) Sub has 1 second to choose if he/she will get a swat with the cane or the paddle. If sub chooses in time, sub gets it's choice. If sub failed to choose in time, sub will receive 2 strokes of each. Sub will remain restrained until having been given a pre set number of choices (and between 1 and 4 times that amount of strokes).

And the ones that I'd probably never do because I don't want to expose myself to the public or do the stuff involved, but that somehow keep coming to the surface when i'm thinking of ideas like this:
Sissy maid on display
This requires a metal contraption that locks sub immobile in a fixed position. It is designed to fit underneath a floor length, long sleeve maids uniform and is designed so that it is completely invisible once the dress is zipped up. A camera is set up so the sub is in full view and set to live stream to an internet site starting some time after the maid is locked in place. Alternatively, sub is put in full view of a window. sub will be invisibly fixed in position, forced to just stand there, in full view of the world, unable to move away. Additions could be a remote control E-stim or punishment device that can be operated by the viewers (with maximum times and intensities built in, unchangeable from the internet side of course to prevent it going into painful fun into torture territory) and/or text-to-speech for the chat, so sub has to listen to whatever comment is made.

Drink up
Sub has to prepare by drinking plenty of fluids. Sub is restrained in a chair and hooked up to a urine collection system. Sub has a safe way to drink from an overhead reservoir filled at the start with 1,5 liters of water. Sub will be released in 1 hour IF the drinking reservoir is empty at the 1 hour mark. If the reservoir is NOT empty, sub will remain restrained and will start receiving punishment until the reservoir is empty or for up to an additional hour. At the 50 minute mark, a pump will start to deliver any fluid collected by the urine collection system to the drinking reservoir. So, can you hold it in? Will you drink it all? Or will you just take your punishment until time runs out?

I hope someone gets some enjoyment or inspiration out of these ideas.

PS: These are in a similar vain to some ideas I've had in the past, so if you liked them you can also check out: viewtopic.php?f=6&t=10358
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Re: Bondage games/predicaments

Postby Gdp0893 » 19 May 2018, 22:02

I love these ideas. Anything that "game-ifies" self bondage really gets me going.I particularly like "time or not time." It would be especially great if the machine told you how close you were to the right time so you can think of how near freedom you were while you take all the spanks lol.

The punishment could also depend on how close you came to the right time. Maybe there's one target time with a very severe punishment for pressing the button early but the "easy" punishment for waiting long enough gradually gets worse if you go over the target
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Re: Bondage games/predicaments

Postby Gregovic » 05 Jun 2018, 20:38

It seems great minds think alike. Deviant Designs recently posted this: Forced to play a game and get shocked if you lose (or don't play)? Yes please :mrgreen:

Also this thing:
My top theory: Everyone is an idiot. Maybe not always or regarding all topics. But sooner or later everyone is an idiot. Make sure you don't have to look back and think "Gee, how could I have been such an idiot?"
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