Need some suggestions

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Need some suggestions

Postby Tiny_tentacle » 11 Apr 2018, 22:14

Hi Humans!

As i'm new here (you can read my introduction post here ► it's my first post in this section.

I just learned that I will be alone at home this week end so I'm starting to plan a selfbondage session.
I'm actually finishing a pole bondage and it will be a great opportunity to try it but the problem is that i dont know yet what I'm going to do with it.

That's why i need your suggestions. I do not ask for a complete scenario (even if it would be welcome :lol: ), simply some ideas will be appreciated.

Here's some informations:
The pole is made of wood (height : 150cm & width/length : 7cm) with a lot of holes and anchor points all along. It's fixed on a 60 by 80 cm wood board for stability.

I have a lot of equipment, manly:
ropes/elastic ropes/chains
toys, anal hook and plugs, differents gags with holes
handcuffs & anklescuffs, collar (but it's a bit dangerous so i prefer to avoid it)
electrical stimulator

I like bondage, soft SM, predicament/dilemmas and i love to play with slimy liquids
I dont like pain, scato/uro and public things.

C'mon, dont be shy, share your ideas! :D

Your humble servant of the depths
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Re: Need some suggestions

Postby Natale » 15 Apr 2018, 15:37

A pole can make a good full body splint if you're tied or strapped to it, thereby making you completely immobile. That is- if you use rope instead of cuffs or chains as they're not as restricting for pole/post/column bondage.

All those attachment points should work great for your elastic ropes. And whether you use the electrical stimulator or not, don't forget a gag! :)
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