Looking for extreme long term scenario

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Looking for extreme long term scenario

Postby Sophiemcardy » 05 Feb 2018, 19:59

Hi so I've been looking on these forums for a while and just signed up today to ask for a scenario from everyone as I have seen some brilliant and creative ideas from this community.

I used to have lots of toys and clothes to dress in but through circumstance I don't anymore. I live in a building with quite a lot of other guys but I do have a room of my own that I can lock myself away in and an account on cam if that helps with any ideas.

I will tell you what I normally do and any expansion or new ideas would be great.

So normally I used shrink wrap or cling film or plastic wrap, depending what you call it wherever you are from. I wrap it around my body and under me through my legs from the front to the back and up over my shoulders and back down through my legs and around my body and repeat until I have a tightly packed and smooth body with my cock tucked tightly between my legs pulled back. I sometimes put something underneath to give myself an appearance of breasts for a more female body and I will gag myself with something and wrap it around my face and head leaving just my nose to breath.

Sometimes just walking around in this long enough is enough to bring me to orgasm but you know how it is lol, once you have come you are no longer in the mood and I cut it off.

Any ideas to make this better would be great.

I am a guy. I have access to a lot of plastic wrap,
bungee cord
duct tape.
I also have an account on cam if this helps with ideas.

I have an opportunity in a couple of weeks where I have 2 weeks without any interruption from work or other people and I can carry any scenario out for as long as necessary.
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