My best outdoor selfbondage scenario

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My best outdoor selfbondage scenario

Postby jasapasa » 12 Jun 2017, 16:51

Last week I made one of my most intense selfbondage scenarios. I have now done my selfbondage session outdoors when summer has arrived in Finland. I'm doing them in the woods near my house. Enough in shelter, but still so close to settlements that there is a risk of catching up.
My legs were tied apart and my hands were behind tree locked in handcuffs. Besides the straps held me in the tree from the torso and the neck. Penisgag prevent making any loud noises. Blindfold crowned my helplessness because I did not see anything. The fact that I did not see it around was even a bit scary, but at the same time it stimulated me more. So the time would not have been long so the electro hammered my dick. My mind would have scream behind my gag, but I did not want to have a noise that would have increased the risk of catching.

There is a link to my video session.

If you have suggestions on how I could still improve my session, then I will listen to the suggestions.
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Re: My best outdoor selfbondage scenario

Postby Triplestar » 15 Jun 2017, 19:48

That looks like a beautiful location! I would advise against the penis gag in combination with selfbondage though. The risk of gaggin/vomiting is extremely dangerous when the vomit can only exit the mouth by going in the direction of your lung.

Improvements to the scenario could be the classics: Plugs, nippleclamps, corsets, ...
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Re: My best outdoor selfbondage scenario

Postby chainmale1 » 29 Sep 2017, 01:35

I love the video you posted, I was chained to a tree just like that, only the bondage was very real, I can see you used trick handcuffs, I love your body and you look fantastic in bondage,
also I like the fact you were shaved.
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