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Postby chainmale1 » 30 Sep 2017, 21:32

My self bondage mistake

I looked at the video posted of "jasapasa" outdoor bondage session and was very intrigued, its been a long time since I did an self bondage session outdoors, and I liked everything that I saw and wanted to try it for real, Jasapasa used push-button handcuffs but I wanted to do it for real .
I grabbed every thing I needed and headed to my favored spot in the hills to do chain bondage for real , I found the perfect tree but no ware to chain my ankles as wide as the video, I need to get nude first and took off all my clothing, its very sexual and scary to be nude outdoors.
I sat on the ground and with my back against the tree and spread my legs to get the spacing correct for my neck and ankles and waste chains, I drove two stakes in the ground now I put the ice releases high up the tree to drop the keys to release me, I used two ice releases to be sure.
I locked the shackles on me and set everything up for my session, I wanted to something a little different for some torment on my cock and balls so I pored half a can of regular coke around the base of the tree and the rest of the coke on my cock and balls to attract a couple of bugs to torment me.
I checked everything once more and started to lock everything up the last thing was to lock my arms behind the tree , when you hear that last padlock click closed you know that escape is impossible.
I didn't put on my hood and gag because I didn't want to gag in case I had to throw up . I pulled on the chains and I knew that escape was impossible until the ice melted and dropped the keys.
Then it happened I could see hundreds of critters all around me, there were centipedes, beetles, ants, and bugs crawling all over my legs and cock and balls and ass hole, I tried to shake them off but I could hardly move, when I locked my hands I could only see around three bugs but I guess they came from under the foliage under me and were attracted to the sugar in the coke,
Now so many critters are on me they were all over my legs, arms , hair, ears nose, and mouth, and my cock and balls were covered with critters, I had to keep my mouth and eyes shut, I could feel them around my ass and I hopped they would not crawl up inside me.
I kept thinking what if a larger animal or a snake came upon me, tied like this I could no stop anything.
I was covered by at least a hundred or more critters and I was totally scared, I was only in bondage for less than a hour, but it seamed like a lot longer than that. :oops:
The keys finally dropped and I got free in record time, I used my T shirt to get most of the bugs off and left my shirt there.
I wanted to tell you of this occurrence to warn you that you can never be to careful and anything you overlook can hurt you! :gag:

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