What was your (biggest) mistake in self-bondage

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Re: What was your (biggest) mistake in self-bondage

Postby CD Tammy » 16 Aug 2018, 08:45

I had thought about power outages, the lock opens when power interrupts. A week later and my arms are still sore when I lift them above my head. It still ranks as one of my most awesome experiences.
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Re: What was your (biggest) mistake in self-bondage

Postby sweh » 17 Aug 2018, 02:06

I wrote up my story last year, here: viewtopic.php?f=11&t=11249
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Re: What was your (biggest) mistake in self-bondage

Postby JIMDINI » 18 Aug 2018, 16:54

I gave a couple of examples three years ago see link viewtopic.php?f=11&t=9790&p=74282#p74282.
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Re: What was your (biggest) mistake in self-bondage

Postby SBadiction » 20 Aug 2018, 07:56

I've always had,and still have, an interest in suspension and practice it when I can. This incident happened in my younger and more foolish days. There are two main ways I do it and for both I wear a crotch harness made of a three inch wide leather belt with D rings on either side and from these straps go down either side of my genitals, crossing over between my legs and up the other side in a figure of eight. All of these are fastened tightly, I love this sensation just on its own! I then do one of the following.

Method 1

I call this “semi suspension' I have ropes with clips on the end which go over a beam to the D rings and the length would be adjusted so I could just put my feet flat on the ground but I would be under tension. I could stand on tip toes to release the pressure or bend my knees and be totally off the ground. In this method I could lock my wrists behind my back and use an ice timer and it would be safe and enjoyable as I could always release the pressure.

Method 2

Very similar to the above but I would stand on a chair so I could step back off it and be totally suspended with my legs thrashing around (I never tie my ankles together) again, fantastic and safe as I could step onto the chair at anytime. I would occasionally use the timer as above.

The incident in question started with a method 2 suspension with my wrists locked behind my back and an ice timer which I knew from experience would take one hour, give or take a couple of minutes, to release the keys. On this occasion I was particularly aroused and had an erection that would have won prizes! It was one of those times when you think "isn't there anything more I can do to heighten the experience?' I always keep a clock nearby and it was getting to the point whereI had only about five minutes left before my keys dropped and I thought “I know, I could kick the chair over and have a few minutes of real suspension! 'Half of me was saying “don't be stupid' the other half was saying “go for it!' A couple of times I curled my toes under the chair and started tipping it but drew back but then the “GO FOR IT" won out and I flipped the chair over and, wow, it was great. I was thrashing around and couldn't doanything about it. My erection was so intense I think if anyone had touched the tip of my cock I would have cum all over the place!

Five minuteswent by, it was still fantastic - but no keys.

Ten minutes -still no keys, it's now starting to get a bit uncomfortable and I'm getting abit of tingling in my legs.

Fifteen minutes- still no keys and it's now getting painful and I'm losing a bit of sensation in my legs and cock.

It was half an hour before the keys dropped by which time I was in a bad way with not much feeling in my legs and my cock was going a darker colour. I unlocked my wrists, reached up and grabbed the beam, took my weight and released the clips. I collapsed in a heap on the floor and it was a few minutes before I could even undo the harness and massage my legs and crotch, all thought of relieving the sexual tension had gone by now and it was a few hours before I felt normal again and a few days before all the marks disappeared.

Why had the keys taken so much longer to drop this time? It is something I'll never know but perhaps the ice cube I used was slightly bigger without me noticing or the temperature in the room was lower so it took longer to melt.

It is something I've NEVER tried again and I would implore anyone thinking about it to think again. I don't know what the consequences would have been if it had gone on longer and whether permanent damage could have occurred from trapped nerves and circulation.
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Re: What was your (biggest) mistake in self-bondage

Postby Shannon SteelSlave » 18 Feb 2019, 04:26

I did a suspension, hanging by my ankles from the rafters, using a bicycle lock cable. The darn cable crimp separated and sent me to the floor. I was only about 6 inches off the floor, but the watching my point of view go from upside down to up side down and 45 degrees from my weight landing on my head and bending my neck, was scary. I feel so lucky I didn't get paralyzed. It was a Thursday night, so I took a personal day, and the rest of the weekend off from work to recover. Advice for the future? For me, my advice to myself is never do it again. If you want to try, I recommend real ankle harnesses that won't cut off circulation, and use multiple ropes or chains with good knots, locks, or other fasteners that won't bend or break. Make sure the rope, strap, or chain can hold your weight, my advice would be to test it either by hanging exercise weights off it of greater-than-your weight, or grab the rope and hang on it, but have extra weight on your body to test it.
If you're going to hog tie with padlocks and cuffs and digital timer, make sure you can reach the keys. I was doing a hog tie, and timer locked the keys on top of my exercise machine. As I was about to connect my wrists and ankles with the last pad lock, I suddenly and conveniently thought "how am I going to get the keys after the timer runs out if they are way up there?"
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Re: What was your (biggest) mistake in self-bondage

Postby pavtron » 16 Mar 2019, 20:04

Shannon SteelSlave wrote:I did a suspension, hanging by my ankles

Being upside down is really hard on the retina. Insomuch it can cause it to detach just from the blood pressure. Be super careful.
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