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Site really slow

PostPosted: 21 May 2017, 11:15
by Slave_L
Last few days, the forum is really slow. Sometimes I have to abort the loading and refresh to continue to browse. Given that I can browse well to any other site, it seems to be something with the server of this forum.

Anyone else having this problem?

Re: Site really slow

PostPosted: 07 Jun 2017, 09:21
by anna
I am sorry that you experienced a slow forum. It can be really irritating but it is usually only for a short while. If it lasts for several days and no one else complains about it then it could be an issue with your computer or internet connection somehow.

We are sharing the database server with a gazillion (not quite) other websites and forums. Sometime one of them could cause extreme loads on the server hardware and that slows us all down. This would be noticed by all readers of the forum but the offending website would likely be closed down quickly by our host.

Re: Site really slow

PostPosted: 07 Jun 2017, 11:37
by Slave_L
I'm a webmaster myself, and know how terrible it is when you're on a shared webhosting service. Complaining at support can often get you moved to a better server if things remain slow.

But it has caused me to switch providers a few times. I'm happy at my current hoster which is really fast.