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Slow response

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Slow response

Postby JIMDINI » 30 Sep 2018, 17:35

Has anybody else found the site is very slow and pages are hanging and not loading?
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Re: Slow response

Postby Gregovic » 30 Sep 2018, 18:44

It happens from time to time. Seems like there might be a DDOS attack running or something. Be patient, I'm sure Sir C is mobilising the hamster army, Ponylady is getting her whip ready and BoundAnna is preparing the attack plan.
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Re: Slow response

Postby tiemeupalso » 30 Sep 2018, 18:45

it took me 3 tries to get the page up earlier
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Re: Slow response

Postby bound_jenny » 30 Sep 2018, 23:06

It does happen from time to time. If there's a buttload of traffic on the 'net, it will slow down anything. Or the server hosting BA just had a bad hangover... It could also be that Ponylady was downloading a lot of "inspirational" material... :mrgreen:

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Re: Slow response

Postby ponylady » 01 Oct 2018, 15:07

bound_jenny wrote:It could also be that Ponylady was downloading a lot of "inspirational" material... :mrgreen:

wasn't me. i only downloaded 3% of the internet yesterday.
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Re: Slow response

Postby Slave_L » 01 Oct 2018, 21:21

There are still quite a bit slowdowns here.. But I notice that once the page loads, I have quite a bit of speed for a while. This makes it sound like its a DNS issue on the server, rather than a DDoS attack of any kind.
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