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Exposure Predicament

PostPosted: 31 Jul 2012, 21:00
by s_slave
Hello - first post!

I have been involved in SB for a while now and want to add some extra 'oomph' to my sessions via potential exposure. I am looking for a program that will automatically email pics or post pics to a forum somewhere should I not escape in time. Has anyone ever seen anything like this?

Thanks and I hope everyone is well.


Re: Exposure Predicament

PostPosted: 31 Jul 2012, 21:51
by cooper1337
Use a program that limits transmission speed to a few bytes per second, start the upload and try to hit the cancel button before it's completely uploaded (don't do that with someone intelligent at the other side, as partly transmitted pictures are normally partly displayable) ;)
But wouldn't you rather use this as a penalty if you get out too early or use an emergency release :?:

To give you a better answer:
Use some command-line email client, write a batch file with something like this (I don't have windows here to test it, so no guarantee it will work):
Code: Select all
timeout 60

where you replace the email-client with the command needed for sending the email.

Re: Exposure Predicament

PostPosted: 02 Aug 2012, 19:01
by crazy
I don't know any existing software for this, but with a little programming skills you could do something like this:

- as a first step, the program takes pictures of you every couple of minutes,
- when enough pictures are taken (which means enough time has passed), the pictures are uploaded to some picture/gallery site that has an API for automatic uploads,
- after some time again, the link to the gallery is posted to some forum.

You need to escape the bondage to be able to stop it. Could be password protected to spice things up, i.e. program chooses one of 4 passwords that are known to you, but you can only attempt 3 times to enter it :evil: So there's still 25% chance that pictures will be uploaded and/or posted. Unless you pull the plug on your computer, that is :)

Or the pictures are posted just before you escape and all you can do is take them down once you're free, i.e. you can only minimize the time they are publicly visible :)

If you want to simplify the software part, you can take the pictures before you start your session (just make sure they are humiliating enough :twisted: ), upload them to some gallery site and then the program just needs to post a link to some forum like this one :)

Maybe some of the forum's developers will volunteer to create something like this?

Re: Exposure Predicament

PostPosted: 02 Aug 2012, 21:05
by sexdemon
what you could do is set-up a load of chat programs like chat roulette and then set a macro for your mouse to start each program itself. then you can run one of the self bondage programs and have running the macro .exe as a punishment. to make it more fun, put on no volume and blindfold yourself, that way you can know idea how long you have to be in bondage for (especially if it ads time for things like moving) and you have no idea if your being watched.

Re: Exposure Predicament

PostPosted: 02 Aug 2012, 22:53
by LoKiT
I do have a python script gmail, it would send an email to whom ever at a given time. The original idea was to use it for safety. Like if your stuck and cant release than help would be sent for. I dont think it handled attachments. But if its of any interest let me know and I will dig it out for you.

Re: Exposure Predicament

PostPosted: 03 Aug 2012, 15:28
by fdffyqrm
I think that a simple way to do this is to set up an email to your mother, to your boss, or to another person whom you really do not want to know about your secrets. Many dedicated email programs, such as Microsoft Outlook, have an option to delay sending the email to a later time. Webmail accounts are not as likely to have delay options. This option is a leftover from when sending email over a telephone line may have been cheaper and faster in the middle of the night.

Prepare the email so that the email will not send until later. This option is located in Outlook under Message Options, then select "Do Not send Message until:", then pick a time. Of course, make sure that the computer is connected to the internet if you are using this method as a safety, and make sure that you delete the email before the program sends it, if you do not want the email sent out.

Re: Exposure Predicament

PostPosted: 04 Aug 2012, 20:14
by s_slave
Thanks for all of the advice - any links to programs besides the outlook would be appreciated!

Anyone have any email addresses that would link directly to various forums? I want to make sure the threat here is real...

Re: Exposure Predicament

PostPosted: 06 Aug 2012, 02:05
by LoKiT
Hi All,

Today I've been working on this little piece a Google GMailer. You set up whom the message is for, your email address and password, drag and drop any attachments and how long you want it wait before sending.

This is how it looks so far.

I intended this as a safety aid to setup before a session in the event you became unable to release and need assistance. On the other hand you could attach a photo of yourself bound in sissy clothes and ball gag emailed to your boss and kiss your job goodbye :rofl:

If there is an interest in this I will finish it off and present it to the forum, else don't worry I will find it personally useful.

Re: Exposure Predicament

PostPosted: 06 Aug 2012, 11:26
by Anything_Once
During my sessions I get my phone to display the number of someone who knows about my kinky side (in this case my partner) and leave it within reach. This way by pressing 2 buttons I can call her and get help.

With some many phones having email this would work better as it still work if I get stuck and can no longer reach my phone the message would still be sent and help can arrive.

Re: Exposure Predicament

PostPosted: 07 Aug 2012, 15:09
by LoKiT
Anything_Once wrote:With some many phones having email this would work better as it still work if I get stuck and can no longer reach my phone the message would still be sent and help can arrive.

Actually there is no usable Cell phone service were I live :cry:

No problem, I take the lack of response as general vote of disinterest. So I have removed the screen shot from my previous post and given the program to another internet community that finds it useful to them. Waste not, want not

Re: Exposure Predicament

PostPosted: 01 Sep 2012, 17:56
by doti
As I found the idea amusing, I've done a web version of it, hosted on the sexscripts website, instead of a software (nothing to install, not Windows only...)

It's free and open to anonymous users.

Let me know if it's somewhat useful.