(NEW) Selfbondage: "Anti Release Detector"

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(NEW) Selfbondage: "Anti Release Detector"

Postby bikinibondage » 19 Jun 2015, 18:26

IMPORTANT: In case your run a 32-bit windows, please download this file https://www.dropbox.com/s/xk2v22p9bs17l ... ava246.dll and replace the same-called file in the Anti Release Detector folder with it. This will fix an error where the program does not start. Thank you.

Hello there members :)

After building my first program (which has been updated now: viewtopic.php?f=28&t=9396), i took some time to create a second selfbondage program that deals with finding objects (or their color) in webcam images.

Introducing the "Anti Release Detector" :gag: :twisted:

I will give you a short tutorial on how this software works.

How it works in a few sentences:

This software runs a user defined countdown. If this countdown finishes, your computers CD-drive will be opened automatically (which you can connect your release method to). The problem is, that during the setup of this program you will define a colored object, that is not allowed to be in the view of your webcam while the countdown runs. If it is seen by the camera meanwhile, the countdown will be reset and you have to wait the whole time again.

What you need to use the software:

- Java Runtime Environment needs to be installed on your computer.
- Working webcam connected to the computer.

Contents of the download:


After you downloaded the program at the end of the page you will see the 'no hands' - mous control.rar.
Please extract that .rar file and you will see:
- the Anti Release Detector.exe
- the Anti Release Detector.jar
- the opencv_java246.dll
- the config.ini
- the img.png

ALWAYS make sure, that all five files are stored together in the same location. Otherwise the program will not start.

How to use the "Anti Release Detector":

If you want to change the background, please open the config.ini in any texteditor.
You will see a line like this:
Code: Select all

Those are red,green,blue color values. You can replace them with any numbers in range from 0 to 255.
You can google for RGB values of your desired background color :)
Make sure you dont add any spaces, dont add any lines or change anything in the config.ini except these three number, otherwise the program might not start.

To start the program, please double-click the .exe file. You should then see a window like this coming up:


Let me explain the sections of this window:

1st section)
    Welcome :P
2nd section)
    This is the most important section in the whole program. Set this section up very carefully and make sure everything works.
    Click on the button "Set color to track". A new window should come up. Click on the button "Take picture" until you get a webcam picture displayed. Make sure that the object you have to hide later on is visible clearly on the displayed image now. Example how it could look:

    How to detect the desired object-color:
    Once you see the snapshot from the webcam and your object is clearly visible inside it you can proceed to find the color you want to track.
    What you do then, is that you do a left-click (a few times) in the object color you want to track. For this example i clicked about 5 to 10 times in different areas of the white tapegag. After that, you do a right-click on the image, and the result should be, that most of your colored object (in my example the white tapegag) and nothing else in your picture is surrounded by a yellow line: [/b]

    If you are not pleased with the result, just start by doing left-clicks again and see if you get any improvements.
    So, once you are done with surrounding your color, you can close this window and move on.
3rd section)
    Here you have to set the countdown time in seconds, until the release method will be triggered (if the tracked object is not seen by the webcam meanwhile). Also you have to set the letter of your CD drive, which should be opened once the countdown reaches zero. In the above screenshot you see the countdown was set to 1500 seconds and the CD drive letter is "E".
4th section)
    After section 2 and 3 have been set up correctly you can now click the "Start Anti Release Detector"-button to start.

    After you clicked on the button, a new window comes up, which displays a stream from your webcam. The countdown (yellow numbers) will start to decrease if the object color you set before is not visible in the webcam image.

    If the object / color you have to hide comes in sight of the webcam though, it will be marked with a yellow line and the countdown gets reset to the original number.

So, as a summary: The goal here is to hide a certain object / color from the webcam in order for the release method to trigger! Which object you want to hide is up to you. It can be a ballgag that you have to hide in your mouth, a vibrator that you have to hide "somewhere" :wink: or a dildo that you have to suck, so that its color is not visible on the webcam anymore (just like the Blowjob Trainer software). Just be creative! :)

Very important:
You now know how the software works. Still there are some things you need to take care of:
    -If you have chosen the color of a white tapegag for example, then make sure there are no other similar colored objects near you visible in the webcam stream. If there are other similar colored objects, the software could mistake them for the desired object and wrongly move your mouse.
    - Make sure you have full control over the lightning conditions in that room where you are using that software. If the lightning conditions change drastically, the software will have a hard time detecting your object after some time, which is just reasonably.
    - I am NOT a professional developer, i do this for fun and this is my second selfbondage-software. This software can contain bugs and you should not rely on it in any way. Always make sure you have other options left in case the software fails. Nobody except you can be held responsible if you take any harm while doing selfbondage without proper security setups.
    - If you are planning to use this in a scenario where your freedom or health is being connected to opening the CD drive or something, always make sure that you can still reach the CD drive with your hands if this software fails.

Download & virus-scan:
This link will take you to a dropbox download link. The link-shortener is just so that i can keep track of how many people downloaded the software :) There are no ads or spam anywhere.



The OS-independent version is part of this download as well. If you are not running windows, just start the program by double-clicking the .jar file in the folder.
This software has not been used or tested by me on any other OS than windows. Keep in mind that opening the CD drive might work different in a different OS and therefore this software might now work.

I hope you like the first version of the "Anti Release Detector".
I know this software is nowhere near to being perfect, and i am looking forward to getting lots of constructive feedback from you guys.
Please report any bugs to me, and i will look into them as soon as i have some spare time :)

Have a nice day you all and take care :)

Regards, bikinibondage
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Re: (NEW) Selfbondage: "Anti Release Detector"

Postby qwerty212 » 23 Jun 2015, 14:06

Thanks for sharing your work with us. I hope to test it this weekend. So I'll provide some feedback.

Greets from Barcelona
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Re: (NEW) Selfbondage: "Anti Release Detector"

Postby pansexual » 23 Jun 2015, 21:19

Thanks for this software. The shown up "area of effect" by the defined color would be a great improvements for any of the blowjob trainer software.
Anyway you inspired a lot of creative thoughts now :-D
Plan ahead. Don't be overambitious. Slowly step by step. Play safe. Have fun. And tell us.
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Re: (NEW) Selfbondage: "Anti Release Detector"

Postby nektar2008 » 15 Aug 2017, 20:13


The download link isn't working anymore.
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Re: (NEW) Selfbondage: "Anti Release Detector"

Postby greatporter » 12 Sep 2018, 09:36

Could you reupload the software? Downloadlink (still) not working anymore.
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Re: (NEW) Selfbondage: "Anti Release Detector"

Postby sub_anal_slut » 27 Sep 2018, 22:02

Yes please :-)

I am looking for the program as well ..
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