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Re: SBBJ v2

Postby Tenderfoot88 » 09 Apr 2016, 10:35

sexdemon wrote:that program looks awesome, may i make a suggestion though, a "gangbang" mode of sorts, so as you have it set up now lets say a 100 suck session finishes off that cock and you just have to wait for release, with this mode, you can set up a session with multiple cocks to please (still only the one dildo), here is the settings i would add if that helps explain things a bit:

enable gangbang mode [] - tick box
number of cocks {insert number}
randomize amount of cocks[] tick box
minimum amount of cocks {insert number}
maximum amount of cocks {insert number}
hide how many cocks are in session[] - tick box
time between cocks {insert number in seconds}
randomize time between cocks[] tick box
minimum time between cocks {insert number in seconds}
maximum time between cocks {insert number in seconds}
spread blowjobs out over release time [] tick box - if randomize is ticked, this is unselectable, but if this is ticked randomize is unselectable, basically if you have a high release time, blowjobs can be randomly spread out throughout it.
average punishment time between cocks [] - tick box - if not selected punishment time will be cumulative instead (could be very high number for long many cock sessions)

so basically you crate a session as you would but you could then have to do it multiple times, each cock having random settings in line with your selections, like number of sucks etc, its all re rolled so each cock is different, in the breaks your allowed to take your mouth off the cock and have a rest. but the full idea is when you clock that lock committing yourself to suck for release, you dont know if your giving 3 blow jobs or 30. whatever your settings are.

hope you like this idea and decide to include it.

Cool idea! I second this request (not a democracy, I know...)
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Re: SBBJ v2

Postby Evga » 13 Apr 2016, 18:08

your program looks good. But i got a Problem.
My Cam is not compatible with your Software. Everytime i click on "Select Camera" -> "Scan" the Software crash.
The "Selfbondage Blowjob Trainer Beta 0.75" works perfect but i want to try your Software as well.
I use my Smartphone connected over DroidCam. Has anybody a idea?

Greetings from Germany
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Re: SBBJ v2

Postby pansexual » 19 Apr 2016, 11:23


I had the same problems (sometimes crashes, with various cameras, including DroidCam), but could make it work. I couldn't exactly figure out when and why. What I did was a mixture of restart (when I had tried it several times, changed some things like plugin in new camera etc. etc.), change the chosen solution. I always start the camera (software) before the program. So I tried to do everything as clean as possible, and could make it work.

Hang in there buddy. It just needs our help at least in QA :) We need to figure out when it crashes, and hopefully that makes it easier to find the problem.
Plan ahead. Don't be overambitious. Slowly step by step. Play safe. Have fun. And tell us.
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Re: SBBJ v2

Postby wazay100 » 24 Apr 2016, 22:55

Hello and good job you're doing!
I've got Windows 10 and it seems to run smoothly, although some options are disabled (like Suck Options - Options, Punishment - Run Application and Secondary Audio, Other Features - Warnings).
Also it doesn't seem to capture any pictures (creates folders but no images inside) and thus the slideshow is just a blank screen as if I'd disabled the slideshow or something like that. Tried several times of course - maybe I just don't understand the release times etc fully???
I tried to run it as admin and as in Windows 7 - no difference.

By the way is it shown/written anywhere where we should position each of the rectangles (0,1 and 2) since I checked the older version forum posts, but they only have 2 rectangles so I'm a littlebit confused.

Best wishes and thank you in advance!
I hope it's just my problem :)
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Re: SBBJ v2

Postby tiemeupalso » 25 Apr 2016, 15:11

as far as the old one goes,the squares that are now triangles would show up as 2 until tou clicked on the deep throat setup.then the 3rd one appeared.
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Re: SBBJ v2

Postby Explorer » 12 Oct 2017, 07:38

hi kevlar...just to say ur doing nice piece of work...just instaled sbbjt v2.31 all 3 components but when i press to install sbbjt it ask me for password..can u olease send me password cause instalation is protected

many thnx
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Re: SBBJ v2 password

Postby Lion » 12 Oct 2017, 23:38

From memory, I believe the password is boundanna


Explorer wrote:hi kevlar...just to say ur doing nice piece of work...just instaled sbbjt v2.31 all 3 components but when i press to install sbbjt it ask me for password..can u olease send me password cause instalation is protected

many thnx
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