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Camgirl services cam2cam features

Postby nektar2008 » 15 Jul 2017, 20:54


Usually I like to set up some self-bondage in a humiliating situation but I want someone to see me and usually I do that by using a web cam and a cam2cam service like livejasmin for instance.

I connect with one girl and turn the camera on, then I lock myself up and then wait for her reaction. Then after a couple of minutes it gets a little boring with the same girl. It would be a lot more exciting if the computer waited a couple of minutes, then switched to a new random girl and then repeated the process until i got free or ran out of credits. This is not possible on livejasmin as I see it.

My question is if anyone know of a service where that is possible? Of course there is no service that offers a feature like that but it doesn't have to.

Only features I need to accomplish this is:

* URL that can be called so that private show starts automatically (or something like this)
* Start my cam automatically when entering private show (browser can be set to automatically accept cam but cam needs to be called initially)

If there was a service with those features then all I would need to do is a scheduled task in the OS. Or a javascript or something.

Of course I could go through the trouble of writing an application that would look for the correct buttons to press but this is alot of work since the buttons move around in some cases, then I would have to look for the buttons with some pattern recognition algorithm.

And I can't access the buttons via devtools or similar tools because livejasmin is built with flash. Well, I guess they have an API for their own JS to be able to talk with the flash object but I can't really make sense of all that code, which of course is also minified.

Anyone have a solution to this?

Best wishes
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Re: Camgirl services cam2cam features

Postby LockedAway » 22 Nov 2017, 05:14

I can likely script you something up using imacro if you're still active.

Let me know and I'll knock it out for you or anyone else.
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Re: Camgirl services cam2cam features

Postby TheGentleman » 23 Nov 2017, 07:09

If you're willing to use text to speech, you could broadcast with sound, and your adoring fans could post their comments that you'd then hear. Will allow you to set passwords on your channel, so only those you invite would be allowed in. Unless they decide to share the password.
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