Looking for ideas for 2 player games with points.

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Looking for ideas for 2 player games with points.

Postby Slave_L » 05 Nov 2018, 19:22

I often play solo and be my own mistress. I created a scenario where I must play a game with a predefined ruleset. Before I start the game, I determine if it is a casual game, or if punishment is involved.

I then play the game. The game always has an end result between 0 and 21 points with either me being the winner or loser.

This game is a 4 player game with 3 CPU players and myself on my phone.

The punishment depends on how well I did or not. On a casual game, if I win, I earn points but no punishment. If I lose, I don't earn points, but I have to endure punishment. Depending on how many points I got the punishment will match it, times 10.

Because it is a casual game, the punishment is as follows:
0 to 10, I get that amount of points times 10 with a minimum of 50 hits with a paddle on my bare bottom.
If I have 11 to 20 points, I get that amount of points, minus 10, times 10 with a minimum of 50 lashes with a more severe whip.

Because it is quite likely I will be between 11 to 20 points if I lose, that is usually my punishment, so 50 to 100 lashes. Very rarely, I have so much bad luck that I end up below the 10 points. That much bad luck is rewarded with less harsh punishment.

I must try to play my best otherwise additional punishment is given.

If I win, I get points. Either a very small amount of points, but otherwise, that's it, or a larger amount of points, but then I have to feel the points of the opponent times 10 amount of lashes with the more severe whip. There's no minimum, so if I did really well, I can get more points with a small price, or if I am horny I can take more beating.

I can also choose to gamble if I won. In that case, the rules change.

I play another casual game. Losing is now always punishment with the more severe whip. The amount of points I won, divided by 2 times 10 with a minimal of 50 lashes is my punishment, where uneven numbers are rounded up. So 17-21 means 18/2=9=90 lashes.

If I win, regardless of how well I did, I do have to feel the whip. I do get bonus points for having success in my gamble. In this case going for the small points is the opponents points divided by 2, times 10, rounded up, no minimum, or if I go for the big points, its the opponents points times 10, no minimum.

I can decide to gable again, for the last time. The rules are the same as the round before, except that there's no halving in the amount of lashes anymore. If I win, I feel all the points times 10 amount of whip lashes, and get points, but if I lose, I feel the amount of points I won times 10.

Losing always means I lose any points I won before, so losing is punishment, but no gain otherwise.

I can also do the game in high stakes. High stakes is basically the last game as mentioned before, but in addition, I start with 100 lashes before any point is given. As a counter, if I win, I get a much higher winning of points too. But this does mean that the maximum of lashes can reach 300 lashes.

The points mentioned here, I write them down, and I can use these points as payment for other bdsm stuff. For example, I can pay 100 points to get out of chastity for a month, or 50 to get out one week, or 10 to get out for one orgasm, and then back in.

The question of this topic
Now to the point...

I'm looking for games you can play with someone who is into bdsm too. So they are 2 player games. The person who loses will get punishment with the amount of points they won during the game.

So I'm looking for games you can play and with a scoring system.

It can be card games, board games, word games, or anything you can think of. Preferably not requiring a computer or other expensive stuff. Also, preferably somewhat luck based rather than skill based. So even though Chess could work, its out of the question unless I would play with someone equally good as I am.

I suppose Strip poker could work in a way.

But with strip poker, you often only have so many items that you can take off before you are naked. But I guess if you combine strip poker with BDSM, you first have 5 items you must take off to get naked: shoes+socks, shirt, trousers, t-shirt+bra, undies, you can then have like 5 items to put back on. Like: Rope harness, cuffs, butt plug, gag, nipple clamps.

And then maybe 11 more points to reach 21 points.

I'd like to hear what you can come up with. If you refer to a card/dice game, please explain in a few words how to play the game, or link to a site that explains how to play it.

Also, a round in this game should last at least 30 seconds to a minute. That makes the suspense better.
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Re: Looking for ideas for 2 player games with points.

Postby Brasissy » 07 Dec 2018, 03:30

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btw, a few ideas, for us: guess the number, guess the color, and guess the body part.

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