One for the ladies. What's in a strap on for you?

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One for the ladies. What's in a strap on for you?

Postby restricted » 29 Aug 2017, 04:21

I put it here as I didn't know where to put it.

As a male who was married to an extremely vanilla woman until she died, there is a question that has come on my mind since.
I've read stories where women use a strap on dildo on their husbands and I'm sure this has ben done. I know you can get double sided strap on ones that allow the wearer to have one inside her at the same time, but with the ordinary strap on, would the wearer (female) get any inducement (does it put pressure on any part of the female body) from the item or does she simply get it from knowing she is shagging her husband / boyfriend / date, maybe in revenge?

I would like to work a story about this.
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Re: One for the ladies.

Postby Sir Cumference » 29 Aug 2017, 20:57

From what I've heard, the main fun is the power play and the role reversal. The brain is the largest erogenous zone.

Secondary fun from pressure and rubbing. Think about giving oral sex. You may not get any penile stimulation while doing it, but it is still great fun.
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Re: One for the ladies. What's in a strap on for you?

Postby TheWingmen » 13 Jan 2018, 05:08

My girlfriend and I actually recently (last month) ventured into the world of pegging. After each session we have discussed what both of us liked about it to make it more enjoyable and to see if we wanted to continue. In her words, a big part of it was power. She enjoyed feeling powerful over me, especially when some bondage was added to the situation. Apparently that was a HUGE head rush for her. She also enjoyed it because she knew I was enjoying it. And lastly, the harness itself gave her some level of stimulation just from the motion. She said that she is fairly certain that with a little practice she could get off from it.
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Re: One for the ladies. What's in a strap on for you?

Postby cbshackle » 16 Jan 2018, 03:08

I've only used a strapon with another woman. You don't need a double ended strapon to feel anything. The position of a single-sided regular strapon stimulates the clit area behind the harness and is very pleasurable. The angle would be too awkward for a double-sided one unless it was angled a certain way. It's just more fun to keep it simple and I would imagine it would be the same for pegging.
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