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Inexpensive Chastity Cages?

Chastity is perhaps the ultimate in long term selfbondage.

Inexpensive Chastity Cages?

Postby Tsaphah » 06 Sep 2018, 18:31

Some time ago, I bought a few chastity devices off Wish.com. Having never tried a device before, I really wasn't really eager to drop 100 USD or more on a device. Problem with the metal cage i bought, is the opening at the tip is too wide, so it causes problems. I'm looking to move to something more viable for long-term wear, so something open enough to easily keep clean was desirable, but I'm a little concerned about the metals used on cheap knockoffs being potentially an irritant. Are there any metal cages available under 100 USD that are at least from a semi-reputable company?
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Re: Inexpensive Chastity Cages?

Postby lj » 07 Sep 2018, 08:49

the following won't solve your problem, but is general advice based on experience.

You get what you pay for. The Chinese and perhaps others have a somewhat flexible definition of stainless steel, it can be what a pal of mine used to call "shit metal" (a coarse casting) plated with chrome, mild steel plated with nickel or chrome and a low-grade stainless steel that will rust and corrode. Low quality chrome plating is an accident waiting to happen - it can brake off in sharp flakes, and some people are allergic to nickel. The same principle applies to cheap knock-off plastic devices, which may split, absorb urine etc and smell appalling.

To be realistically wearable for long-term, a device must actually fit you properly, and so an off-the-shelf device will fit you purely by good luck. Hence custom-made is best.

Judging by comments on chastity sites, most men buy several cheap devices in their quest for one that fits and is reasonably secure. If you add up the total cost, you could probably buy a custom device, but you do need to get the measurements right, so a bit of cheap device trial and error is perhaps ok.

Far be it for me to suggest other sites, but www.chastityforums.com may have more in-depth coverage on devices and quality as it is a site solely featuring chastity - it is a bit like this site, a specialist site not given to porn.
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Re: Inexpensive Chastity Cages?

Postby ruru67 » 08 Sep 2018, 05:10

lj wrote:what a pal of mine used to call "shit metal"

That's the technical term...

Human bodies are notoriously variable, so getting a custom fit is a bit of a mission too. Given the cost of getting a custom fit wrong, it can help to at least try some cheaper Chinese devices to get an idea of what works and what doesn't. There's a huge range out there, and they cost mostly in the US$20 ballpark - if they're asking $100, keep looking.

I noted elsewhere that I refuse to use Wish because they demand my ID before offering me anything - and if their idea of a deal is selling cheap Chinese devices for $100, then I'm even less interested. If you want cheap Chinese cra...stuff, buy it from China, not some US-based middleman. Sticking "chastity device" into AliExpress yields over 6,000 hits. (yeah, there are a few duplicates...)
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Re: Inexpensive Chastity Cages?

Postby Slave_L » 08 Sep 2018, 12:44

I ordered a cheap chastity cage from china because it has a base with spikes. The plastic is thick and the device itself is pretty okay, but the design of the cage lacks a bit. This resulted in the fact that it takes quite a bit of time and experience to get it on your penis, which I consider, makes this cage not suitable for beginners.

Often when I try to put that particular cage on, I happen to trap a bit of skin between the several moving parts and if I get only a slight erection, I already can't get in the cage anymore. I remember when I got my first cage I was so horny that the erection was big and hard to get rid of. It was big enough to the point that even with a proper cage, I couldn't get the device on at first and had to wait until I had a semi-erect penis, before I could get it on. With this china one, due to all the moving parts and the fact that you can trap skin very easily, its even worse.

That said, the cage itself is really good otherwise, although it has a flaw that other chastity cages have too: the space between the ring and the cage is big which means it is possible to get your balls through which means you can remove the cage without unlocking.

But that is not really a big deal for a cheap cage, if it weren't that putting on the cage is just not gonna work for a beginner. Otherwise, it is good to figure out measures and trial run to see if you really want it.

For a beginner, I definitely would go plastic over metal, due to the fact that they often are cheaper. Its more a question of finding out if it works for you or not. Also, don't go for rubber/silicone cages. They are flexible and that means that you don't get the proper chastity cage experience. They're a novelty more than an actual chastity device.

And yes, I do have one made from silicone which has spikes inside, and I definitely are happy I got it, but I use it for what it was made: to apply lots of discomfort on my penis, not to make beg for sex while I can't have it (read: chastity play).
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