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I want a response, and I want it NOW!

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I want a response, and I want it NOW!

Postby lj » 22 Dec 2017, 10:39

So you are new here, you've read some posts and you are quivering with excitement and anticipation (possibly)

So you write your first post, wanting a "dare", perhaps you have put a time limit on it, something along the lines of "I have this evening free"

and nothing happens... no replies...

first off, if you are new, you have to post twice and have the posts approved by a Moderator before anything will appear on the site, to be viewed by others. This is part of our anti-spam procedures, we won't censor your posts provided they don't break any site rules (you have read them ?)

next, the Moderators live across the globe, we have lives outside kink, we don't live in front of our monitors, so it could be 24 hours before one of us picks up your first two posts.

The same applies to your fellow site members. It might be my evening, but it may be your morning, or night.

If your post tells little about you, what you want to do, enjoy, what equipment you have, your limits then any suggestions are going to be random shots in the dark, and most people simply won't bother to reply. Introduce yourself, with an outline of "you" before looking for a response.

Don't give up, just be realistic.
be a switch, double the fun :-)
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