What, no Anna...Rose?

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What, no Anna...Rose?

Postby therower » 24 Nov 2016, 00:41

Just looked through the links and am a bit surprised there is no link to Anna Rose's sites - Alterpic of KinkyPonyGirl. Just thought I would mention it as I am deeply, hopelessly, madly in love with Anna Rose :love: :drool: :worship:

If only I was 20 years younger and she was a little blind in one eye...what a wonderful life we could have!!!
Love is... ending up covered in chocolate.
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Re: What, no Anna...Rose?

Postby Slave_L » 24 Nov 2016, 16:55

Anna Rose is nice, definitely.

Though I've come to admire Katy Cee (PetandPonyGirls.com) even more because she has something innocent over her, like she's new to it and struggles, but I have to admit, Pet and Pony Girls have many good pony girls, all lovely and they have their spark of innocence and playfulness around them.
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Re: What, no Anna...Rose?

Postby anna » 01 Dec 2016, 22:09

therower wrote:Just looked through the links and am a bit surprised there is no link to Anna Rose's sites

Click here for Anna Rose's Alterpic
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