Adventures of Locked Dummy

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Adventures of Locked Dummy

Postby LockedDummy » 22 Mar 2019, 22:11

I'm just gonna put this here so folks can follow my blog of online slavery. I don't have the intrinsic motivation that others on this board have for self-bondage. I can't really get into it unless I'm made to. So I have an owner, and she is oppressing me. I am chronicling all of our interactions, as well as my own thoughts, reflections, and brainstorms on the matter. Check it out.
Adventures of an oppressed dummy....

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Re: Adventures of Locked Dummy

Postby ponylady » 23 Mar 2019, 03:37

I fixed your bb-tags.

For url-parsing to work either www or http.. has to be included in the addy.
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