Hidden Public Excitement

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Hidden Public Excitement

Postby xmenxmen » 07 Sep 2018, 00:44

This dare is designed for shy sissies but females may do it ass well.

For this dare you need following:
-belt with buckle
-hoodie with one pocket
-small padlock
-nipple clamps
-buttplug (bigger is better)
-shopping mall (at least 3 kms away)

To do this dare you need to walk back home from the mall. Make sure your padlock able to lock your belt buckle so you cant remove your pants w/o key. Just take enough money and ready to spend all. So you will be forced to walk back. Now time to get ready. Put your jeans with belt and wear your hoodie. Pack your clamps, plug, handcuffs and padlock. And drink 1 liter of water. From now on you are not allowed to pee. Now go to mall. You can use public transportation. It is time to get points. Everytime you say you are buying for your gf/wife, you loose 20 points.

Buy Panties-20p
Buy Bra-30p(If it doesnt fit and you go to same store for asking bigger size, you earn extra 10p)
Buy Pantyhose-10p
Buy OnePiece swimsuit-30p
Buy some water

You are done shopping. Buy yourself a coffee and think about what you are going to do. If you have money to spare dessert etc.

Now go to the toilet. Get naked. Throw your undies and socks. Insert your plug. Put panties, pantyhose, clamps,bra, swimsuit on. Put your male clothes on. Lock your belt with padlock so you wont able to pull down your pants and pee. And drink your water. Every 0.5 liter gives you 10 points. Now lock your hands inside hoodies pocket.

It is time to walk back home with desperation to pee, pain on nipples and plug moving around. If you piss yourself your wayback home you got extra 10 points. If you wear high heels you got extra 30 points.

>100 points.
You are free.

80-100 points.
You need to piss yourself before getting unlocked.

60-80 points.
You need to piss yourself before getting unlocked and not allowed to take a shower for 1 hour.

<60 points.
You are true coward. Piss yourself before getting unlock. You need to get an anal orgasm before shower(If you can't then you need to sleep like this). You are not allowed to touch your cock today even for cleaning.
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