Hidden Public Excitement

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Hidden Public Excitement

Postby xmenxmen » 07 Sep 2018, 00:44

This dare is designed for shy sissies but females may do it ass well.

For this dare you need following:
-belt with buckle
-hoodie with one pocket
-small padlock
-nipple clamps
-buttplug (bigger is better)
-shopping mall (at least 3 kms away)

To do this dare you need to walk back home from the mall. Make sure your padlock able to lock your belt buckle so you cant remove your pants w/o key. Just take enough money and ready to spend all. So you will be forced to walk back. Now time to get ready. Put your jeans with belt and wear your hoodie. Pack your clamps, plug, handcuffs and padlock. And drink 1 liter of water. From now on you are not allowed to pee. Now go to mall. You can use public transportation. It is time to get points. Everytime you say you are buying for your gf/wife, you loose 20 points.

Buy Panties-20p
Buy Bra-30p(If it doesnt fit and you go to same store for asking bigger size, you earn extra 10p)
Buy Pantyhose-10p
Buy OnePiece swimsuit-30p
Buy some water

You are done shopping. Buy yourself a coffee and think about what you are going to do. If you have money to spare dessert etc.

Now go to the toilet. Get naked. Throw your undies and socks. Insert your plug. Put panties, pantyhose, clamps,bra, swimsuit on. Put your male clothes on. Lock your belt with padlock so you wont able to pull down your pants and pee. And drink your water. Every 0.5 liter gives you 10 points. Now lock your hands inside hoodies pocket.

It is time to walk back home with desperation to pee, pain on nipples and plug moving around. If you piss yourself your wayback home you got extra 10 points. If you wear high heels you got extra 30 points.

>100 points.
You are free.

80-100 points.
You need to piss yourself before getting unlocked.

60-80 points.
You need to piss yourself before getting unlocked and not allowed to take a shower for 1 hour.

<60 points.
You are true coward. Piss yourself before getting unlock. You need to get an anal orgasm before shower(If you can't then you need to sleep like this). You are not allowed to touch your cock today even for cleaning.
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Re: Hidden Public Excitement

Postby alx1515 » 31 Oct 2018, 13:31

As a women I'll have to do a little changing with the clothing but going to have to try this!
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Re: Hidden Public Excitement

Postby xmenxmen » 06 Nov 2018, 01:19

Hope you share how it went
Here is my story:

After i showed my gf this dare she forced me to do it or she's gonna add 1 month to my chastity(I was in control of her for 1 month and just one week left that time). It is thrilling experience

I packed stuff and drink 1 liter of water. Then we went to mall. She said she is gonna look for shoes and left. I went to woman lingerie shop. Im personally not into woman clothes and never bought them myself so i started to feel humiliated as soon as i entered the store. First headed for panties. I picked pink lace panties as my gf ordered. And black shaping pantyhose for nice touch. Then i head for swimsuits. One of the stuffs walk towards me. I felt my hearthbeat all over my body. Before she comes I get her off with my I'm ok face with little smile Picked a black one piece swimsuit. I paid them. Glad cashier asked nothing. And I called my gf. She said she is at starbucks waiting for me. Then i went to toilet. I undressed. I inserted my 4 inch silicone plug. It took a while. That moment I realized what is waiting for me. I put my lace panties. Then my pantyhose and swimsuit. I have to admit I felt a little sexy that moment. Then I pull my jeans and thightened belt. There is no way to pull it down with that belt. My belly is already hurting that moment but deal is deal. I locked the belt with padlock. Then I put my shoes, nipple clamps and hoodie on. I felt really uncomfortable. Belt was real deal put a lot of pressure. I left to toiled cabin and washed my hands. Toilet is crowded and i felt like everybody is looking at me. I tried to look normal and headed for starbucks. Belt was really uncomfortable and seems plug is too big for walking like someone pounding my ass. I tell my gf about the situation and unfortunately she liked it. I see the devil in her face. I was sweating it was already hot and i was wearing swimsuit and hoodie. She ordered me coffee. Said she thought of a suprise for me. All the time she was giggling. Then she asked me to drink 1.5 liter of water. She took my bag, wallet, phone, car and house keys. Then we left there. She pulling my hands to walk faster. Having really hard time while walking. Then we stopped in front of cinema. I was really scared. I asked her for let me pee at least if we are gonna watch movies. She laughed at me and told me to put my handcuffs. I lock them inside my pocket. I was totally stuck at that moment. She said one last thing and im free. She took me to massage chairs. I tried to reject that task but she got all the power. I sit she set the chair and walk away to watch me from distance. It was the most intense 2 mins of my life. With that plug and swimsuit pulling my crotch I got an thrillinng orgasm in chastity. And I almost pissed myself but resist that urge. By the time I was still trying to look normal but at the end when i look around i saw a few people looking at me. My gf is also giggling. And she quickly lost. I felt really desperate that moment. After a few tries I finally stand up. My legs was shaking. I quickly left there and the mall. I found a quiet place and sit there. The pressure of the belt is not a big problem anymore. It was really thrilling. My legs was still shaking and with every move my ass is pounding. My nipples are started to hurt a little. And I really need to pee. I thought of peeing seriously but there is 30 min walk waiting for me. I decided to resist more. Then I get up and started to walk slightly fast. Plug was really uncomfortable and swimsuit pulling my crotch with my every step. And Im completely locked into that stiuation. After 5 minutes i stopped and sit on the floor. I was getting another orgasm. My legs are really shaking and got really hard time for standing up again. I was really hopeless dont have even got my phone. I focused at arriving at home. And started to walk slowly. It took nearly one hour to get home. I ring doorbell. She keep me waiting for 5 minutes at door. Real devil. She take me to bath. Pulled my pants and made me piss myself. With that swimsuit and pantyhose I felt that warm all over my bottom. But that was most relaxing moment of my life. Then she gave me handcuff keys and leave. I think I dont want to see her again until my release but i will probably do. She is a devil and in control for another week. Then i cleaned it was really mess and my ass feels like fucked and my nipples are burned like hell. There is a red line around my belly now thanks to belt. It was one of the the most thrilling experiences of my life. To be precise "she was" and probably keep being.
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