Nettle predicament dare

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Nettle predicament dare

Postby a4x4z » 11 Oct 2017, 08:24

This dare can be incorporated into many scenarios, I'll just explain how the 'pain release' device works.

you will need:
a small plastic bag, a plain medium size freezer bag is ideal.
some string
duct tape / sellotape
some nettles
optional ice timer.

To prepare the device, using tape, securely fasten a long piece of string to the bottom of the bag.
get some fresh nettles, cut into short lengths and tie them all together with piece of string. (you may want to use gardening gloves to do this)
Using scissors, trim the bunch of nettles so that they completely fit into the bag, and drop them in.
Fold the opening of the bag over and use a very small piece of tape to hold the bag closed and the nettles inside. Not too much tape, it will need to be ripped away when the activation string taped to the bottom of the bag gets pulled.

To set it up, you just lay the bag on/under the part you want to inflict pain on, securing the string holding the nettles to your body.
The string connected to the bottom of the bag is the trigger, pulling the bag away from the nettles allows them to do their work. :shock:

Various setups:
- sit/lay/stand/kneel on the bag. The weight of your body holds the bag in place, releasing the pressure allows a weight to pull the bag away, if you then put your weight down again you get stung.
- tie the activation string to a fixed object out of reach, with hands restrained the only way for you to escape is to move away with the nettles leaving the protective bag behind.
- use an ice timer to drop a weight to pull the bag away (and a longer second one to release your restraints)
- bend knees and tie activation string to ankles - straightening legs then pulls the bag away.

If you try this do explain how you set yours up
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