I live alone!

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I live alone!

Postby corvon » 17 Jun 2017, 07:26

Been some time since I got to live alone, but now I dont know what I should do. Soooo...

I will try anything posted here and push but not break my limits. I will let everyone know what ones I will and have done as well as ones that I cant not do or my limits wont let me do.

So how about it? Who here would like to remind me of my place? Post below.
You never know. Knowing self bondage might one day save your life. I mean if he don't know how to gag right he might not know how to tie you up right.
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Re: I live alone!

Postby tiemeupalso » 19 Jun 2017, 18:46

i found it.its close to the red river.
it has about 800 more people than my county seat.
if you ever want to talk selfbondage email me on yahoo.com
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Re: I live alone!

Postby OutdoorBound » 20 Jun 2017, 22:36

I will alter a SB I did once.
Handcuffs (make sure you can unlock them with your hands in them if your a beginner)
Take a bunch of cloths with pockets and put them in another room
Close your eyes and put the HC key in a pocket and mix everything up
Go to another room (I choose the kitchen)
Take a long rope that will not lock in tight when you tie the knots
Tie the handcuffs to the chair (or whatever you choose) several times, I had nearly 4 -5 feet behind me.
Strip down or to your favorite level and put on what you prefer
I tied my feet so I had to hop, I clamped clothespins on me and all over my nipples especially on the tips

Now start your time untieing your knots
Then hop to find your key

Options obviously are:
vibrators,butt plugs
Blind fold
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Re: I live alone!

Postby MSpike » 21 Jun 2017, 14:08

Tie on a karada as soon as you get home, and wear it until you get ready to leave home. For extra restraint, add toys and wrist and ankle cuffs. When you are not using your hands, lock the wrist cuffs to the karada. Leave the key in at the other end of the apartment.
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