Wait for It

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Wait for It

Postby Nettles » 21 Jun 2018, 23:15

Anna had dreamt and daydreamed about doing this for weeks, ever since seeing it on a website. It looked so exciting. All she had done so far was walk naked around the darkest part of the forest wearing handcuffs, it had excited her being helpless and naked, but this was a whole new level.
Anna finished off screwing in the eye bolts in to the huge oak trunks and wondered if she would really go through with this. She was already nervous and scared. She bent the young saplings over each side of the oaks and measured the cordage and placed the screw in the large tent pegs below where the saplings bent down to. She took out the towels and tied the cordage between the ends of the samplings and the two towels.
She tied the string above the top eye bolts in the oaks and checked that the keys on them would drop straight down far enough. Next she threaded the chain from the ankle cuffs up through the bottom eye bolts to the ones two feet up above them and clipped them ready. Then up went the handcuffs on to the top eye bolts, just hanging freely for now.
She kept scanning her eyes back and forth so nervous of being caught already, those handcuffs would certainly give her plan away, although it was early this area was rather open and would see the odd dog walker later in the day. Anna was a shy girl and would die if anybody discovered her dark little deviance. She loved self bondage, or rather she loved bondage but was too shy to get a boyfriend to enjoy it with her. Her lovely little body was always covered by loose clothes, most of all because of her rather large boobs, they embarrassed her so much. She fantasised almost nightly about being caught outdoors naked, being robbed and made to strip naked, or being blackmailed in to exposing herself, every time being tied up and abused mercilessly.
Anna then took her sign from her bag and placed it against the left oak and nailed it in place, she daren't look at it in case it made her immediately chicken out. She then bent down the saplings and tied the net bags and ice cubes in place through the loops of the tent pegs. She placed the other two bags and ice cubes up above the handcuffs and made sure the string to the keys would be kept well out of her reach. This was now getting so real, she looked at the set up and saw how cruel and solid it looked, she shivered in fear.
She then made sure her video camera was recording and hid it with it pointing between the oaks. She had to steel herself as she stripped off her dress and underwear, constantly scanning around in case somebody was spying on her. She was shaking with fear, but also wet and horny. She stuffed her clothes and trainers in to her bag and wrapped the towels around her waist and chest and clipped the pegs in place to keep them held up. She placed her gag around her neck and her blindfold around her fore head then bent down and locked the ankle cuff in place. She gulped then stood as far apart as she could, her legs stretched wide open, she always imagined herself this way, it made her so much more vulnerable and exposed. She tighten the chains to her ankles and clipped the chains so she could not close her legs again. She reached up and took the handcuffs from the eye bolts and locked one to each wrist. She shook visibly with nerves, her legs wobbling. She pulled her gag up and pulled it tight in to her mouth and buckled it, she would now be unable to call for help or beg for mercy. Then she slid down her blindfold. She was in darkness and almost chicken out, but forced her hands to reach up with the handcuffs each side. She found the eye bolts each side and squeezed the handcuffs closed through the eye bolts and as she felt and heard the clicks each side she suddenly thought, 'What have I done!!!'
She was now stretched between the two big oaks, her legs stretched wide open and shaking. Her arms up and out above head height also locked to the thick eye bolts. The ice timers above her hands would melt slowly until one of the bags dropped through the eye bolt and dropped the string with the key in to her reach, but that was after a long ordeal. She had wanted to be tormented severely, she had dreamed about being stripped slowly and this was her fantasy. The sapling to her left was held down by one ice cube in a net bag, trapped by the tent peg until the ice melted and released the sapling which would then pull the cord quickly and strongly. At the other end of the cord was the towel around her chest, covering her big round breasts, the towel would be ripped from her as the cord pulled and overwhelmed the peg keeping the towel up presently. The sapling the other side was kept down by two ice cubes and was connected to her lower towel.
She now had to wait helpless, blind and unable to speak as her torment played out. She had chosen this spot because later in the day it would have people passing by, but presently it was too early for walkers, but the idea of being trapped here helpless had terrified her and turned her on so much that she had to do this.
Anna squirmed and struggled with her bonds, getting panicky at being helpless at this open spot in the forest. She cursed herself for being so stupid and promised she would never do this again. She feared being seen, she would die of embarrassment, but the idea of it turned her on. She struggled until her wrists and ankles hurt and was mortified that she was like this, she begged for the keys to drop in her head. She heard a twig snap and froze in terror, what if she was being watched? Was somebody there? How humiliating would that be, her pussy got wetter at the thought as her legs started to shake again. Then she remembered the sign she had nailed up beside herself and uttered in to her gag, 'please don't be somebody, please.' She remembered what she had written and broke out in a cold sweat, 'I am punishing myself for being a perverted slut. If you wish you may punish me as well. Grope me, spank me and fuck me hard & mercilessly. Please photograph me and blackmail me in to being your Sex Slave. Anna (mobile ##### ### ####)'.
She felt her cold sweat in the light breeze and imagined what would happen if she was discovered, helpless and asking for it, they could do what they liked to her.
Then she jumped as a loud sound erupted beside her, she froze then all of a sudden the top towel was torn from her, her boobs bounced free. She stood there topless and cringed as she realised anybody who passed would be able to see her boobs, those big boobs she always hid. She struggled again as she felt even more exposed with her boobs on show, but all that happened was her wrists got more sore and her boobs bounced around as she twisted and turned. This was now so horrifying, she was exposing herself and asking to have her boobs groped, how many guys would resist groping a helpless girls boobs when they were asking for it and knew they wouldn't get caught?
Anna imagined guys walking up and taking great pleasure in groping her and photographing her boobs, then she cringed as she imagined a lesbian doing it as well, or perhaps a couple. Her pussy almost dripped in excitement.
Her imagination carried on and she was getting more and more horny. Then in the distance she heard a shout, it sounded like one of the teenagers from the estate, but it couldn't be, they wouldn't be up this early, she wasn't sure, but if it was there would be a load of them. She was now scared again, they travelled around in packs on bikes, if they discovered her she would be in trouble, horny teenagers groping her and fucking her. She cringed and listened in fear. Her imagination was going wild, what if they photographed her? They would blackmail her, she would be their sex slave, they would share her about.
She then jumped in terror, a sudden whoosh and the bottom towel was ripped away. She squirmed in horror, now naked. She had never felt so naked in all her life. She squirmed and struggled but listened intently in case they were coming. She felt the cool air on her wet pussy and wished she hadn't shaved so bare down there, it was now all on display, anybody wondering up to her would see everything. They would be so tempted to touch her helpless pussy and there was nothing she could do about it. This was just so humiliating and terrifying. She though she could hear the voice again and broke out in a sweat again, 'if they find me like this they'll use me and photograph me. What if they take my keys, they'll fuck me all day. They would probably blackmail me. Oh god, they would make me suck them all off, again and again. I'd be fucked and used like a whore. They would own my mouth, my pussy, my boobs, they would fuck me in the arse for fun.' Anna squirmed and struggled as it all went through her head, her pussy now so wet it rolled down her thighs. She squirmed a hot horrified mess of hormones, wishing she could touch herself. She felt her nakedness and imagined them coming in her mouth, her pussy, between her boobs, on her face, in her hands and up her arse. She groaned in frustration.
Then she felt something on her hand, it was the key, she grabbed it quickly and unlocked her right hand and before completely releasing herself dove her fingers in to her pussy. She fucked herself still tied up, blindfolded and gagged to a huge orgasm which had her squealing in to her gag and shaking until she nearly collapsed and squirting down her legs profusely.
As she regained herself she quickly released herself and dressed. She hurried home and watched the video again and again until she was too sore to carry on. But a new fantasy was starting in her head...What if she was tied so they could do that stuff to her whilst still tied up? What if she was tied up closer to the estate? Could she really do that? Would she?
It was during one of her strolls when she passed the little shed in the forest, the path ran past it, but she knew a lot of the time the teenage lads hung out there smoking and drinking, she didn't like passing that point, it scared her when they shouted crude things at her, usually about her big boobs. She wondered past and there they all were drinking and smoking some strange smelling tobacco. As per usual the crude shouts came out about her showing them her boobs, or coming over because they had something to show her. She scuttled on embarrassed, but then a dirty thought came to her...What if she played her dirty little game there, it was dangerous and barely two hundred metres from the back of the estate. She got flustered and felt the excitement rise inside her. She couldn't shake the thought and wondered past the shed in the early morning, walking her dog. She looked at the open patch of ground and the dirty shed, and the three big oaks standing in front of it. She looked at them and knew they would be perfect if she ever did decide to play her dirty game. The two oaks faced the shed whilst the third stood behind it, she felt the excitement inside her again. She knew it was too early for anybody to be about, so she photographed the area. The trees and the shed, she noticed the odd page from pornographic magazines thrown about, she looked at the naked girls baring all, this was a dirty place, a dangerous place. The old cans and cigarette butts thrown everywhere, it was disgusting, it would be so bad to be tied up here, oh so very bad and frightening. She was getting so excited at the thought of it. She stood between the oaks facing the shed and stretched her legs out and raised her arms as if she was back in the chains, she feigned struggling, it was making her wet just thinking about it. She saw one of the magazines beside the tree and hid it under her jumper and took just a couple more pictures of the oaks from the front of the locked shed. Then she scuttled home to get ready for work.
That day she daydreamed about the shed and the oaks, her being chained between those oaks, tormented in her game, it had her wet and excited, her fingers shook and she couldn't concentrate. She eventually got home and uploaded the pictures to her computer, her excitement as she looked at the pictures made her stroke herself through her panties. She had out the magazine she had taken, the naked exposed girls making her think of how exposed she would be in that dirty place, how like the girls her body would be so exposed, she knew she was too chicken but the thought of it turned her on so much. She then decided to take photo of herself as if she was playing her game and to paste it in to the picture of the oaks, she wore the blindfold and gag whilst naked and hung the chains from her bed. After a lot of playing on her computer she had two pictures. One as if she was being watched from the shed with her naked and chained up and another from behind looking from behind her as if she was exposing herself towards the shed. She looked at them and felt the excitement course through her, seeing how dirty and disgusting it would be in that place. Her hand went in to her panties and she rapidly bought herself to a wet orgasm.
That night and for the next few days she couldn't help herself imagining it and looking at the fake photos and the magazine, she was constantly turned on and distracted. She couldn't help herself, she visited the site again in the early morning and stood between the trees feigning being chained up, she wanted to cum on the spot. She started to wonder if she could do it, just this once, really early before anybody would be around, perhaps at first light? She planned it then chickened out, then planned it again, she wanted it to be longer and more excruciating than last time, a once in a lifetime thing, she'd then have the video forever to masturbate to, it would keep her pleasured forever. She now wanted it but was super nervous. She had everything she needed and had made a new more appalling sign to put up. She wanted to be made to suffer it slowly and painfully, the thought had her so wet.
She gathered her kit and went to bed planning to do it the next morning, walking to the spot before sun up to set up. She could hardly sleep, she had refrained from getting herself off for a couple of days and laid in bed wet, scared and excited. She woke to her alarm and found herself shaking at the thought of what she had planned. She was feeling woozy as she placed the ice cubes in the flask and left the house. Her heart was thumping already. She walked to the spot as the sun just started to creep up over the horizon at 4.30am. It looked even worse than she had remembered, she plucked every ounce of strength to lay out her gear and start winding the eye bolts in to the oaks. She was shaking and sweating, she couldn't believe she was doing this. All 8 eye bolts were in the three oaks, either side of her for her ankle chains, wrist chains and key timers, and two on the oak behind her for her towel pulling timer. This time she planned to use two large bottles of water dropping to pull on the cord to her towels. She placed the ankle chains and as planned made sure they would stretch her legs wide, wider than last time, this was going to torture her, she wanted to be spread extra wide open. She measured the wrist chains and made sure she would be stretched extra tight, no slack for movement, she wanted to be extra helpless. Then she measured the cord for her ice timers and tied them to the cuffs. Lastly she measured and cut the cords from the towel cords and tied them to the large heavy bottles. Then she loaded the ice bags from the timers. She had calculated that she would have to wait 20 minutes for the top towel, a further 10 minutes for the bottom towel and 30 more minutes before the keys dropped, twice as long as last time.
She placed the blindfold, gag and sign on the ground, she took out her camera and placed it in front of the shed aimed at the trees ready to record her torment. Then she went behind the shed and undressed, it was awful, she was a bag of nerves and felt so scared. She wrapped the two towels around herself and pegged them, then hid her bag under some leaves. She was naked under her towels, her feet bare as well, she wanted to feel extra naked.
She returned to the trees and placed her gag around her neck and the blindfold around her forehead then leant the sign up against the oak to her left, she daren't read it, she would surely chicken out if she did. This felt so wrong, so bad, she felt so exposed and scared. She sat between the ankle chains because they were too wide to do up whilst standing. She locked them to her ankles at a stretch. Then she connected the clips on the cords to the towels and struggled to stand. The air up the towel to her pussy reminded her she had shaved herself in to a Brazilian, she wanted her pussy to feel exposed and displayed, it worked. She looked up at the wrist cuffs dangling between the cotton holding them towards her and slipped her right wrist in, she folded her fingers over and shut it closed with a loud rasp. Her heart thumped and she was sweating, she shook all over. Then she pulled up her gag and pushed the large ball in to her mouth, she had been silenced, then she pulled the blindfold over her eyes. Her head was screaming in her ears, she could hear her heart beating. She reached up her left hand and slipped her left wrist in to the cuff carefully, she daren't stop now, she plucked the cocktail stick out and the cuff clamped tight around her wrist. She gave a pull at each side, the cotton snapping and fell away, she felt the cuffs were very tight but she could no longer do anything about it. She felt how tight she was being held, then the panic started, she struggled, she pulled and fought, she knew this wasn't right, what had she done? She fought, feeling the towel on her big round boobs slide around, she knew she shouldn't do this in case the pegs gave away early. She gave a little sob, she couldn't believe this was her torment for an hour, an hour chained up and blind is an eternity, here it would feel like forever. She knew she was only 200 metres from all those houses, what if they found her know? Then she remembered her sign, it stood beside her, 'I am punishing myself for being a bondage slut. You may strip me naked, grope and abuse me as much as you want. Fuck me hard and deep, cum all over me. Photograph my naked body as much as you want, every inch of it. Make me beg for my keys back, make me suck you for them, or fuck me in the arse until I'm squealing for mercy. Your fuck slave, Anna.' She was shaking like crazy and regretting this so much.
What she didn't know was he had been in the shed, she had woken him when she had arrived. The guys had locked him in when he had fallen asleep the previous night, but he knew he just had to push the door hard to open it. He had watched her through a knot in the front of the shed as she had set up her little game. He was so surprised when he saw her connecting the cuffs to the tree, then had worked out what she was doing as she placed the ice in the bags, he had seen this online, it was just the two at the back he couldn't figure out. Then she had placed the camera down and gone behind the shed as he stood silently. He was so surprised as she reappeared in the towels. Watching her lock herself up had excited him and then the two ice timers behind her made sense. He watched her struggle excitedly, he knew she was trapped. He pushed the door and saw Anna jump, then her frantic struggle, she had heard him.
Anna heard the door of the shed bang and squealed in to her gag and fought like crazy, somebody was there, who was it? This was awful, she started to cry as she realised she had been found. She heard the footsteps loop around her and sobbed, she tried to ask who was there, but her gag stopped her voice and she was silent. She felt so naked, so afraid, so appalled at herself. He quietly sliced the keys from the cord with his pen knife and left the empty cords dangling through the chains. Then he peered at the ice in the timers for her towels then returned and sat in the chair in front of the shed and lit a cigarette. Anna sobbed feeling so helpless.
He waited then spoke, 'So you are a bondage slut Anna, here to be punished eh.' She cringed, he had read the sign, she shook realising what it instructed him what to do to her. Her heart was thumping in her chest and felt like it would explode, she sweated with embarrassment and fear. He then spoke again, 'I see you have timers connected to your towels. So how long until the first one pulls? I'm gonna sit here and wait, I want to see you suffer, a slow painful suffering, knowing I have my mobile ready to record your nakedness. So will it be the top I photograph first, or the bottom. It's going to be so much fun watching you suffer knowing you will be stripped by your own device, such a nice slow torment.'
Anna sobbed, he was so cruel, he was making her wait to torment her, she couldn't believe she had gotten herself in to this. She was such a nice shy girl, this would be so humiliating and shameful. She desperately pulled at the cords to the keys hoping that some miracle had melted the ice. She felt the cord come free to her left, she couldn't believe it and hauled it in quickly, she reached the end of the cord, the key was missing, she squealed 'No No No' in to her gag and then did the same the other side, it was gone too, she screaming in to her gag realising he had taken the keys. She was desperate and scared, she knew she had no way out now, she was trapped until he freed her. Her tears soaked her blindfold and ran down her face on to her gag. He enjoyed her torment, watching her desperately grab for her non-existent keys, now in his pocket.
He lit another cigarette and watched her, he could see she was chained pretty tightly, those legs were wide apart, her arms pulled tight, but he knew he wanted to see those boobs, they looked so big under that towel, he was temped to peak up under it and take a look, but he wanted to enjoy her torment, and see them when that towel came off. He got up and Anna listened frightened as he circled around behind her and returned to his seat, then exclaimed, 'those ice cubes are dripping so nicely, just listen to the pitter patter of your impending exposure.' She heard his cruel words and heard the drip drip drip as the ice melted, she was so desperate. No guy had seen her body and now he was sitting there waiting for her to be exposed, it appalled her. 10 minutes had gone and Anna didn't have a clue how long she had been there for, it felt like an eternity.
His silence was so cruel, he just waited, Anna had no idea how far the ice had melted, when Anna jumped at the sound of the bottle, she felt the cord pull, then the terrible feeling as the towel tugged tight for a split second, then it pulled from around her. She screamed knowing she was now topless, her boobs on display for him, helpless to cover them. She gave a hopeless struggle. She felt so ashamed as she stood there with her boobs on display, so humiliated, she wanted to die. He stood up and Anna squealed as she heard him coming. He had enjoyed her struggling, her big sexy boobs jiggling about on her helpless body. He stood and stared, they looked delicious, so nice and big and round, nice big dark areas around her big nipples, he wanted to kiss them and feel them, but he wanted her to suffer more. He whispered, 'soon you will beg me to touch them.'
She gulped and turned her head towards him, what was he going to do to her? What did he mean? God was he going to fuck her in the arse? She was in pieces, what did he mean beg? She whimpered in to her gag, he heard some of it but mostly it was muffled by the gag. He knew she was now really suffering.
He sat back down and said, 'lets wait for that next towel, that will be really painful for you, totally naked and exposed.' She cringed at his words, the thought that in about 10 minutes she would have her pussy exposed was awful. He stared at her sexy boobs and wondered how such a meek and mild girl had such big gorgeous boobs. He then said, 'listen to that drip drip drip.' Anna squirmed, she knew she was stood with her legs so open shaved so much that when that towel went she would be completely exposed. The thought of him looking at her pussy was appalling.
The minutes ticked past Anna was shaking nervously, then she heard that sound, felt the cord tighten, then the towel pull away. She stood in horror, her legs now free of the towel. She was naked, she screamed, bucked, fought again. He watched her naked body pulling at the chains, her big boobs bouncing and jiggling. He saw her shaven pussy, her pussy lips between those wide open legs, it looked so inviting, he knew she would feel so tormented now she was naked. She felt shameful and humiliation pour through her. She then heard him walking towards her.
He walked behind her and said, 'so you want to be punished, I've read the sign, some lovely ideas there. I want you to beg for me. I want you to nod and beg me to touch your bum.' The idea of him touching her was appalling, she nodded no. He raised his camera in front of her face and said, 'one nice little picture of your face then.' Then she heard his phone click, he had photographed her blindfolded and gagged face. He cruelly said, 'now should I send it to my friends and tell them you are here.' She squealed in to her gag in horror and nodded no. He said, 'so beg me to grope your bum. I want your camera to record it.' She didn't want his hands on her and nodded no. He held his camera by her bum and said, 'they would like to see some nice photos of your bum I'm sure.' She heard the clicks as he photographed her bum, it was appalling, she squealed. He cruelly said, 'beg me, or this gets worse.' She couldn't it was just too shameful. He held the camera in front of her boobs and whispered, 'nice close up of the right boob.' Click, she squealed, he was photographing her boobs, then he whispered, 'left boob.' Click, she struggled, then he said, 'both boobs, a nice close up.' Click. She squirmed, but now found that through her humiliation, his closeness and her shame was making her excited inside. He then whispered, 'beg or the camera goes lower.' Anna squealed and cried, 'Please no.' He whispered, 'down we go.' She was mortified, at him and the feeling inside her. She heard the click and he whispered, 'a nice shot of that nicely shaved pussy, look, it's all open.' Anna squirmed in shame. He whispered, 'now up past your pussy and the underneath of your big boobs, nice.' Click, Anna felt like gasping but fought it. He whispered, 'Now a nice close up of your pussy.' Click. 'Oh look you can see your pussy lips all open, your little clit right there.' Anna squirmed, feeling her pussy starting to get moist inside, this was such a torment.
He held the phone to her ear and said, 'listen as I add those photos to a text and send it to all the guys.' Anna heard the beeps as he pressed the buttons, she squealed 'No No Please' in to her gag. He heard her and said, 'so beg me to grope your bum.' Anna couldn't let him send the text, she squealed, 'Please, you can do it.' He growled, 'Beg me to grope your arse nice and load', then removed her gag. She was scared and squealed, 'Please grope my bum, don't send the text please.' He slide him hand down her back and on to her bum, she quivered, the feeling exciting her, she had dreamt of being molested and groped like this so many times. He groped her bum, squeezing and stroking, he felt her shiver, with excitement, he saw her nipples now hard and standing proud. His other hand now on her hip. He kissed her on the neck, she tried to pull away even though it felt so good. He whispered, 'You will let me.' She relaxed back and felt him kiss her neck, her pussy now getting wet and excited. He whispered, 'beg me to touch your boobs.' Anna gasped, how could she? He growled, 'I have my phone right here, and your keys in my pocket, you will beg me nice and loudly.' Anna gasped at his cruelty and gasped out, 'Please feel my boobs.' His hands slid slowly to her boobs as she quivered and shook, she gasped as he reached them and stroked them, he gave them a squeeze and then plucked at her nipples. She gasped and gave a groan. She was helpless and being groped, she was helpless and being blackmailed, she was getting so turned on. He pulled her nipples hard, and made her gasp loudly then whispered, 'where should I touch next?' She gasped, 'my pussy.' He said, 'beg me.' She groaned and said, 'Please touch my pussy.' He delved one hand down her stomach and over her mound, she squirmed and gasped, then his fingers met her pussy, he stroked her open pussy and tormented her with light stroking, she squirmed and gasped, loving her the feeling of being naked and groped. She felt the torment and groaned, 'please finger me please.' He delved and finger inside her, pulling her in to him, she felt his hard cock through his trousers and knew she needed it. She felt his fingers now deep inside her wet pussy, thrusting in to her. She groaned, 'Please fuck me.' He went around in front of her and she heard his zip come open and felt his cock slide in to her open wet pussy. She gasped. He started to thrust in to her and she squealed, he thrust deep and hard in to her groping her boobs and fucking her as her pussy gripped his cock. Then she came hard, her cum pouring down his cock. He came deep inside her. He stood back and looked at her sexy body and felt a twinge of conscience.
He plucked the keys from his pocket and released her. She ran behind the shed and dressed quickly, highly embarrassed, then came back out. He said, 'here, I'll wipe off the photos.' She meekly said, 'Don't you want to hold them over me. Make me do that when ever you want?' He smiled, 'oh course.' She plucked his phone from his hand and typed in her number and handed it back. He pulled her in to him and kissed her passionately, her legs wobbling with excitement. She said, 'I loved it when you touched me all over, you could have done anything to me, or I would have done anything you asked.' He laughed and said, 'I will.' She was still flustered but collected her stuff and walked off in to the forest. It wasn't long before they were at it again.
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Re: Wait for It

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Very hot.
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