The Game 10 Big Girls

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The Game 10 Big Girls

Postby Kay » 08 Apr 2019, 05:09

Big Girls

He had lost the game and now he stood naked before her in the playground waiting instructions.
“Now there is a certain parity in what we're doing,” she said. “We have both been tied and undressed. We have both used our mouths quite a bit lately. We have both...”
“I have had to beg to masturbate,” he pointed out.
“Ah yes...”
“For quite a long time...”
She was aware that he had not made her do that yet. Fifi, of course had masturbated to order, but that was different. A maid carries out orders.
But she knew that it probably, no, definitely would come.
But she wouldn't worry about that now. It would happen when it happened.

“You have kept me naked for extended periods,” she went on. “I could do that. I could even paint you,
I suppose. But I think I would rather do this instead. This is going to be an extended program lasting all weekend. You are going to be dressed in various bits and pieces of lingerie for long periods. Do you understand?”
He nodded yes. She had dressed him before, though not for, as she put it, extended periods. Mostly they had only been for a few hours at a time. He was getting used to it, he thought. What he hadn't quite got used to was the fact that he was getting used to it...

“Now as I lay them out I would like you to ask for them.”
She drew the stockings out of the box.
“Please may I have my stockings?” he asked politely.
“Yes, you may,” she said handing them to him. She waited while he pulled them on. He was getting quite good at it,she noted. I wonder if I can find some with seams for him to keep straight...?
Then came the high heels.
“Please may I have my shoes?”
“You may.”
To his relief the next thing she drew from the box was a pair of panties. Having panties was better then nothing, but sometimes nothing was what he got. But she had said various, so he asked, hopefully,
“Please may I wear my panties?” She might still say no...
“Yes, you may.”
Then came a bra. Of course.
“Please may I wear... that's a new one isn't it?”
“Yes it is, especially for today.”
“But... it's too big.”
It looked much larger than his usual ones.
“The cups are larger, but I've adjusted the straps. It'll be fine. Now what do you say?”
“Please may I wear my bra?”
“Yes, you may.”
He put it on and fastened the straps as he had learned to do. The large cups hung empty.
“And what would you like next?”
“Ah? Oh, yes. Please may I have my breasts?”
“Of course you may,” she said. She reached into the box and pulled out...
He gasped.
“Those are...”
“Yes, they are a bit larger, but they have to be to fit the bra.”
That seemed a bit backwards somehow.
His previous ones had been cast from her breasts and were a good size, but these...
He thought of grapefruits.
Maybe large grape fruits.
Or to be rude about it, small melons...
They looked almost twice the size of hers.
“Now slip it in. And now the other. Oh yes, very nice.”
They bulged out the top of the cups and the weight of the pair was considerable.
“They're heavy,” he said.
“Yes, they are. Now you know what big girls go through.”
“How did you do this?” He tried to cup them in his hands, but they were too big. He had never met any in the wild as big.
“Oh well, I had already cast my own so it wasn't difficult to... augment them. I got the idea from the time you stuffed my bra with the inserts, remember?
And indeed they did look like the super decolletage he had created when he had added inserts to her bra, put her on display and played with the remote.
“Come, look in the mirror. .”
He walked over and looked. He was amazed. They were almost, but not quite, too large. They were still plausible, but only just.
He looked in amazement.
“I have huge tits!”
“Indeed you do. Now, as I said you're going to be dressed more or less like this all weekend. Won't that be nice?
You can change from time to time. I have some other stockings for you to try, and some different panties. And I'll do you some proper makeup, the others have been a bit slap dash.”
“I said you didn't play with dolls enough...” but he was becoming interested.
There was something in extended periods of play which was different from their short games. Certainly Fifi's weekend visits had been memorable. And the way she had forgotten she was naked was intriguing.
And he was still working out just how he felt about dressed, as the saying was, en femme...
“And will we.... play...?”
She put her head on one side and half frowned. “I'm not sure... I don't know if a big girl like you is really my type... Maybe though. These might be fun,” she said patting him.

Getting used to the breasts alone would be a challenge. They filled his vision when he looked down. Not a bad view, but...
“I can't see my feet, you know.”
“Something else big girls face. I had a friend in school who always said she never saw hers again after she turned twelve. But you'll have plenty of time to get used to them. You're going to have your lovely new tits all weekend. When we go to the shop later I'll let you put on something a bit more... male on top.
And I won't make you wear makeup for that, that would be cruel, we'll do that later. But you'll keep everything else on underneath.”
“When we...? Oh...but wait. Everything? Even my...?”
“Even your tits? Oh, especially your tits. I said you were staying dressed all weekend, but you may be undressed as well, as the need arises. But not your tits. Your tits are a constant.”
“But... no I couldn't...”
“Couldn't what? Walk to the shop fully dressed when you made me walk there naked?”
“Don't worry, it will be all right. You'll see... Now, I just want to make an adjustment to your strap. It's not quite right...” She walked behind him. He could feel her straightening and pulling the band to the next hook, and then he heard a click.
“What was that?” he said, trying to look around.
“That was a lock. We can't have you doing something silly like, oh, taking your bra off, can we? It will stay locked like that until, let's say eleven o'clock Sunday evening? That will be...thirty eight hours with your new best friends.”

He tried to unhook the straps but found he couldn't. And since she had tightened the band the breasts were too tightly held by the cups to come out. He looked at her in shock as the full implications set in.
She smiled sweetly.
“I'm afraid so. You three are going to have a nice long time together to get to know each other really well.
Now off you go. You can get dressed if you like. I've got some things to do here. You go make friends with your nice new big tits. Give them a kiss. You might even be able to suck them, if the fancy took you. I bet they're a lot of fun to play with. We can go out in an hour or so...”


He had put on jeans over his stockings so that was all right. Now he was looking in the mirror at his huge bust line and thinking that his tshirt would never be the same. He heard her call. “Are you ready? Let's go.”


They were almost home. Just a little more he thought... They had almost done it.
“Are you doing all right?” she asked.
Well, I'm wearing stockings, lacy panties and breasts that could kill... but he didn't dare say anything because she held the trump card: Oh yeah? Well you made me walk naked...
“Oh, sure, never better.”
And in fact it had gone well. In his blue jeans and his heavy jacket, only slightly heavier than the day called for and hunched over a bit he didn't look at all conspicuous. They had attracted no more attention than she had, walking naked.
Of course that didn't change what he knew he was wearing... stockings, frilly panties, the boobs of doom. At least she hadn't made him wear his heels. This would not be a good day to be knocked over by some careless driver and taken to emergency. He thought, almost nostalgically, of the day he went to the tanning salon wearing a very sober and conservative black bra and panty set. We never know how fortunate we are.
“So how was Rudy?” she asked.
“Hah! I see what you mean about him. It's spooky...”
“Oh? What did he say?”
“Asked if I was gaining weight!”
She laughed about that the rest of the way home.

When they were going to bed he asked, without much hope, “Do I have to sleep with my breasts on?” and she replied, “Well, don't I?”
Which was pretty much what he had expected. He had half thought she would make him wear the baby doll night gown, but in the event his bra and panties were, apparently, sufficient. She got into bed, removed a necklace he hadn't seen before and placed it on her nightstand. On it was a small key.
And a bit later she said, “I was right. They are fun to play with.”


When he woke up there was a moment of confusion. Why am I wearing panties? And what are these...? Oh, yeah, those... Hello, dears.


That day was spent in various activities. She had him try on different stockings, panties, and spent quite a while playing with his makeup, confirming his belief in a doll deficient childhood. When she was satisfied she took some photographs, had him practice in his high heels, and performed a few surprising sex acts.
It was, all in all, a very satisfactory day. Finally at 11 o'clock she said, “Turn around.”
He did so, felt her fiddle with the band, and heard a click.
“All right , you can take off your big girl bra now. You did very well.”
He reached back, unhooked the bra, removed it and the breasts and laid them carefully on the bed. Immediately he felt so much lighter that for a moment he almost unbalanced.
“Well, what did you think of it?”
He rubbed his chest thoughtfully. Already it looked odd to see it so flat.
“I think... I'm going to have to think about it for a while. ... perhaps a slightly smaller pair next time?”
“Next time?” she smiled.


He awoke from strange dreams with an odd feeling.
What are...
His hands felt breasts.
Which was odd because he hadn't gone to sleep in them. They weren't the big girl ones, but the unaltered ones cast from hers. He tried to move one but it wouldn't. It was attached. He felt around the edge. It was very attached.
“Ah, good morning. Do you like them?”
“What have you...?”
“Well, you gave me the idea that time when you mentioned superglue. They should come off in a week.”
“A week...?”
“Or so. I think...”
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Re: The Game 10 Big Girls

Postby Tie or Be Tied » 09 Apr 2019, 23:28

Another great story!

Looks like he will have a fun time over the next week. I'm sure it will require a trip to the thrift shop for dresses, skirts, blouses and nightgowns.

Also looks like more fun getting used to makeup and maybe even a wig and earrings. Maybe even another shot at the sucking pole.

The possibilities are endless.
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