The Game 6 - Art for art's sake

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The Game 6 - Art for art's sake

Postby Kay » 09 Mar 2019, 21:56

Art for art's sake

He was peacefully minding his own business one afternoon when she came in and said “Playtime!”
His heart didn't sink but it definitely jumped.
“What are we doing?”
“You'll like this one. Today we're going to make a cast of your penis!”
“Ok, that may not be the weirdest thing that's ever been said to me, but it has to be in the top three...”
“Come on, it'll be fun!”
“Oh, I know this one! It comes right after 'I'm from the government and I'm here to help'.”
“Please, it's for an art project.”
Oh, well, that was unanswerable. Anything could be an art project.
“Ok,” he sighed. How bad could it be...? And immediately answered himself. Really? Let me count the ways...

“Great! To the play ground!”
I really should remember to think twice before asking that question...
“All right,” he said when they got there. “What do we do? What do I do?”
“You strip.”
“But I thought we were just casting...”
“We are, but it's kind of messy. This will be much simpler. Besides, it's kind of traditional on this hallowed ground, isn't it?”
Oh, well he thought as he pulled off his things. I'm probably getting off light. Her idea of traditional could just as well mean being tied, stripped, dressed as a Vegas showgirl, and taken for a walk around the block...

She laid out her things.”What we have here is alginate,” showing him some powder. “It's derived from seaweed. When mixed with water it sets up fast, takes detail well, and is kind to tender skin. Dentists use it.”
“So, not plaster?”
“No, that takes a lot longer to set and it heats up while it does it, irritates skin, nasty stuff. You really don't want that. Now you get yourself hard while I mix this.” She spooned some powder into a bowl and added some water.
“Now we don't have a lot of time.” She poured the mix into a clear plastic tube, glanced over at him and then handed it to him, saying,
“Right, quick! Fuck this!”
“Stick it in quick and hold it still. Are you touching the sides? No, good. Now keep very still.”
“All right, one of the strangest conversations and definitely one of the strangest feelings I've ever had...
How long does this take?”
“Not long. Only about two minutes or so,” she said standing up and taking off her shirt and bra.
“But you have to stay hard. So why don't just sit there and suck my tits and think happy thoughts?
That usually works...”

As he dutifully followed directions he reflected that while their play times could sometimes be a bit... unsettling, this one seemed to be developing quite well.
At the end of two minutes he freed himself. He was already deflating a bit, but she seemed satisfied that it had gone well.
“What's the next step?”
“Unfortunately now we just have to wait for it to completely set up. That will take a few hours. Then if it's worked I'll make a cast. I'll probably have something to show you tomorrow.”
“I hate waiting. Whatever shall we do?”
“Said the naked man to the half naked girl...”
Definitely one of the better play times.

The next day she came in and laid something down in front of him. It was roughly cylindrical, about 6 inches long, bone white.
He picked it up gingerly. Finally he said, “It's my penis... I think. That's amazing...”
“It's only a first draft. I think we can do better. I'd like to try again.”
He was still studying it, marveling at the detail. It was something like life masks, and even more like death masks he had seen. All the elements were there but the total result was...strange...

Finally he said, “Is it...well, the right size?”
“Do you think it's too small? Just like a man...”
“No it's...bigger than I thought...”
“Ah, I think that's perspective. Because you can never get close enough to yours to really see. It's probably why men are so insecure. No, that's the size. The casting process didn't change that.”
“Hah. So...” He hefted in his hand. “But I can't help but noticing that it's not very...friendly...”
“No,” she agreed , taking it back. “ At the moment it would make a better weapon. But this is just the intermediate stage. If you pour silicon into the mold we made you'd only get one good cast and maybe a second so so one. I made this in plaster so I can make multiples, as many as we want.”
“Oh good, we'll line the path from the street to the front door for Halloween.”

That afternoon they set up again. She had him strip again, but this time she did too. She made the mix, and he thrust home. Then as he held it in place she had him lie down. Then she straddled his face and lowered herself. At the end of two minutes (and a bit, they both got a bit distracted) they disentangled themselves and he freed himself once more.
“What's the verdict on that one?” he asked the next day.
“You were hard enough, no problem there, but it touched the side of the tube and ruined the mold.
I was afraid lying down might do that. But never mind. We persevere! Strip!”
“The things I do for your art...”

This time the familiar procedure went quickly and smoothly. With the tube in place she had him sit in a chair. Then she stood behind and while they waited she stroked the available bits, and whispered in his ear things they had done, things they might do, and things she was absolutely going to make him do regardless... “and you'll stay just like that for, oh a very long time...”

When they were finished she took the mold and trotted off to her studio to perform her Mysteries.
Next day she came in carrying a shape wrapped in a cloth. From her expression he could see that this one had, to her satisfaction, worked. She placed it on the table between them and slowly unwrapped it. It wasn't bone white as the first one had been. This one had been varnished and had taken on a warm tone, almost like old ivory. And he saw immediately that she had been right. There hadn't been anything wrong with the first one that he could see, but this one was definitely better. It was slightly longer, ever so slightly thicker and overall it just had more Presence.

“Wow. You really did it. It will look amazing on the mantelpiece.”
“No, I told you. This is just the beginning, the foundation. Now I can start to commit Art. And the funny thing is, you sucked my tits, and ate my pussy, and we got the best result just from me talking. The human brain is a strange and wonderful thing. Something to remember for my next outrages on your person.”
And leaving him to ponder that she retired again to her studio.

He had to wait a week this time to see the final results. Presumably she was producing different versions and adjusting her technique. And despite their best efforts real life tended to get in the way as well.

Nevertheless on Saturday she held the Great Unveiling. She came in from her studio bearing before her (carrying would be far too pedestrian a term) a polished wooden box. She placed it on the table and then raised the lid. He couldn't help himself. He gasped.
“Oh my god, you've killed someone! You've killed two someones!”
On a bed of velvet, snuggled into two recesses, head to tail like a pair of dueling pistols, lay two erect penises.
They definitely looked like the work of a serial killer with a very specific taste in souvenirs.

“Go on, pick one up. You won't damage them.”
He reached out and gingerly touched one, then jerked his hand back. “It's warm! I promise I'll visit you in prison!”
“I know, the stuff is odd like that. It always feels a bit warm.”
He carefully picked one up. He turned it this way and that, marveling at the detail and the feel.
Of course it wasn't hard like the first plaster one, but neither was it, as he had expected, soft and floppy like a piece of rubber or silicon. Instead it was soft to the touch, but he could also feel a stiff core.
Just like the real thing in fact...

He looked at the end, just to be absolutely positively sure it hadn't recently been part of someone else.
“I'm getting a bit of Uncanny Valley here...”
“Yeh, I got that a few times when I was working on them. I tried to stay just on the safe side...”
“So, two. His and hers?”
“I made several. I was working and then I would get an idea I had to try. These were the two best.
I disposed of the others, and it's really better for your mental health if you don't know how.”
He was holding one up close to see the texture. It was still hard to believe it wasn't real. He had never seen his, and certainly no one else's from so close. She had managed to subtly vary the color, and the skin even looked a bit translucent.
Finally he said, “It's beautiful...”
“He said, with no trace of modesty whatsoever,” she laughed.
“No! I meant what you did...”
“Oh, I know that's what you meant. But it really is beautiful, you're allowed to say it.”

He studied it in silence for several more minutes.
“So,” she finally said in a quiet voice. “Would you like to... kiss it...?
“What! No!” he said jerking it away, as if he had suddenly realized he was holding a serpent.
“Come on! It's only a bit of silicon. It doesn't bite!”
“But I'm not, I mean...”
“I know you aren't. But I don't believe there's any straight man who hasn't sometime wondered what it would be like... even the most rabid homophobes. Them probably more than most, in fact. Haven't you?”
Or have I? Maybe a little...?
“So you said it felt real. Here's your chance to find out what it would be like without all the complicated social interactions.”
“Go on, pucker up...”
Slowly he brought up to his mouth. He studied it for a moment and then lightly he kissed the tip. Then carefully he took the head in his mouth and sucked for a few moments.
Oh, for a camera, she thought fleetingly.
He took it out. “Interesting...”
“It is. It's quite yummy really.”

After a while with some regret they packed them away. As an art piece it was definitely a success, but despite what he said about the mantelpiece it was difficult to see how it was one that they could openly display. Perhaps to selected friends who would understand on an invitation basis. But even sympathetic friends were either male or female, and showing them to either was fraught with complications... implications... other things ending in 'ations...'

Several weeks later he drew scissors and she drew rock.
“To your position!”
Out in the play ground she said, “We are going to begin classically. Please remove your shirt.” He did so, then attached the restraints which she fastened above his head. She then put the blindfold on.
“Now we'll just have these off,” and she slowly with caresses and the odd tickle, pulled them off. He was somewhat accustomed by now to being stripped, and enjoyed it, sort of. But it still scared him a bit. For one thing the house next door was now occupied...
“Now your underpants...”

And with agonizing slowness she pulled them down, an inch at a time, occasionally up an inch...
It took five minutes. Even though he had known what was coming his heart was beating fast and he was feeling very exposed. And due to her caresses very aroused.
“Now today you have your lovely white stockings...” She pulled them up slowly too.
“My panties?” he said hopefully.
“No, I made that mistake last time. Your shoes...” and he was tottering on his heels again.
“No, not yet. Your bra.” She unclipped one arm, then reclipped and repeated the process on the other side. So not the rear fastening one...
He felt the inevitable breast forms being inserted.
“Now... please...?”
“No, not yet...”
Now he felt a froth of fabric go around him. He couldn't make out what it was.
“Now should you have panties at all...?” She thought for a moment and then said, “No, no panties for you today.”
Oh, well...what possible difference could it make at this point...?

Then she unclipped him again and said,
“Now just step over this kneel...that's it.” This was new.
She took one of his arms down beside his shoe. He heard a click and then did the same with the other arm. Just as he realized that he was bound on his knees, his wrists clipped to the heels exactly as she had been, the blindfold came off. He blinked for a moment in the light and then saw his reflection in the mirror. Yes, it really was different to see yourself...
“You have got to show me this thrift shop sometime...”

He was wearing what he supposed you'd call a short baby doll nightgown. The top was half open revealing a lacy half bra over pink breast forms.
His stockings were, as advertised, white and reached all the way up to the top of his legs. He was also wearing a white lace collar. Before he had finished taking in the spectacle which screamed slut in a way the ballerina hadn't, she fiddled with the collar and he heard a snap. He realized that she had tethered him to the wall. Then she moved something into his line of sight that made his eyes widen. It was a wide stand. On the stand was a heavy post and attached to the post was one of the penises they had made. It was sticking straight out from the post. Right at the level of his mouth.

“No... I don't want... the ballerina doesn't...”
“No, the ballerina gets no say here. We both know that isn't true. We established that on the day I first showed them to you. If you had flat out refused to kiss it I would have put them away and that would be that. You'd be standing over there and we'd be playing the Please May I Masturbate game again.
And we definitely will play it again,” she added. “I did enjoy that... But you did kiss it, and suck it, so today we're going to have a different adventure.”
“Is this revenge for fucking your mouth? Because you did ask, quite eloquently and at length...”
“Oh, no. I enjoyed it. It was so deliciously perverted and decadent. Sometimes my conscience has pretty good ideas. It was very exciting to be treated like such a slut, and for so long. And thank you for the mirror, that was inspired. No, I'm hoping you can feel something of the same thing. It won't be exactly alike of course, but as I said that could be socially awkward to arrange. But at least you should find it... interesting.”
“But what about your conscience, and going too far?”
“Oh, she's still there and she's still a noisy little bitch. And she probably thinks this is going too far.
I don't agree, but anyway I'm developing a new approach with her.”
“What's that?”
“I've told her I'll talk to her later. Right now, let me show you how this works.”

She moved the post in front of him and positioned it until the penis was just touching his lips.
“Now open your mouth like a good girl, sorry, a very bad girl. No don't turn away... yes that's open your lips...”
Then she suddenly stopped.
“Wait, I almost forgot!”
“Your lipstick! Just a moment!” and she ran off. A minute later she was back and carefully applied it.
“There, that's better. It wouldn't have been right without it, not at all.”

Then she adjusted the chain which pulled his head forward until the tip was just inside his mouth.
“Just like you sucked it the first time...”
She tightened the chain one more link. “There, now can you take it out of your mouth?” He tried to move back but couldn't, and grunted no.
“Good. Now see this?”
She indicated a box on the side of the post he hadn't noticed.
“This is a counter. If you move forward, that's right, you take it into your mouth. There. At about two
inches your forehead will press this lever, and when you move back the counter advances. Now do that 500 times and I'll let you go.”

His eyes widened in alarm. He tried to say something. “Mumphhh...”
“Now, now, You fucked my mouth a lot deeper than that and a lot longer. I'm just giving you a little taste. If each one takes you two seconds it will only take you half an hour of cock sucking. If you're an eager little slut you'll do it even faster. Better get started. I'll retouch your lipstick if you need it...”
Experimentally he moved his head forward and touched the lever. It was ok, it didn't go too deep, he wouldn't choke. He moved back and saw the counter click.
Ok, I can do this, it's not so bad, he thought as he began. It's just a piece of rubber. It's all symbolism, I'm not really doing anything...
In, out, in out... I'll just close my eyes and get it over with...
“Oh no, little missy!”, he suddenly heard her say. “Eyes open! Concentrate on what you're doing. You don't get to pretend you're not, remember?” Then she reached over to the counter. He was surprised to see it had already got to 25. But then she pressed the side and it snapped back to zero.
“Now once again, Miss. Every time you try to forget where you are it goes back to the start.”
He inwardly sighed and began again.

After a while he got into a rhythm as he watched the counter tick. He might not take as long as she had said... but he kept getting distracted. He couldn't watch the counter without also seeing the girl in a baby doll night gown and bright red lips eagerly sucking a very realistic cock... she filled his field of vision, and the constant view of the girl and what she was doing was having a curious effect.

He tried to deny it, he desperately tried to stop it but it was no use. His penis was getting hard, no it was hard, very hard.
No! I'm not enjoying this! I'm not.
But it was clear that one part of him was...
The main problem seemed to be that the visual part of his brain was having difficulty remembering that the girl in a baby doll night gown and bright red lips eagerly sucking a cock was him.
But maybe she wouldn't notice...

“Oh yes, very good Miss!” she said giving him a little pat. But of course she did, that was why she hadn't let him have panties.
She gave him another light stroke, which didn't help at all and said, “It looks like my little girl is having a really good time after all. I hoped she would.”
She leaned close to his ear and whispered, “If my little slut is really enjoying herself we could take it to 1000...Would she like that...?”

He tried to grunt no but just then something else happened. There was a spurt and his mouth was suddenly filled with a warm salty liquid. He tried to pull back but the chain stopped him. He opened his lips in surprise and some dripped down his chin.
“Oh, yes, I forgot to tell you... it does that from time to time. Now bad girls suck and good girls swallow, so swallow like a good girl... that's it.”
He tried to ask a question, eyes wide.
“What's that ? How often? Hard to say. Unpredictable things, penises. I kept getting surprised. Don't worry, it's not real. Did you know that you can get recipes online for fake cum? What a wonderful age we live in! But they're all fairly nasty, so this is just thin salty oatmeal. I wanted you to have the full experience...
Now you'd better start sucking again. You have...” she looked at the counter. “only 300 to go. Here, let me do your lipstick...”
He had to swallow two more times.

That night they lay together and, as was their custom, discussed the session.
“Well that was... strange...”
“Definitely that.”
Maybe... fun...?”
“I'm not sure I'll go that far yet... I'll have to think about it. That business with the oatmeal...”
“Yes, that was good wasn't it? I'm particularly pleased with how well that worked.”
“You're an evil woman. I hope your conscience has something really nasty in store.”
“Why thank you. I was really only striving for diabolical.
And I know I put you through a lot. So I wanted to show you something I made for you.”

She brought a polished wood box over and set it down between them. He looked at it suspiciously.
“I don't know... A crazy lady made me do some pretty weird stuff the last time I opened one of these...”
“It's all right. You'll like these.”
Carefully he opened the box. The interior was lined in velvet. Nestling within were two perfect breasts.
“They're beautiful.”
“Thank you she said with no false modesty.”
He took one out. It was soft, warm and very believable.
“I was never happy with your birdseed in a stocking ones. And I've learned how to cast so I thought, why not?”
They were a delicate pink except for the nipples which were, through some alchemic magic, slightly darker.
“I see the nipples are erect. That was a nice thought. Did you have to sit and think nice thoughts about me?”
“No, I just made sure the water I mixed into the alginate was really, really cold.”
“Yeh, but I'm willing to suffer for my art. But now you'll have such cute, perky nipples! ”
She said quietly, “You can kiss it if you want to...”
He did so, rather more eagerly than the first time.

“Here, slip them under your tshirt, I want to see.”
“Why, are they coated with superglue?'
“Would I do that?”
“In a heartbeat. You're evil, remember? We've established that...”
“Go on...”
He shrugged and slipped them under. The tshirt held them place.
They looked like breasts, and he did indeed have cute perky nipples under his shirt..
He felt one. Jiggled it. It felt like a breast.
“So... I have breasts. Now just to be clear, you're apologizing, sort of, for 'putting me through a lot', by making me a lovely pair of custom breast inserts, molded and cast from your very own, for me to wear the next time you dress me up and 'put me through' something else...”
“Yeh, pretty much...”
“You are not only evil, you're rather strange...”
“I prefer 'complicated'.”
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Re: The Game 6 - Art for art's sake

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Well, i for one, am enjoying these stories! Please continue. i'll just be over here quietly stroking, but without orgasm as Mistress does not allow that. :gag:
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