Suspension Mistake

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Suspension Mistake

Postby kr805 » 29 Sep 2018, 02:21

Yesterday I did a self bondage suspension in my Bedroom. I have eye bolt in the ceiling also a magnet timer device so i could lock my other arm in Then I got two wood blocks and but them under the I bolt and magnet timer i put my keys to the locks in between the two blocks.. Then I put on some pink frilly panties and a pink teddy. I put on my ankle cuff then my suspension wrist cuffs.I set the timer magnet timer for 1 hour but then I thought that wasn’t long enough so I put two hour.I then used a dental gag in my mouth. I locked my left cuff to a metal plate then I stepped up on the block grabbed the chain and locked my right leg cuff to it then locked right leg.

I reached reached up with my right hand locked my cuff to the eye bolt.I took a deep breath with my left arm I reached up and attached the metal plate to the magnet.This was it I was locked for two hours in frilly pink panties and a pink teddy. I thought to myself while standing on the block once I step off the block that’s it no turning back.

I took a deep breath closed my eyes and with my feet I pushed the two wooden block away.Immediately realizing my situation I felt pressure on my arm and I knew it was only going to get worse.I was suspended 1 foot off the ground legs and arms spread wide. I thought to myself 2 hours real smart.

Time seemed to progress slowly my arms hurt more and more. I was stuck for two long hours the magnet timer released my left cuff fell to my side.There I was hanging by one arm my whole body pulling against it.I was pretty tired then I realized a mistake I used a padlock in the eye bolt.

I started to panic a scream but couldn’t because of the dental gag.I then reach up with my left hand trying to reach the cuff so I could undo the buckle but the way I was hanging and the fact I was tired from hanging for two hours I couldn’t reach the buckle.Hanging their I new I screwed up. I then reached up took the dental gag out of my mouth and used it to get under and work the the strap loose so I could then pull on the strap to release the notch.

With that I fell straight to the floor trying to stop my fall with my hands and arms my feet still locked and spread.lucky the fall wasn’t that bad since I had carpet. I think I layed on the floor for a good half hour before getting up.
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Re: Suspension Mistake

Postby lj » 29 Sep 2018, 10:13

Whilst this is (hopefully) a fictional story, it highlights the reason why we try to persuade people that suspension as a form of self-bondage is not a good idea.

I won't go into details, but I know of a case where a simple suspension went wrong, probably by a simple misjudgement of rope length, and the person died. The cause of death, according to the Coroner, was asphyxiation, resulting from the extreme stress put on the chest muscles by the suspension. It's the same reason crucifixion worked, to provide a slow and agonising death.
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Re: Suspension Mistake

Postby davisev5225 » 06 Oct 2018, 06:48

I'll just leave this reference here:
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Re: Suspension Mistake

Postby Jadit » 06 Oct 2018, 23:23

I saw this video other day, but it's just so relevant i have to link it here: ... gone_wrong.

Propably belongs to some "funny" section too but whatever :P Safety concerns.
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Re: Suspension Mistake

Postby bound_jenny » 07 Oct 2018, 07:37

Perhaps the OP should clarify that this is indeed a fictional story in the fiction section?

That would go a long way to making the difference, between a legitimate safety concern and a debate akin to whether the Matrix universe really exists or not (plus justify an intervention by a moderator to move this into the true stories or better yet, the self-bondage safety section).

In any case, the title - gentle reminder - is Suspension Mistake. That should clarify the intent of the author that it's indeed something that shouldn't be performed.

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Re: Suspension Mistake

Postby kr805 » 08 Oct 2018, 05:05

It is 100 % fictional story.
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Re: Suspension Mistake

Postby Dark_Lizerd » 09 Oct 2018, 01:32

Sounds 100% real...
But then again, a GOOD fictional story SHOULD sound real...
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