keeping my slave/hubby under control

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keeping my slave/hubby under control

Postby Joannie » 28 Aug 2018, 01:43

We did seem to be a perfect fit from the start. I was dominant and he submissive.
I had the money,ahigh-paying job, and social position and he had none. And sex was unimportant to both of us.
As soon as we got married, he assumed the position of house husband. I mean house-slave.
He was not allowed out of the house without permission, which usually meant accompanying me.
How did I achieve this so easily? For one thing, we live in a warm climate so the house is warm unless we turn on the a/c.
This means he is naked in the house at all times. Both our clothes closets are locked.
He's not really naked, though. He wears a chastity device, which depends on the situation.
For normal days, it is a chastity tube. But with a little fun - - attached to the lock are a pair of one-inch jingle bells.
When he moves around the house, I can hear where he is when he moves.
But when there is a special job, like cleaning out the garage, he wears a chastity cage.
No jingle bells needed because I know where he is. I lock a thin chain onto the end of the cage, with the other end to an eyelet in the ceiling.
He also wears the cage when we take our nightly walk after dark, with a leash attached to the cage under his shorts. I hold the other end.
Each Sunday, he is secured (naked, hands behind back) to a tree in the back yard, and I take off the cage/tube.
Then I wash him down with the hose, and leave him there to dry. And then he gets locked up again for the week.
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