A Cold Mistake

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A Cold Mistake

Postby Nettles » 05 Jul 2018, 21:11

My first major delve into self bondage and humiliation came just after I first found a self bondage site. It had me enthralled from the first picture. I spent evening trawling pictures and really wanted to try it for real. Well after a few weeks of fantasising my parents left for a two week cruise and left me to my own devices. The one thing I really wanted to try was the ice timer handcuffs, they looked so restricting and strong, bright metal handcuffs with a large central cylinder which you fill with water and freeze in the freezer which lock together until the ice melts. I just had to purchase a pair, so online I went and ordered them by express delivery and awaiting their arrival in earnest.
I didn't have to wait long, the next day they arrived in plain packaging. I opened them quickly and read the instructions. Before long I was on my bed handcuffed and squirming with the feeling of being trapped until the ice melted. Twenty minutes of bliss later they released. And back in the freezer they went. In the meantime I scanned the net for potential scenarios and kept coming back to my favourite. It had me all horny every time although I didn't think I had the guts to pull it off. But I couldn't shake the fantasy from my mind. I knew I would go crazy if I didn't try it, but it was risky, but then that was what turned me on.
That evening I set up my scenario. I tied a loop of rope over the top rail of my four poster which faced my large bedroom window. You see the end of my four poster was a mere four feet from my bedroom window because the bed filled my room. From my window I could see one other window, that of my neighbour, he was my age and I couldn't help the butterflies in my stomach every time I saw him. My secret was that I often watched him in his room with my light out and on the rare occasion he wondered in to his bedroom in his boxer shorts I would watch him and masturbate hoping he'd take them off, but he never did.
I tied a rope to the feet of the bed and tied nooses on each rope for my ankles. Next I set a timer switch to fifteen minutes and placed it in a socket and connected an extension lead to it which I connected my two lamps to. I didn't turn on the electric to the switch knowing when I did after fifteen minutes the lamps would come on and light me up from both sides of the window. I then placed black silk wrap on the bed and waited for the ice timer to freeze. The tension in the air was electric, I was turned on and extremely nervous. I decided to open a side window and let the cold night air into the room, I wanted the cold air to cool my body later like some sort of punishment. Being so cold outside the breeze chilled me as a gust of air blew into the room.
Eventually the time came as the sun disappeared and my room became dark. I wrapped the lock in a towel and took it to my dark bedroom and saw that my neighbours window was dark as usual and the curtains still open. I knew that he rarely went to bed until ten o'clock so it was unlikely he would enter his room whilst my game played now at eight o'clock. But that didn't stop my hands and legs shaking with nerves. I could only see in my room by the light of my red led alarm clock and started to undress. In fact being undressed in the darkness of my room with the curtains open wasn't new to me, I often sat naked on my bed waiting for him to appear at ten hoping to see more than him closing his curtains. I often watched him and wished I could turn on the light and stride in front of the window naked for a wicked thrill, but I was far too shy for that.
Now fully naked I turned on the switch and set the timer going then sat on my bed and stretched my feet to the loops on the floor and wriggled my toes in and pulled the nooses tight to my ankles and revelled at how far apart my legs were spread, truly unladylike and revealing. I knew I had to act quickly or I'd chicken out completely. As I stood up and wrapped the black silk wrap around my body I felt the cold air starting to chill my exposed legs. I unwrapped the handcuffs from the towel and hooked it on the loop of rope above my head before slowly and delicately loosening the knot in my wrap until it was only just holding together on my right breast, the back of the wrap loosely hanging low on my back so only it's weight and the curve of my large breasts stopped it from falling. Then I reached up slowly trying not to dislodge the delicate wrap and placed my wrists in the cuffs. Once locked I would be held like this until the ice melted. I knew as I fastened the cuffs that in about thirteen minutes I would be lit up like this in the window, and for about five minutes I would have to endure my helplessness.
I was now locked tight. My wrists above my head, my ankles pulled apart so that I was unable to close my legs, and my black silk wrap delicately resting on my breasts covering my body down to my thighs. A breeze blew through my room and I shuddered at how cold the blast was, the bottom of my wrap flapped and moved about, the breeze caressed my wet pussy and made me gasp. I was getting in to this way too much, my breathing quickened and I felt the wrap slide down slowly over a few deep breaths which made me stop and control my breathing, the silk now lower down my breasts exposing more of them. Oh such exquisite torment, slowly being stripped inch by inch. Although my nipples were now hard and proud in the thin silk. I kept my eyes on the window hoping upon hope that the light in his window wouldn't come on. The torment of the breeze upon my thinly covered body added to cold shivers, to excited shivers to nervous shivers. I was feeling so alive and horny. I eyed my clock and saw that I had only been going for five minutes. I looked up and wondered when I'd feel the cold drips of water from the lock like I had before. Then it struck me, shit, the room was now cold, the lock would melt slower, I'd be stuck like this for longer, longer with the lights on, how could I have been so fucking stupid. Another breeze blew through and almost took my breath away. This torment made me hornier and my pussy became wetter, the breeze cooled it and felt like cold fingers caressing my pussy lips lightly. I looked at the clock and that the lights were due on in five minutes, and still no drips from the lock above me. I was completely helpless to the situation and groaned and swayed my hips hoping to gain some sexual satisfaction. But there was nothing to grind against with my legs held tight and apart. But the torment of being unable to have any way of gaining some relief in itself made me horny and frustrated and wetter.
As the two minutes to the lights on time came I squirmed and tried to reach the lock to warm it with my hands but could not reach it and instead made my wrap slide until the stitching at the hem just rested on my hard excited nipples. I could see how fucking close I was to the wrap falling and how the dark circles above my nipples were on display. I revelled in my helpless display soon to be lit up. That's when my world crashed down. I suddenly became aware that a light had appeared, it was a light from the window across from my own. My neighbours light. I almost screamed in shock, and uttered, “oh my fucking god, it's him. This can't be happening.” I was now as scared as I'd ever been and watched in horror as he appeared in his window adorning in a pair of boxer shorts. “I begged, please shut the curtain, please, please!” I had to stop myself talking as I felt the knot in the wrap unfolding slowly with each word. Then to my horror my room lit up. I was bathed in light right there in front of my window, the wrap perched on my nipples with most of my breasts exposed. I watched as in slow motion he turned and saw me. I saw his eyes widen and his jaw drop. He saw me, I went bright red and stood there humiliated. He stared and stared for what seemed like an age. To my horror and humiliation my disobedient pussy was alive and soaking. I cursed myself for being so stupid and for getting turned on.
A drop of cold water fell without warning upon my neck as I hung my head, I looked up in a start. I then felt the most awful feeling. The weight of the wrap upon my nipples disappeared and I felt the smooth fabric slide down my legs. I screamed and then in horror lowered my head and looked at him and knew what he must be looking at, I saw the excited look in his eyes then looked down and saw the horror of my situation, I was naked. By breasts were exposed to him, I couldn't cover them, my pussy was on display with my legs so far apart. I could feel the wetness on my pussy and squirmed in total humiliation. Then I looked up crimson red and burning with embarrassment and saw him with his cock in hand above his boxer shorts wanking madly. The sight of his hard cock made me squirm more, in excitement and embarrassment. I looked away and knew he was still there wanking his hard cock at the sight of my helpless naked body. I couldn't help but look back. Then to my horror the situation caught up with me and I groaned in excitement. He was getting turned on by my body, and I was helpless to stop him looking. I squirmed my pussy around trying again to gain some satisfaction but instead looked like I was doing a dirty little pole dance instead. My pussy leaked down my thighs as I watched him wanking hard, his boxer shorts now down as he stood there naked. His balls now on view too, I struggled excited and made my big round breasts bounce about for him. Then as he seemed to gasp the handcuffs became free and I lowered my hands to my body and watched as he came in front of me. I was so embarrassed and closed the curtains quickly. Then I fingered my wet pussy to a massive orgasm that made the windows shake as I screamed in my most intense orgasm ever.
The situation played again and again in my head. I saw him in his window every night as I walked in my dark room naked, with him unable to see me, I masturbated frequently whilst he hoped to see me again. That's until my next fantasy came to me.
I'm now waiting for the ice to freeze. Tonight I'm going to lock myself up like before, but this time I have a little sign on display beside me. It reads, “if you can read this you have only seconds to come in the unlocked back door before I'm free. If you get here before I'm free you can lock my real handcuffs tight to my wrists and do what ever you like to me. I'll be naked, gagged and helpless. P.s. Make me earn my freedom in any way that pleases you!”
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Re: A Cold Mistake

Postby cdinbonds » 15 Jul 2018, 07:14

Another totally believable story! Makes me want to know how it turned out! :gag:
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