Bound to enjoy it.

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Bound to enjoy it.

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When we married, I realised my wife was extremely vanilla. She would lie with her back to me while I got her in the mood and then lie there with me and think of England as I did all the work.

As the years crept by, it got boring. I started to bring books home. They showed girls tied up while the villain gloats over their hopelessness. Others showed men and couples tied up together or simply to chairs or lying on the floor, unable to reach each other to get release. That led into DVD’s.

One day, Anne started a row. That did it. I tied her hands behind her back. She started to scram sop I cleave gagged her. As she started to kick, I tied her feet together. I watched her as she struggled to try to undo the ropes. What surprised me was the ease I had managed to tie her up.

I left here for an hour before returning to pull down her knickers, undoing the ropes on her legs and feet and once her knickers were passed that stage, retied them together again. Again I left her screaming against the gag that she would murder me once she got loose. So, to let her know who was boss, I picked her up and put her over my knee and lifted her skirt. A half dozen hard spanks on each of the cheeks of her bum quietened her down. Afterwards she said she would get even with me. I said that was impossible. Men are more capable than women.

A few weeks went by and Anne said she had a surprise for me. She had been watching the latest DVD. A woman tied a man to a chair and straddled him. Well, at least I thought it would make a change. So I agreed to let her tie me to one of our chairs. Fortunately they were quite sturdy. It was decided next Saturday would be ideal to try it.

Anne said she had some bits to get first. But they would be here by the weekend. I asked what and she said “things like soft rope for a start”. That statement certainly made me look forward to Saturday night.

Saturday came and Anne had got the chair out into the middle of the room. She said I should strip off. She would tie me to the chair and tease me while she watches her programs on TV. To say I was excited would be an understatement.

Anne said to say me sitting there with everything exposed, it would be better if I wore a cotton half-slip petticoat. I replied I can’t do that, but she told me that if it was hidden from her, she would not think about it and make me wait with just a little teasing plus it would make easier access. So I agreed.

Firstly she tied my hands behind my back making sure I was comfortable with it. Then she sat me down with my hands over the back of the chair. I could feel her doping something so she told me step by step what she was going to do.

A rope went from my wrists and around my waist three times and before she tied the other end to my wrists I was now stuck to the chair. Another rope went from my wrists to under the chair and she left it for a moment while she tied my ankles together. Then she pulled the rope over the ankle rope and pulled it back to my wrists forcing my legs backwards as far as they would go. After that she tied that end of the rope to my wrists ropes. Finally she tied rope to one leg of the chair; the left hand one, wound it around my ankles and tied it to the rear left hand leg of the chair. Anne repeated this with the right leg of the chair. I could no longer move my legs backwards or forwards or side to side. Then she tied my knees together by wound rope around them four times. “I saw that on the film and thought it looked so smart I couldn’t wait to see if it really was and yes, it is. But there is something missing. I know what it is. I have to tie your thighs together”. Once she had wound the rope four times and tied it I was well and truly stuck.

“Perfect. Try and escape” Asa much as I could, I made no headway into loosening the ropes. I watched as she left the lounge and went into the kitchen. She returned with something in her hand, But I couldn’t see what it was. She told me to open my mouth as she was going to gag me so I didn’t spoil her program. I did as I was told and she showed me a baby’s dummy, but she had cut the teat and handle off leaving la large plastic washer. She slipped it behind my lips and said there is an air hole now so if your nose gets blocked you can breathe through that.

She was right, with this in place; I would not be able to talk. But there was nothing to stop me pushing it out with my tongue. Well I could have done until she got some white duct tape, made a hole on it and pushed it over my mouth, holding the dummy in place. “The holes line up so you are still able to breathe” With that she wound more and more tape around my head, above and below the tape over my mouth. She cut it so my nose fitted a slot. The tape over my mouth was held firmly in place.

I felt her fiddling with my wrists again and she said she was checking they were still tight. ”Right, my program is about to start. Try and escape before the end of it” Of course I couldn’t escape. Anne kept rubbing my cock over the petticoat while she watched the program and in the adverts said “I think you definitely need it now don’t you”. Of course she was right. My cock was rock hard. It had never been so hard.

I never realised her program went on for two hours. I was still nowhere near getting loose. “I rather think you are enjoying this. Oh well, the bad news is I have a headache so I’m going to bed and leaving you to enjoy yourself as much as you can. By the way, in case you are wondering what I was really doing with your wrists behind your back, I was wrapping more tape lightly around them to stop the rope from becoming undone”. She kissed me on the forehead, turned out the light and left me there all night struggling as best I could.

That night dragged for me. Anne slept in rather late. I was shattered when she untied me from the chair, but she left the ropes on my wrists. She tied a rope around my neck and led me to the bedroom. She threw me on the bed and with her on top, which she had never done before, had sex with me. I was struggling at the end and fell fast asleep. I woke up that afternoon to find she had cooled a terrific meal for us and had wine with it. I was looking forward to doing it again that was for sure.
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