The Selfbondage box XIV (longer) - That's one hell of a GPS!

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The Selfbondage box XIV (longer) - That's one hell of a GPS!

Postby Slave_L » 17 Dec 2017, 16:21

Please read this post to understand the concept of the story. In this post, I will only tell the story and expect you to have read this other post first.

I once more was browsing the community pages for the SelfBondage Box, and found this neat additional program to try out. The program was labelled, The GPS game. The discussions mentioned about an exciting way to use GPS to play a game where sexual arousal was going to be a thing.

Well, that definitely triggered my curiousity.

There was a download link for the program to put in my selfbondage box, it uses the extension box I have to allow a session to take place outside of the box, and be linked to the box in off-line mode, and was linked to another module which was an EStim module. I didn't had that one, but with extra money to spare, I got me the estim module. I did have extim equipment, but not this one. Luckily the attachments are compatibile with what I have, so I could use my attachments. In this case I was required to have an estim butt plug and an estim dildo. The site mentioned it would work best with a special estim dildo, though. This dildo did not just be a dildo but had a labia shield on the base too with electrodes. I decided to get one of those too.

Fast forward until the packages arrive.

So, with the new items, I could not wait to try it out. I had installed the program into my selfbondage box too, but the website also mentioned to visit a special website for making a mapfile.

I went to the website and got to see a google maps interface. The website asked me to draw a region on the map with a minimum of 100 square meters, but the recommended size was 5 square kilometers for foot use, or 15 square kilometers for bike use. The selfbondage box had to be inside this region, or the program would not start.

Given that I was definitely going to be on foot, I decided to encapsulate the district I live in as my playground, which is about 2 square kilometers.

The generate button gave me file to download which was surprisingly big.

I added the file to the storage area of the selfbondage box and prepared myself for a session. I selected the new program, the box prepared the session, and I was allowed in.

I went inside and the box closed the door and locked it. I was puzzled by this given that I was sure the session would take place outside.

The box scanned me, saw I was wearing my clothes and ordered me to get naked. My clothes had to be put in a basked which was locked afterwards.

There I was, naked in my selfbondage box, locked away and although I thought I knew what was coming, by now I had no clue anymore.

The box provided me with 2 boxes, the estim buttplug, the estim dildo, a harness and a lockable shirt.

The 2 boxes were obviously the estim unit and the selfbondagebox external interface.

The box said: "Put in the buttplug and dildo."

I put them inside me and felt being stuffed. The dildo that had this front shield was shaped really well. I felt the shield touching my entire vaginal region, which was pretty nice actually.

The box instructed me to put on the harness next.

This basically ensured that the buttplug and dildo were non-removable now. That was nice and terrifying at the same time. Definitely was not going to be able to stop the electricity by taking out the plugs. At the same time, I was assured that my movement would not cause them to fall out by themselves either.

Next, the 2 boxes were to be installed into the harness on my back. There was a small wire that went from the external interface into the estim unit, and the 2 leads that went into the buttplug and dildo were also inserted into the estim unit.

The box instructed me to put both on. The box created a link with the external unit and said: "Link confirmed. Please use the dial on the estim unit and put it on a low setting. I could not see the setting so I rotated it in one direction hoping for the best.

The box said: "You have turned the setting to the highest level. Please put it on a low setting."

I rotated the knob into the other direction until it couldn't go further.

The box said: "Level registered. A constant electricity has been set to the butt plug. Please turn the knob into the other direction to raise the intensity until you can just bare the feeling. Once done, press the button next to it.

I slowly turned the knob. At first I didn't feel anything, but then I felt a vibrating feeling in my ass. I increased the intensity some more. God, this felt good. I could definitely take this, so I increased the intensity some more. It was still bearable, but I decided for a first run, this setting was pretty much there. Like a big vibrator was stuffed in my ass. Definitely made my ass contract, gripping the buttplug firmly. I pressed the button next to the dial and the electricity faded out until it was gone.

The box then said: "The intensity level is now locked and can't be changed. Please put on the shirt and lock it in place."

I put on the shirt and locked it in place. This effectively prevented me from accessing the 2 boxes or unplugging the cables. I was now definitely going to feel electricity without being able to do anything about it.

The box said: "The tutorial is about to start. Move to the center of the box and prepare for some electricity."

And there it was, the buttplug started shock my ass on a very low level, feeling like a very soft vibrator mode.

The box explained that this game has two modes. The first mode is global navigation, the second mode is loot finding. This tutorial was explaining the loot finding. It works as follows: In mode 1, you navigate to the next waypoint. You don't know where it is. The waypoint is an area of anywhere 100 by 100 meters or less. The buttplug will have pulses with 10 seconds apart or quicker. As you get closer to the waypoint area, the pulses in the butt get quicker too. The moment you move into the wrong direction, and get further away from the waypoint area, a hard zap is felt every second in the vaginal area.

The moment the waypoint area is reached, the buttplug stops electricity entirely, then 3 short electrical shocks are felt in the vaginal area and the second mode commences.

In the second mode, the buttplug is constantly on. Depending on what angle you are facing and if that angle is towards where you need to go, the intensity of the electricity changes. If you face towards where you need to go, the plug will shock you the hardest. If you are not looking into the right direction, it will feel lower. In addition, when you look into the direction of where you need to go, every second a sharp electrical shock will be given to the vaginal area.

When you get up to 1 meter or less from the actual waypoint (the center of that square), all electricity stops and resets itself to mode 1 for the next waypoint. The last waypoint will always be inside the bondage box.

The box was about to give me a practice for mode 2. The buttplug started to vibrate at a low setting and the box said: "Turn around until the you face the right direction."

I slowly turned around and felt the electricity getting less. So I turned the other way around and it got more and more. Then when I was about to get it right, the shocks in my pussy came too. My god, these were painful. I quickly turned away, and it stopped again. But I had to get to that point, so I turned into the right direction and got zapped again. But it didn't take long to actually get used to the sensation, and then it wasn't too bad anymore.

I walked forward, although this was a bit awkward being contantly zapped like that and I ended up in the corner where everything stopped.

The box said: "Good. Now lets do that again once more."

The electricity on my buttplug went on again, and I turned around and got zapped in the pussy again. It wasn't that painful this time, though I definitely felt it. Felt kinda nice actually, though I definitely could describe this as painful. Very arousing even. I definitely started to like that more and more. I walked forward and when I was about 2/3rd of the room, the electricity on my vagina stopped and the electricity on the buttplug got less too. Apparently, I was not entirely on course. I turned a bit and there it was again, the painful feeling in my vagina. A few more steps and I had reached the waypoint. The electricity stopped again.

The box said: "Tutorial complete. You are now ready for the real world. The box with your clothes is now available to you. Get dressed, then go outside. The game will start when you reach the street."

I got to the container with my clothes and got fully dressed again. For the sake of it, I decided to not wear my underpants. I was already wearing the harness so I was like, lets go wild with this. The door was unlocked and I went outside.

When I stood in front of my house, The buttplug started to give me a buzz every 10 seconds. I could go left or right, and I had no idea where to go. I went to the left, walked a few steps then got violently shocked in my vagina. I yelped in public, and stopped moving. Luckily it was just one shock. I looked around to see if anyone saw me, but there was no one. Thank god for that. I was curious about this game, so the scientist in me made me walk another step forwards, and ZAP!, got another violent shock in my pussy. Awesome. Yes that did hurt, but it was still awesome.

In the meanwhile every 10 seconds, a buzz in my ass was felt. I decided to turn around 180 degrees. I walked forward a step, and no shock in my pussy. Yay. I started walking forward, and I after a few meters, I noticed that the buzz in my ass became more frequent. I was definitely getting closer and closer to the destination.

I have to say, it was very strange but awesome at the same time, to be walking outside with great fear being shocked in your pussy while constantly being shocked mildly in the ass. I was definitely sexually excited. Walking also meant that the dildo was moving inside me, even if it was very little. Actually I don't think the dildo was moving, but it felt like that because my body twists as I move and the dildo stays perfectly in place.

As I moved forward, the vibrations got quicker and quicker in my ass. But then... I got shocked in my vagina hard and unexpected. I was scared. Why was this happening? I continued to walk forward and another shock in my pussy was felt. I obviously was going away from the place I had to go to. I turned around, walked a step and nothing. okay... Weird.

I continued to walk forward and ZAP! another shock in my pussy was felt. I immediately stopped.

I started to think. A zap in my pussy meant I was going away from the waypoint. Given that it was now shocking me in 2 steps would probably mean I had to take a 90 degrees turn. I turned 90 degrees, and faced the street. I could cross it. I decided to test this, turned 180 degrees, did a step and ZAP. Got zapped indeed. Now I was sure, I had to get across the street.

I turned around once more, did a step, no zap. I looked to the left and right, and there was no traffic. So I started to cross the street. Then I got zapped 3 times in a row in my pussy. At first I thought I was going wrong again, but apparently I entered the 2nd mode. I continued to cross the street and noticed that my butt was now on constant vibration. I turned left and the vibrations got less. I turned right and they got more until the pussy started to get shocked too. A few more steps and everything stopped. Yay, I had reached my first way point.

I continued to walk forward and did not get a zap in my pussy. So far so good. The buss got quicker than the previous time, so I deducted that the next waypoint was going to be closer than the last one. I walked towards a street crossing. As I got closer, and the buzzing got faster too, I got 3 shocks in my vagina and mode 2 engaged. I also got zapped in my vagina every second so I knew I was on the right track. I figured that I was to go into a new direction at the crossing so I naturally walked there and indeed, I found the waypoint pretty easily.

Everything stopped and I was back to the buzzing in my ass.

So far I loved this game. I had absolutely no idea where I had to go and the constant apprehension of being able to get shocked in my vagina is awesome. As the game progressed I definitely got wet inside me.

The game lead me a few left and right turns and I definitely had walked for an hour now. While searching for the next waypoint, someone I know passed by and started to talk to me. It was Shally, a good friend of mine.

I stopped and turned to go to her. This was unfortunately not in the direction of the waypoint, so the 7 steps I had to take to walk towards her, I got zapped in my vagina. I tried to conceal my agony as much as possible. I don't think she knew. While the buzzes continued to zap me in my ass, I talked to her for some 20 minutes before we parted again, and I continued my game.

A few more turns and waypoints until I was finding my way to the next waypoint. After I located the waypoint, I turned left, carefully walked one step forward, but I was not zapped. So I continued to walk forward. After 20 or so steps, I suddenly got zapped in my vagina. I panicked and stopped. I turned around walked forward, and no zaps. after 20 steps, I ended up at the previous waypoint. I carefully did one more step forward, but no zap. I continued to walk forward, and no zaps. I was puzzled but I kept on going. After 20 steps, I got again zapped in my vagina. A panicked again. Turned back to the waypoint. I decided to turn right, which meant: from the waypoint, just walk forward. I hadn't actually had one like that in the previous waypoints. It was always a turn left or right from the waypoint. So I walked forward and immediately got zapped.

So apparently I had to make a 180 degrees turn at that waypoint. Nasty!

I turned around and started to walk forward, and moved closer to the waypoint as the buzzing in my ass got faster and faster.

A few more waypoints and finally I ended up going to my home again.I walked inside, a few turns that I had to make caused me to get away from the bondage box, so I got zapped in my pussy, but I really had to make these steps to reach my bondage box.

I went inside the box, closed the door, and it locked me again. The electricity stopped.

The box said: "Welcome back. Time elapsed has been 4 hours and 23 minutes. Please get undressed and place your clothes in the box in the corner and close the lid."

I undressed, placed all my clothes in the container in the corner and closed the lid which locked itself.

Inside the box, there were shackles in the floor and ceiling, which weren't there before.

The box said: Stand in the center of the room and use the shackles to secure your legs, then cuff your hands to the ceiling.

I did as instructed. When my hands were locked in the air, I was spread eagle bound with no way to do anything. I was wearing my locked shirt with harness and electronic gadgets below that.

The box said: "The route was designed to be done in less than 4 hours. It took you 4 hours and 23 minutes. Because you were late, punishment is required."

OMG! That was not what I agreed upon. If I had known, I had definitely kept that conversation short and walked a bit faster.

The box continued: "You will get 23 painful electrical shocks with a random interval, anywhere from 5 to 30 second. The shocks will be delivered either on your ass, pussy or both."

OMG! Panic immediately started. I was so not ready for this.

The first zap happened and got me good in my ass. Unlike with the game where it were a flow of electricity, this was a short zap. It hurt far more than the continuous buzzing.

That was one.

I anticipated the next shock, but it didn't came... Not that quickly at least. Then out of the blue, another zap in my ass was felt. Ah... crap. This was painful.

Still having my mind on that shock in my ass, another shock was dealt, this time in my pussy. Wow! Yikes!

Due to the randomness, this felt more painful than it really was. Anticipation for the next shock built up and again, it took a while.

Then both my vagina and ass were zapped at the same time. Wow. That felt even more powerfull somehow. I jumped in the air. Or at least, I think I did?

5 seconds later, I felt another shock in both my vagina and ass at the same time. I jumped again.

5 seconds later (or so... it was longer, but not too long, so probably 6 or 7 seconds?) I got zapped in the vagina.

I bent forward by that shock. It was so unexpected.

Oh this was punishment for sure.

As time went by, the 23 shocks were given and I was so happy when the locks disengaged.

The box dropped a key in the room and said: "Please use the key to unlock the shirt, then take off the harness, and remove the buttplug and dildo.

I did as instructed, and was then given access to my clothes again.

The session was over now, but wow, what a session it was indeed.
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