The Selfbondage box XIII - Ponyplay

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The Selfbondage box XIII - Ponyplay

Postby Slave_L » 10 Jul 2017, 14:52

Please read this post to understand the concept of the story. In this post, I will only tell the story and expect you to have read this other post first.

As I scout the internet a lot, reading about BDSM and watching galleries of people performing BDSM, I came to the phenomena of Ponyplay. The act where someone is dressed like a pony, are mostly naked, and trained in the art of being a good pony.

I am very interested in this kind of play. I'd love to be mostly naked, wearing a harness of some sort, being dominated by someone to be a good pony. Reading some more about the typical dresscode, it seems it involves a gag, optionally nipple clamps, buttplugs and a latex suit. Lastly and most importantly the harness itself, which is usually made of leather belts. I read about people using rope harnesses to replace the leather harnesses and I figured, yeah why not.

Because leather harnesses are very expensive, I don't own one, but I have plenty of rope and all other items too. So I could dress like a pony. All I needed was someone to take control.

That gave me an idea. Maybe the selfbondage box has a program for ponyplay? There are so many programs by now and I haven't seen more than 2% of them now. I wanted to explore most of what I currently have before starting to download every single program out there. This way, I could keep track of what I've experienced easier, as I could download a new program and directly use it.

So on the site, I searched for ponyplay and to my wildest surprise, there indeed was a program named Ponyplay.

Full anticipation, I downloaded the program, installed it and went for a session.

The selfbondage box opened the doors to let me in. I undressed to be fully naked.

Inside the box, I found it to be about 2,5 meters high, probably a bit higher. The floor was raised a bit and there was a staircase of 3 steps. There was a wooden board of approximately 1 cm thick which had anchor points on either side. On the floor laid loose ankle cuffs and hand cuffs with a chain. In the ceiling, there were two hooks of some sorts.

I stepped inside and the door closed.

The box instructed: "Please put on the hand and ankle cuffs."

I did as instructed, and felt the leather cuffs touching my ankles and then my arms. They made the experience pleasant. But I didn't see any of the other attributes, such as a gag, nipple clamps or rope. The door was already locked, and the box can drop these items in later if desired, so I decided to see where it was going.

The box registered that the clamps were on and secured and instructed: "Stand next to the wooden board, and secure one of the leg cuffs to the D ring on that side."

I walked to the board, and locked one of the leg cuffs to the D ring using the carbine hook that was attached to the D ring.

The box registered that and instructed: "Raise your free leg over the wooden board and secure it to the other D ring."

I pushed my leg over the wooden board and stood normally. The wooden board was now about 10 cm below my pussy. I looked at the situation I was in and this looked very familiar to a wooden horse situation. Given the lack of other attributes I started to fear that this was indeed a wooden horse (or wooden pony, or wooden donkey as some call them) and that this wasn't actually pony play. That would mean I was going to be forced to sit on the bar with my bare pussy. A very exciting and painful prospect.

Anyway, realizing that, and knowing I could not possibly get out anyway, I continued. I locked my other leg in place.

The box registered and instructed: "Raise your hands above your head and place the chain into the hooks in the ceiling."

I did again as instructed, and the box noticed because a 3rd hook in opposite direction was moved into position effectively locking the chain in its location. I was now effectively standing up with arms raised in the air, not able to get out of the situation. There was plenty of slack for my arms though, but I couldn't move them down anymore.

Next thing I know, the floor I am standing on starts to lower. My heart starts pounding faster as I realize this will put my delicate pussy on the wooden pony soon making it impossible to avoid.

And indeed, as I'm being lowered, soon my pussy finds the wooden board. The floor keeps lowering and my arms are pretty stretched, but not fully. My feet are still touching the floor, but most of my weight is shifted onto my pussy as the floor continues to lower. I stand tiptoed on the floor when it stops moving and my pussy is very much all into the wooden board at this point, stretching me out vertically.

At this point I realize how naked I really am.

The box says: "First timer commences."

Other than that, I hear nothing. It appears I will be standing still having lots of weight on my pussy for a while and nothing I can do to change it.

Time goes by as my pussy gets more and more sore by the minute. I try to use the little bit of touching the floor and the strength in my arms to shift position but to no avail. The pain does not go away.

After a while of more agony, the box says: "First timer elapsed. Prepare for additional punishment."

I get frightened by the prospect.

I see what appears to be a cane coming in front of me around the height of my breasts.

While the cane does nothing, I suddenly feel the pain of a riding crop hitting my left buttock, followed by another riding crop hitting my right buttock, followed by both hitting both buttocks at the same time.

As my mind goes to my ass, the cane lashes out and hits both my tits at the same time, leaving a red stripe across my chest. The blow was not hard but I definitely felt it.

The riding crops continued to hit my ass over and over, and their strength in blows was slowly increased. Every once in a while, the cane would strike my tits and these became harder too.

The worst was, that even though I couldn't move and do anything about it, the blows caused enough pain to induce muscle reflexes, which caused my already sore pussy to slightly move.

After about 20 blows on my ass and 10 on my tits, the punishment stopped.

I looked down to my tits and they were pretty red now. Luckily there were no severe blows causing actual tissue damage, but it was painful nevertheless.

The box said: "Stage 2 completed. Prepare for stage 3."

I was afraid more lashes were given, but the crops and cane did not move. The floor however did.

It was lowered even further, and up until now, my feet were giving me support to not my full weight was rested on my pussy. Well, the floor lowered enough for my feet to stop touching the floor and my pussy was now solely resting on the wooden board. With all my strength, I tried to hang from my arm restraints to lift my weight off my pussy, but it hurt too much on my hands to do that, let alone the strength it costed that apparently I didn't have anymore.

The box said: "Stage 3 started. Second timer commences."

I was in full agony now. This was so much more painful than in the beginning and there was nothing I could do. I looked down, saw my red tits and the wooden board between my legs. I tried moving my legs a bit but there was not much they could move to and it didn't help in my crotch area either. In fact it made it worse.

I started to moan as I got more and more in pain and started to want out. But shaking my arms and legs only proven that I was secured well and had to fully endure this without any form of escape.

Resting in pain, I took what came and I as time progressed and the pain increased so much more on my pussy I started to cry.

I was so happy when the box said: "Stage 3 completed. Second timer elapsed."

The floor was raised again and my feet felt the floor. But when they just touched, the floor stopped again. Enough for me to get a bit of weight off of my pussy, but that was it.

The box said: "Stage 4 started. Additional punishment is given."

The crop and cane started to hit me again and although it was painful, it actually helped me to forget a bit of the pain on my pussy. It still hurted a lot on my pussy but somehow it seemed to feel less painful due to the crop and cane lashes. Those lashes were dealt with more force now though, and I saw slight skin damage on my tits from the blows, not to mention the sheer pain it gave me.

20 blows from all 3 lashing devices were given before they stopped.

The box said: Final stage ended. Prepare to disembark."

The floor raised again, getting my very very very sore pussy off from the wooden board, which I was so happy about, although the sheer pain that followed as I got off was totally unexpected. The hook in the ceiling moved away and I could get my arms out of the hooks again.

I uncuffed my legs and stepped off the wooden board, then uncuffed my arms and I was free again. I touched my bottom and they were sore. I then touched my tits and they were sore too.

I exited the box tired, but with a smile. Although I really wanted some ponyplay experience, this experience was painful but very awesome at the same time.

I touched my pussy gently, but it hurted so much. It was very sensitive now. So sensitive I didn't even want to give myself an orgasm.
I'm not yet very comfortable expressing my love for kink from my private life. I will therefor hide behind my username Slave_L and not allow any connections to who I really am. I'm sure you'll understand.
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