Ann's Story

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Ann's Story

Postby Regenkind » 10 Jun 2017, 14:12

I slowly open my eyes. It was still dark and my head felt like a hot air balloon about to explode any second. I really did not think I drunk this much last night. Actually I don't remember to had a drink at all.  I better drag my body to the kitchen and get a glass of water and some aspirin. But hang on, why does it not respond? I can't feel anything apart from this stupid headaches. Why can't I move my hands? Let alone lift my arms?

I panicked and tried to scream. But even though I opened my mouth everything just stayed silent.
It took an eternity until I had calmed down a bit. I tried to recall last night.

Zoe, my best friend since pre-school, got us a job at a murder mystery night party, where one of the  guests get murdered and the rest have to solve find out, who of them did it. I was never a big fan of these role plays. But it sounded like easy money. And since I was always skinned, it actually would come really handy.

In the morning I car picked me up from my flat and the driver gave me an envelope with the story board for the night. It was not a very complex story. Though I quite liked the fact that the story was a bit different. It was set in the middle ages. My husband was apparently a wealthy and powerful aristocrat. Towards the middle of the evening, the other extras would start drawing the attention to me and try to make me the main suspect. However I would disappear before they find out, I am innocent. It was all a bit vague. But hey, why did I care. As long as I get paid at the end of the night...

We arrived at a mansion in the countryside about an hour later. A woman about my age opened the door.

"Hi! You must be Ann! I am Becky, one of the organisers. I will bring you down to the dressing room, so the girls can get you into your costume and help with the hair and makeup!"

We walked down a long corridor and eventually arrived at a narrow staircase which let down to the basement, to a giant room where they had set up a dressing room with professional makeup tables.
"Wait here a minute. I'll find Jess. She's in charge that everything looks perfect. Oh, do you want something to drink by the way?"

"A glass of water would be lovely!"
"A glass of water it is. Make yourself at home. I will be right back."

Becky disappeared and I decided to sit down in one of the hairdressers chairs. Around me were a lot of racks with period cloth. They must have spent a fortune on this event. But then, this is probably just rented from a theatre.

The door opened again and girl not much older than 20 walked in.

"Hi. I am Jess. Guess you are one of my victims for tonight?"
"Erm... suppose! I am Ann."
"Oh great. Which role are you playing?"
"Think I will be Mary. Sir Johns wife."
"That's right! Sorry still haven't got my head around this all yet. But good that you are here already. This should give us a bit of head start before the other arrive. So shall we get going?"
"Sure, why not?"

She put a haidressers cape around me and started putting tons of foundation and makeup on. Once she was finished it felt like I was wearing a mask. But I have to admit, I really liked it. Next she pinned my hair back tight and put a net over it, before she hid everything under a wig.
I turned left and right a few times.

"I think, even my mum would not recognise me."
"You like it?"
"Actually, I think I do."
"would you like to see your dress? It is a bit too early to put you in it yet. But having a look at it won't hurt!"
"Yeah, sure!"

She pulled out a beast of burgundy brocade. It looked quite stunning, but surely it must be really stiff and hot wearing it with all the undergarments. Luckily I did not have much time, to worry about this. The door opened and Becky came with Zoe.

"Ann? Wow, you look amazing!"
"Guess, I don't have to introduce you then! Jess, this is Zoe, she will be the maid tonight. So don't go too crazy with her makeup please!"

Jess looked a bit disappointed at this moment. But just pointed towards one of the other chairs and asked Zoe to sit down. It was an amazing afternoon. And i think we both really fell in love with Jess. We all agreed that we would soon meet for a coffee.

Slowly the dressing room started to fill up. Michael, my soon to be husband was a student from the local university. He was really good looking, but sadly we did not have much in common. well, suppose I was not here to date anyway.

Eventually Becky came down again to hurry us. I was laced in my dress with quite a bit of cursing from Jess. But it actually felt more comfortable than I originally thought it would be. Zoe was really jealous at this moment, since her outfit was a simple rough cotton maids dress which even a super model could not have pulled off!

The guests started to arrive and we joined them in stages too, so it would not be obvious who is part of the inner circle. The audience seemed to be mostly better off. None of them wore an outfit that remotely looked like from a party shop. Quite the opposite. Judging by how well they fit, I would have bet a month wages that they were almost all custom made.

Just before we all were to move from the lounge to the dining room, I decided to quickly go to the ladies to make sure I won't have to at the worst time. Well, it took me an eternity to find them. And then I really struggled to actually used it with all the fabric on me. I finally managed and arrived just when Zoe started to serve the starter. The conversations were in full swing when suddenly a glass shattering scream came from the servant quarters. All of us got up and run towards the direction the scream came from. Of course we all expected to find the victim, but my heart stopped when I saw my husband Sir John with a golden stagger in his chest lying on the floor. How did I not notice, he was not sitting next to me? I'll really make a great wife one day!

All eyes turned on me. And let's say, I probably won't be nominated for an Oscar anytime soon. At least I suppose, I should have reacted a bit more emotional. Because someone shouted, it was her! And pointed with his finger at me. Two men grabbed me immediately. And even though I struggled as hard as I could, they simply lifted me off the ground and dragged me away. Becky, now dressed as a lady, pointed towards the basement. And I was brought to a small cell with a heavy wooden door. Inside was an iron collar on a small chain, which was fixed to the cell wall. I tried to get free and even attempted to bite one of the men. But they did not loosen their grip even for a second. Becky fixed the collar around my neck. It was cold and really heavy. This was definitely not a fake collar.

As soon as the let my arms free, I tried to open the collar. I pulled on the chain as well, hoping I could pull it out o the wall. Of course it was solid craftsmanship and I had no chance in hell to even get 1 millimetre more of freedom out of it. To my horror I was actually about to lose even more of my freedom. The guests cheered when the lord of the mansion locked my wrists and ankles in heavy shackles in the same style as my collar. I had no chance to avoid my fade.

I was still trying to realise what had just happened when the heavy door was slammed shut and my new home went dark. I panicked and screamed as loud as I could. But no one showed any mercy with me. It felt like hours later, when a woman dress as maid, entered my cell with a mug of water and a plate with dry, stale bread. I pleated to be let out. But she just ignored me and left the cell again not even waiting for me to finish.

No idea, what happened then.

I doubt I am still in the cell. I am lying. The short chain did only allow me to sit close to the wall. So where am I? And why can't I feel my body?  

Suddenly the lights went on. Intuitively closed my eyes. I could hear someone walking around. I blinked a few times and tried to get used to the brightness again. It took a few minutes and quite a few blinks to be able to keep them open. From time to time I saw the silhouette of a nurse. But I was too weak to lift or turn my head to see more. When she realised I was awake, she walked into my viewing field.

"Good morning Ann!"
I opened my mouth but wasn't able to make any sound. I panicked again.
"Don't worry dear! Your voice will be back soon. Just relax and try to rest."

She put the top a bit so up, until I was almost sitting. Now I was able to see a bit more. I was in a hospital bed in an old fashion hospital room. The walls were painted in a faded green. A white plastic curtain separated my area from the rest. I have no idea, which direction the door is. Or if the room has a window. She pulled my blanket away. And it looks like, the surprises have not finished yet. I am tied to the bed with countless wide padded medical cuffs all over my body. If I am right, even my head is hold tight to the bed by at least 2. And the thick, high waist, rust red rubber pants probably hide a diaper underneath.

The nurse starts checking my reflexes with a small needle, but I do not feel anything. It is like my brain is completely detached from the rest of my body. With a smile she covers me with the blanket again, before lowering the backrest of the back. Her steps are getting quieter. The room is swallowed by total darkness again before a door closing in the far distance.
I close my eyes. But my mind is spinning. What does this all mean? Did I have an accident? Why did they tie me to the bed?

Eventually I fall asleep again. When I wake up, the headache has calmed down and I feel a tingle in my body. I can move my fingers and toes a bit again. The rest still doesn't adhere to my brain. I hear the door in the distance again. I just manage to close my eyes in time, before the light is switched on. This time it doesn't take long before I am adjusted and keep my eyes open without too much trouble.

I feel a shiver as the nurse pulls the blanket away. This is a good sign, isn't it? This time she does not put my bed up. But I hear how she opens a couple of locks followed by press buttons and the rustling of paper. A biting smell fills the room. I try to lift my head and find out what is going on. But the restraints over my head just refuse to budge. Eventually the rustling of paper is back as well as the sound of closing press buttons and padlocks. Seconds later the blanket covers my body again. She strokes my cheeks before disappearing again.

I am alone again. Stuck in the darkness of my prison. This time I break down sobbing. I am a wreck. Why does no one talk to me? If I am in a hospital, surely a doctor would have come to see me, wouldn't he?  

This routine repeats itself a few more time. Every time I wake up, parts of my body have returned back to normal. This time I feel the restraints and have enough strength to struggle a bit.
"Where am I?" I whisper.

But the nurse just signals me to be silent before completing her tasks unmoved and disappearing again. This time something is different though. The light stays on. I star bored at the ceiling. Much more I am unable to do.

Just a few moments later the door is opened again. Did the nurse forget something? The steps stop next to my bed.

"Good morning sleeping beauty. How do you feel?"
My heart jumps a beat. Zoe!
"Where am I?" Speaking never felt this difficult before. Well, I actually barely whisper.
"Don't worry the drugs will wear off soon!"
"What happened?"
"Rest a bit more. We'll talk a bit more later!"

She gently strokes my cheeks before disappearing as sudden as she came. Did I just dream this? Or did it just really happen? Then nothing seemed to be real somehow right now in anyway.
The next couple of hours I am trying to make sense of all this. Even that I might have been abducted by aliens? But nothing seems to add up.

Eventually the door opened again. This time the rattling noise of a trolley joint the footsteps. My blanket was pulled away and felt cold. But did not bother me. I felt my body again. I must have beamed over this discovery, because...

"Someone seems to be happy today!"
"Where am I?" my voice sounds like I had partied for 3 months straight. My throat and mouth are so dry, I am sure little dust clouds come out when I speak.
"Shhhh... relax! You are safe here. No one will hurt you!"
How assuring that she felt the need to explicitly say this.
"What happened to me?"
"Sweetie, don't exhaust yourself. It will all become clear soon!"

I am not her sweetie. Anger and frustration creeps up. I try a couple more times to get something out of her. But she decides to ignore me and focus on her tasks. As soon as she is finished with the checks and changing my diaper, she puts the head of the bed up again until I am sitting almost straight in bed. Once she secured everything she removes the straps around my head. My head just falls limp to my chest. I try to lift it again. My head feels like it weights a ton. I manage to hold it for a few seconds before it just falls down again.

"Oh sweetie, looks like we are not quite there yet."

She grabs a very shiny red thing from the trolley. It looks like plastic. Within seconds she fixes it, which turns out to be a solid and very high collar around my neck. It feels tight and extremely stiff. But at least my head now stays up and it does not seem to hinder my breathing. Next she picks up some folded fabric in exact the same colour as the underwear I am currently wearing. It gets bigger and bigger as she starts unfolding. I can't make out the shape, but it has a round cut out in the upper section, which she now starts stretching. While I still wonder, what this is all about, she puts the cut out on top of my head and starts pulling it down until it snaps around the collar. Next she seems to clip the outer edges of this thing to the bed. She has to pull and stretch as it seems, she took a size too small by accident but could not be bothered to go back and get the right one. To my surprise she managed to cover the entire bed with it. It feels horrible and presses my body even further into the mattress.

"Please take this off! It is too tight!"
"Sorry sweetie, but this stays. We don't want to make your bed dirty, do we? And besides, I am not keen to have wasted my time on it."

Her face has turned red, sweat is running down her cheeks and she tries hard to slowly get her breath back. But why should I care? I did not ask for this! Besides, my body seemed to heat up underneath.

"Please, please it's getting hot in here!"

She ignores my pleading and starts to wash my face and brush my teeth. I take a deep sip from the glass of water and rinse my mouth. But I miss the kidney shaped bowl she is holding up so I can spit it out again. It runs down this stupid cover and creates a small paddle between my legs. The nurse just takes a cloth and wipes it off.

"You see, now we are happy, we put it on, aren't we? What a great invention!"

We? I am not really sure, how this is supposed to make me happy? She just ignores me and starts feeding me with some soup and water. The soup is half cold and tastes disgusting. All my attempts trying avoid the spoon just end up and making a mess. The collar makes it almost impossible to put up any noticeable fight. But I am proud of myself, when she takes the towel to wipe everything off the sheet. I probably grinned. Because once finished with it, she just collects all her things and pushes the trolley towards where she came from leaving me as I am. Again I hear the door being shut.

In this second I lost my temper completely. I want to get out! I want all this stuff taking off. I hate this place! I clinch my fists and fight the restraints as hard as I can. I am convinced i hear a few seems getting to their limits. I scream and curse. But all I seem to achieve is that it is getting even hotter. I start sweating like I run up the stairs of a 20 storey tower block. If someone watched me, they probably did not notice anything of my struggles. I fall back exhausted and frustrated. I close my eyes and try to calm down. But it seems to have the opposite effect. Out of the blue I start sobbing!

"You look like a real mess!"


I open my eyes. It is really her.

"Where am I?"
"This doesn't matter. You are save!"

Oh great! Good to know that no one will kill me here!

"Of course it matters!" I shout!
"Do you trust me?"

I want to shout "No!", but my mouth barely ever listens to my brain. And so to my own surprise I hear me whisper:
"Yes of course!"
"Then try to relax and stop fighting it. There is nothing you can do about what is going to happen."
"What do mean? What is going to happen with me?"
"You are going to be a star!"
"For crying out loud. Stop speaking and riddles and tell me what this is all about!"
"I can't tell you yet! But it will come clear with time!"
I am boiling. And not just because I am slow cooked underneath this stupid blanket!
"Tell me now what you know. Or I will stop playing along this stupid game!"

Casually she presses my nose between her thumb and index finger. When I open my mouth to gasp for air, she quickly pushes a soft cushion like thing in before letting my nose go. I try to shake my head and push the thing out with my tongue, when I notice that it starts growing. It does not take long before my tongue is pressed down without any room left to move. I stare at Zoe with a questioning look.

"I always told you, your mouth is your biggest enemy!" Strangely she actually really seemed to enjoy this all.

I starting yelling and cursing. But all the thing allowed was some unidentifiable squeaky noises. With a beaming smile she pressed something. I hear a faint pffff before the thing starts growing again. I panicky and try to shake my head vigorously.

"You need to learn to control your mouth Ann. And if I were you, I would do this rather quick. Otherwise as you can see, we have the instruments to help you learning!"

We? Who is we? And for the last time, stop speaking in riddles.

"I think, I'll let you calm down a bit and we talk more later!"

She got up and started walking away. I scream to get her to take this stupid thing out of my mouth. But yet again I am ignored.

I try to relax since there seems nothing I can do to free myself. However I promise myself I would take the first opportunity to escape from this madhouse. Time seem to stand still yet again. Even though the lights are still on, I can't move enough to find out more about this room. Well, it must be quite big since it seems to take a bit of time to get from the door to my bed. Having said this, I have no feeling for time anymore. I have no idea if it is day or night let alone what day it is.

Eventually the nurse returns. Immediately she pities me for the gag in my mouth. But does not make any attempt to free me from it. I grunt and plea with my eyes.

"Oh sweetie, I am sure you did something to deserve it. So just take accept your punishment and try to relax until it is over."

Part II:

I must have dozed off again. Because I hear someone is in the room, but I did not hear the door this time. It sounds like someone is turning pages in a book or magazine every now and then.

"Hi princess. Finally awake again?" Zoe was back!
"Oh sorry, of course you still have the bulb in your mouth. Would you like me to take it out?"
"Ok, but remember, it will be back in as soon as I don't like what you say. Do you promise do stay calm and only speak, when asked a question or given permission?"

Whaaat? But my jaws burned like hell. So whatever it would take to get rid of this thing is fine by me! I tried do nod as much as the collar allowed. Which was a few millimetre at best. Luckily it seemed to be enough. The pfff... of escaping air was followed by the shrinking of this horrible monster. It stung as soon as it was out. Intuitively I try to reach my jaws and massage them. But it just takes a split second to remind me, that my hands are still very well secured. And to make matters worse, all the time I dribble all over me.

Zoe noticed my embarrassment. Well, my glowing crimson red face is probably visible from the international space station!

"Don't worry. That's when you rubber blanket comes in really handy."
With this comment she simply grabs a paper towel and wipes everything off.  
The pain slowly disappears and i start moving my jaws to get out the remaining kinks.
"Please Zoe. Get me out of this and let me go! Please! I beg you!"
"Ann, do you want the gag back?"
"Nooooo! Please don't!" i whisper while tears are running down my face again. I am real wreck!
"Oh Ann. There is really no reason for you to be scared! I am sure you'll actually enjoy it all more then you currently think!"
"Enjoy what? Zoe, what do you expect? I am tied to a hospital bed completely covered by a stupid rubber blanket. I have no idea where I am and why! Really, how do you expect me to see the fun in this?" I start ranting.
"Well, I guess you have a few valid points there!"

And with this said, the stupid gag goes back in where she just pulled it out from! Zoe starts inflating it while all my emotional dams start breaking. However she does not show any sign of sympathy. How can she do this to me? She is my best friend!

"Sorry Ann, but you know the rules!" she sighs. "The sooner you start to accept it all and learn how to control your mouth, the sooner the fun sites will show!"

I am fuming right now. I tear on my bounds and try to throw my head around. I really don't want any of this. Screw these mystical "fun sites"! not keen to pay for them like this. I just want a long bath and curl up on my couch.

"Do you want a nice hot bath?"
That's creepy. When did Zoe learn to read my mind?
"Thought as much! However you need to promise to behave! I am sure you figured, we don't mess around here, if you don't!"

I take a deep breath before mmmm... my confirmation. No idea what she did, but it does not take long, before 2 burly male nurses arrive. One of them is pushing a wheel chair with attached shackles just above footrests as well as on the armrests. The backrest and seat had padded harness in a pattern similar to a belts in a racing car. There goes my hope to be free.

In no time at all they remove the rubber blanket and all the straps holding me on the bed. With ease they lift me up just to throw down on the wheelchair. Before I even can consider to fight, I am secured again and pushed towards the plastic curtain. Before we get there, Zoe stops us and puts a blindfold over my eyes. Weirdly I was more surprised that I was not blindfolded before than actually getting one. Back in my dark world, we start moving again. As the sweat starts to dry, I start feeling cold and my skin itches everywhere. I try to wiggle and twerk to get a bit of relief by rubbing against the wheelchair. But the only thing I achieve with this, that they stop to pull all restraints even tighter.

No idea how far we have to go. But it seems to take ages. I try to get as many clues where I am as possible. There are other people around. And I feel drafts from different directions as we move along. The surface is must me really smooth. I feel hardly any bumps. The nurses stay silent during our entire journey. Eventually we arrive at our destination. One of them opens a squeaking door before we entire the room. The floor must be tiled since I feel the tiny bumps in a very regular pattern. A curtain is pulled to the side. Seconds later we stop and they apply the brakes of my chair. They open my shackles and the harness and lift me up again. They sit me down in what I assume is an empty bathtub before they remove my hospital gown and my stupid underwear. Immediately I blush and try to cover my breasts and crotch. But I guess, this really should be the least of my worries right now.

I have no idea what they did now, but one of them grabbed my head and pushed it slightly forward. Something solid was now pushed against my collard neck from the left and right. It feels really tight but not too uncomfortable. I hear two clicks close by. I suppose whatever the solid thing is, it is now secured in place. Well, I am just about to find out since someone just started to fiddle around with my blindfold.

I blink a few times to adjust to the bright light again. Ok, nothing would have prepared me for this. I was indeed sitting in an old fashion empty bathtub. This however had a thick glass clear solid plastic lid with a padded hole for the head and few tiny round holes. But these are by far too small for a human hand.

No idea how they did it, the tub starts to fill up with the perfect temperature water. It starts to foam and just smells like grapefruit and peaches. Interesting mix. But hey, better than the smell of my room. I don't have much time to muse around. A young nurse joins us.

"Hi, I guess you are Ann? I am Sophie!"
"Oh dear! What did they do to you?"
"I know. I am really sorry, but I can't take it off. There are cameras everywhere. And if I don't stick to the rules, I will find myself in a room next to you in no time. Easiest is to just do what is asked of you and you will be treated like a princess!"

Now I was really confused. What did this all mean?

"Gosh Ann. I blabber to much sweetie, don't I? let's get your hair washed, shall we?"

I tried to nod. But even if they had taken off this ridiculous collar, I am convinced the lid would not have allowed much more movement. Sophie was not after my approval anyway. She grabbed a showerhead from somewhere and started to wet my hair. So this is what these holes are made for!  Genius! Sophie was really gentle and even started to massage my head for a few minutes. Honestly, without the gag and collar I would feel like at a posh spa. I start to relax.

Right then I realise that I am facing a giant window. It is nice and sunny outside. The giant leafy crown of a very old oak is just a few meters away. What a stunning view. I get lost in my world. I shriek as suddenly warm air is blowing at my naked body. How did I not notice that the water had been drained and my body was now literally blow dried? Sophie was busy blow-drying and combing my hair. Next, what I guess is some form of body lotion, is sprayed all over my body. Intuitively I start massaging it in. My muscles feel still a bit sore. But a million times better already.    
I giggle in my gag. I'd really sign up for this treatment anytime if it weren't for all the other things that come with it.  

Sophie of course noticed this.

"You see. It is not all this bad here!" she winks smiling and starts to apply some facecream.

Sadly it has to come to an end - of course. And all to abruptly for my taste. The 2 male nurses had returned. The lid is being opened and while I try to get up and out on my own, they just grab me by the arms and drag me out like a piece of meat, not even giving me the hint of a chance to do it on my own terms. Again I am forced to sit down in the wheelchair. And of course once again I am tied securely to it. This time however absolutely naked. Seconds later the blindfold is back too. They release the brakes and start wheeling me off. I protest. But they just seem they could not care any less.

Our journey back felt much shorter. Still far too long for my liking though. After the brakes were applied, they released me from the bounds. Something was different however. While I waited to be thrown on the bed again, nothing happened at all. Instead I heard the door behind me being closed and locked. Not sure what is expected of me, I wait a little longer before I start looking for the closing mechanism of the blindfold. It turns out to be a simple clasp closure, which not even a challenge for shaking hands.

I am really not sure what game they are playing with me. But note to myself, always expect the unexpected. This room was just gorgeous. Ok, it had a hospital bed again. Apart from this it was a very tasteful decorated room. Maybe a bit too girly with the bright pink statement wall and the drawn on butterflies on the opposite wall. For the records, I much preferred this to the other. I get up and almost fell back immediately.  The second attempt is more successful. I am quite wobbly, but overall not too bad. On the bed lies a silky nightshirt. Not the most fashionable. But hey, I doubt I am in the position to complaint. I slip in it. It feels so good on my skin. Not that I've never worn something like this before. Just this time the sensation felt a million times more intense.

I jumped as the door was opened. A nurse with a tray entered the room. She smiled and put the tray down on the little side table next to my bed.

"Hi. I see you already settled in. Hope you are hungry!"
As on command my belly rumbled right this second.
"I take this as a yes!" she chuckled.

I point at my gag.

"Oh right. Suppose we need to take of this first."
Without any hesitation she opened the valve and let the air out o this torture devise. I pulled it out without waiting for it to fully deflate. And again my jaws were burning.
"Patience doesn't seem to be your strongest talent. Let me help you dear!"
As much as I hated to be called dear, as much I loved her gently massaging my hurting jaws.
"Thank you!" i whispered.
"My absolute pleasure! And now shall we have a bite?"
"Yes please! First can I take this stupid collar off too please though?"
"Sure! Let me do this for you!"

Ok, what is going on. Is this a trap? But hey, I am getting rid of the collar. So let's take advantage of the situation! She pulled a weird looking key from her pocket before she asked me to turn my back towards her. As was more than happy to oblige. A few clicks and this stupid thing came off with ease as well. It felt incredibly strange to have my head unsupported.
The cherry on the cake was, I was allowed to eat alone. It was not the most delicious meal I ever had. But it was not bad either. The main was rice and a mild curry with a small salad. Desert was a pink a grapefruit. Full and happy I laid back.

"Thank you!"
"You are very welcome! And now go and have some rest. Do you want me to turn the lights off?"
"Yes please!"
"Very well. I will check on you later!"
I slipped under the duvet and was sound asleep in a blink.

When I wake up... at least I believe I woke up... I lying on the couch in a dressing room. Around me people are in a hurry getting ready for something.

"Get up Ann. We don't have much time to you dressed!"
"Oh dear, you look like you've seen a ghost! Bad dream? Do you need a strong coffee?"
"No no, I am ok."

I stumble to the hairdressers chair. Jess puts the cape around my neck and start doing my hair and makeup again. My wig this time is a tied high pinned up one in the style of the early 20th century. Edwardian I would say. happy with the result she hurries me to the rack with dresses where she picks out a one with an inbuilt corset. Deep breath and running would be impossible with this. It did not feel uncomfortable though. But maybe ask again in a couple of hours.

A young man approached us.

"Hi, I am Adam. And I believe you are my fiancée tonight!"
"Nice to meet you. My name is Ann! Hope I won't kill you tonight!"    
"What? Well, this hope is mutual!" he giggled.
Ok, I think I just go with the flow and see what happens.
We were let to big dining room with a giant table. Almost all seats were already occupied and the conversation in full swing. Eventually the doors opened again and the maids walked in with plates of soup. When mine arrived, I almost got a heart attack. Zoe was the maid serving me. She even winked as she put the plate down. As soon as she had left the room again, I bent over to Adam.
"You need to help to get out of here!" I whispered.
"But the evening is just about to start Ann!"
"They are holding me as a prisoner here!"
"Ann, I am sure everything is fine. Think this is still your dream! You were out for quite a while down there! Shall I try to get you a coffee?"
"I don't need a coffee. I need to get out of here now!"
"Relax Ann. I promise you, nothing will happen to you here!"

Ok, think I should start asking for a penny every time says this sentence. I bet I will be rich in no time! I decide to take matters in my own hand and excuse myself claiming I need to powder my nose. I find the main door locked. But surely this building has a few more. And if not a window will do as well. As I am just about to open a large wooden door, I hear a high pitched scream just a few meters. This time I won't make the mistake and run towards it. I better get out of here as quick as I can. I rattle on the door knob. But it doesn't budge. I hurry to the next door. Locked as well. Steps are getting closer. I hear voices not too far away. But they are too muffled to make any sense. I turn right at the end of the corridor. This time I am lucky and the door is open. My heart sunk to my feet. No idea how, but I was back to the dining room. The conversations were heated. One of them noticed me and pointed to a burly man in a white overcoat. You must be kidding me. This one of the male nurses from my... erm... dream? I turned around and wanted to run.

"I think you may want to join us ma'am!"

The other male nurse stood right behind me! I kicked and punched. He just laughed. Which made me even more furious. By now the 1st had joint us holding up a robust looking white garment. Under the cheering of the other guests, they forced me into the straightjacket and closed the buckles at the back as tied as possible. When they pulled my arms back, it felt like they were close to dislodge my shoulders. I still was not ready to stop fighting. Though this version had a thick plastic like lining which meant the more I moved, the quicker it heated up. It did not take long before I was gasping for breath and a sweating mess. Under great applause the nurses dragged me off the stage. I mean out of the dining room.

Once we were on our own, one of them pulled a piece of cloth out and held it over my mouth and nose. I tried to hold my breath as long as I could. But of course this fight was pointless. And so I woke up again in total darkness with a major headache and unable to move.
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