First ever walk out dressed up

Crossdressing as a part of or type of selfbondage.

First ever walk out dressed up

Postby dresstothrill » 17 Dec 2010, 10:45

Read with interest some of the CD walk scenarios so decided to try it last night for the first time, so I waited for the wife to go out and got changed into red silk pants, red lace up corset, black stockings and suspender belt, black PVC mini skirt and silky jumper ( as you can see I have a bit of a shiny fetish) Earlier I had gone out and hidden a back door key in a wall about ¼ mile away. As the weather is cold in the UK at the moment I was able to put on a winter coat with a hood and slip into my favourite black patent 5” stiletto platforms,
I went out through the back door and locked it and posted the key through the letterbox, I was now on my own, the excitement mounted as I made my way around my local streets towards the spare key, I was nervous that either someone would see me or even worse that my wife would be back in the house when I returned, I safely collected the spare key and walked back home, I was flashed a couple of times by passing cars on the way back and was quite relieved but on a real when I got back to the house, I got back in and found the wife hadn’t returned and was able to relieve myself of all that pent up excitement.
I am really looking forward to the next time but am in need of a wig and more realistic breasts, any ideas??

Talk soon
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Re: First ever walk out dressed up

Postby Audrey_CD » 17 Dec 2010, 14:43

Good value from here. Very helpful staff too, if you visit in person.

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Re: First ever walk out dressed up

Postby teather » 19 Dec 2010, 07:38

When I was in my late teens I used to do the same thing quite regularly as a game to force myself to walk outside. Over time you'll probably get more adventurous and take greater risks.

I'd dress in clothes borrowed from my sister; a mini dress or skirt and blouse, high heel boots even gloves and a clutch bag plus full makeup. Eventually, my luck ran out and when I got back to the house my sister had already returned. I had just reached the bottom of the stairs and was on my way to wash and change when my sister appeared at the top - I dont know who was more surprised. It made a big difference to me to be seen by someone that I knew - passing strangers in the street and being seen for a few seconds was less of a problem. I know that I was embarassed at her finding me dressed in all her stuff and it was humiliating to have to return the clothes she'd just seen me wearing to her. Once I'd cleaned up we had a chat - she asked me how long I had been doing it and why. I told her that it was just an impulse - we'd recently watched a film with crossdressing in it and I wanted to know what it was like. I dont really know if she believed me but I had put too much effort into my appearence for it to be an impulse. She never told me not to borrow her stuff again and as far as I know she has never told anyone.

I hope your wife accepts what you do; if she doesnt already know.
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Re: First ever walk out dressed up

Postby marylandsissy » 20 Dec 2010, 02:03

I am lucky. My wife knows that I get dressed up and self bound. She has no issues as long as I let her know when I get dolled up. I am curious enough now to want to go out dressed up with her sometime, even if it is only a car ride. But getting out of our house with very nosy neighbors on all sides is the most challenging part. If we were to get out and walk around, we would have to drive a distance just in case so nobody knows us.
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