Locking bra and panties

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Locking bra and panties

Postby thedevilsson » 30 Oct 2010, 16:39

I'm looking for a way to lock a bra on me with out the lock being noticable and panties with little effort i can't sew worth a damn plz help
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Re: Locking bra and panties

Postby cdinbonds » 30 Oct 2010, 18:01

Good luck with that one. There was a brief discussion of this a while back, and the general consensus was that there is no good way to lock a "Normal" bra. There is too much stretch in the fabrics, so they can always be gotten off somehow. I believe someone mentioned a longline type bra, possibly with a crotch strap (non opening) that might be able to be locked, but even then, if the straps can be worked past the shoulders it could be removed.

The strongest lock is the one in your head. Tell yourself that once the bra goes on, it cannot be removed for any reason until whatever time you need has been reached, ie: when you return home from work, or bedtime, or whatever. Remind yourself that if you remove it before then, you will have failed (no one likes that), and that you are weak and pathetic (or whatever it will take to make you keep it on).

I don't remember a discussion on locking panties, although I'm sure there are some available that are meant to be locked, but normal panties probably will be tough to lock. A crotch rope or chains over them may be the most effective way, but probably not what you had in mind.

Keeping the lock from being seen on either bra or panties might also be problematic, unless you go with the really loose clothing strategy!
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Re: Locking bra and panties

Postby teather » 30 Oct 2010, 19:36

This site might have some tips.
However most of the discussion is around discouraging removal by making it easily detectable rather than via physical prevention.
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Re: Locking bra and panties

Postby onestrangeguy » 31 Oct 2010, 03:16

You really shouldn't need to 'Lock' on your bra ans panties using mechanical means as you suggest. The real secret is to put them on and then place yourself in either a public, or semi public place such that you can't take them off without undressing in public. 8)
There's a fine line between cuddling and holding someone down so they can't get away.
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Re: Locking bra and panties

Postby leopold322 » 31 Oct 2010, 18:58

I found a white shirt (female) which ended in a kind of leotard closing with buttons between the legs. I put on a black g-string and a black bra and this shirt, knowing that the bra could be seen through the fabric. And as my jeans were low cut, I knew that the g-string would be visible too (whale tail). Over this I donned a violet longsleeved turtle neck blouse. I took a strol through a mall and the shopping streets of the town, knowing that my blouse and jeans were clearly feminine. I couldn't take off the blouse without showing much more feminine clothing and I had not money enough with me to buy a male shirt to cover things with.

Another time I wore nylon stockings with an opaque pattern with ribbons and bows. My T-shirt was almost neutral but female and therefor short. My jeans were low cut and not quite long enough, so I had to choose between showing a whale tail in pink or show my stockings. Luckily I wasn't brought in a humiliating situation, but I found out at a café that I couldn't sit without showing a whaletail whatever I did to prevent it. Now it is almost winter and warm clothing prevents such adventures, except that you normally take off the coat at cafes. I wonder what trouble that might bring me into....
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Re: Locking bra and panties

Postby AmberCDinNC » 21 Jan 2011, 15:08

One of my favorite things to do! To me, bras are the pinnacle of being feminine, and are always an unremovable "must". I live in a small area, so going out en femme is just something I've never dared to do. However, bras can be relatively well-hidden, and I've ventured out in them from time-to-time.

Around the house, simple self-bondage works well. For instance, get donned in your outfit (bra included!), take the key to your cuffs and place them somewhere... a hard to reach place, somewhere outdoors, etc., and snap the cuffs on yourself. With a back-close bra, cuff hands in front, front close hands in back (hands in back are great if you put the key in a hard to reach place!). I usually put on a back-close bra, cuff my hands in front, and leave the key out in my mailbox. I live in a residential development with cluster boxes, and my box is about 1/4 mile away. Thus, with no shirt, I definitely have to wait until not just dark--but very late (when there's a minimal chance of anyone driving in). I can't put on a shirt or coat to cover the bra due to the cuffs. Anyway, I *could* take it off with scissors, so it's not 100% fool-proof.

Another way is to put on a cheap bra (it'll basically be discolored), and use a bottle of spray self-tanner (the darker the better!) and spray, spray, spray! Be sure to exfoliate the area very, very well beforehand eliminating as many of the dead skin cells as possible... this will make it doggonned near impossible to "scrub away" the tan. Once it sets up, you'll have a "bra" that won't come off for days. And if you have light skin to begin with and you use a dark self tanner, it WILL show through a thin shirt. You can also do the reverse if you have a helper... use Mehndi to draw a bra on your body, and you'll have a nice, dark bra that will last for weeks. Never tried that one... but tempting!

Lastly, if you REALLY want to get a bra stuck on you, then here you go. Again... this will ruin the bra. Put on your bra of choice, and begin gluing it on using superglue. Again--be sure to exfoliate the area to remove dead skin cells. Basically, once the bra is on I pull a small portion away from the body on the front left, apply a small line of glue to the front left, then the front right, and let the bra sit back on my body. I then do the same in the back and use a plastic knife to reach and spread the glue. I keep doing small areas in opposite portions until I have almost the entire band glued, and finish by apply glue to the clasps in the back. Benefit--it makes you VERY flexible! LOL! Now--depending on whether-or-not you want breasts, you can insert some breast forms before gluing the top seams of the bra. I usually don't do the straps unless I want them to be more visible, and if so, I'll pull them towards my neck a bit and place a dab of glue where it goes over my shoulders. Now... if the area wasn't cleaned (degreased) and exfoliate to remove the dead skin cells, it'll peel off--with a bit of difficulty--about anytime you want it off. But... if you clean the area well beforehand, you're going to be wearing it for a bit. It will eventually come off from body oils surfacing and as skin layers begin to shed, but be SURE you want to do it! If you want t live out the fantasy of being trapped in a tight-fitting bra for a day or longer, this will certainly do the trick. Also--it makes the bra a bit inflexible, and since it's adhered to your skin, it pulls every time you breathe. You will KNOW you have it on every second of every hour of every day. I actually did this this past Saturday when the wife was out of town for a few days, and it was exilerating! I applied the glue middle-afternoon, and by that night a couple of areas (right and left side under the bra) worked loose fairly easily. I was a bit disappointed, but everywhere else was firmly adhered. On Sunday I was getting a bit tired of it, especially after taking a shower and having to wear the bra wet for a couple of hours. I had worked a good portion of the bra free by that evening, but I couldn't comfortably work the back very consistently and finally got it off (feeling like my skin was ripping!) on Monday. Two days is more than enough for me, but if you want to expand it, just use some rubbing alcohol on areas where it works loose and reapply the glue.

Disclaimer--as for safety, superglue is supposedly non-toxic to the skin and to the body. After all, it was primarily created as a suture for cuts. BUT... I'm not a chemist or a doctor, and although I've seen where people say it's safe, just use your own judgement. I still have redness on my back where the last straps came off (today is Friday--4 days after), but I honestly think it's due to skin irritation and likely pulling a bit of skin off. Hard to believe, but I was ready to just get the bra off.

Anyway, when I started supergluing bras, I just dabbed a little glue here and a little glue there. It also leaves the bra a lot more flexible that way, and is easier to remove if you change your mind.

Other than that, I'm stumped. Sewing something rigid into your bra would be hard, and you need to be sure you can breathe! The chest has to expand :-) Let us know whatever you do!
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Re: Locking bra and panties

Postby Steph » 21 Jan 2011, 16:20

I'm looking for a way to lock a bra on me with out the lock being noticable and panties with little effort i can't sew worth a damn plz help

There was a brief discussion of this a while back

Seriously...did no one see that really bad, probably unintended, pun??

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Re: Locking bra and panties

Postby davisev5225 » 22 Jan 2011, 19:20

Scissors will always prevent a semi-permanent solution (i.e. one that requires a proper release mechanism).

That said, you can use a crotch rope to keep some panties on by slipping the waist portion through the top-sides of the leg holes, and with a little creativity, you can also tie a bra on in a similar manner by going through the straps.
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Re: Locking bra and panties

Postby lugnuts » 30 Jan 2011, 05:20

You can use nylon webbing to make a waistband. You'll want one with a loop in each end. You can lock those ends together with a small padlock, and it will lay flat. If you sew the waistband to the panties, they can't be removed. You'll have to do some sewing, but it's minimal.

You will need a couple yards of 1/2" nylon webbing to match the color of the panties.
You will need matching color 'carpet thread', and a heavy needle.

Make a loop in each end of the webbing by folding it back and sewing, leaving a loop in the end.
Just thread the needle and pass it back and forth through both layers of material a dozen times or so. At the end pass the needle sideways under the threads to lock it down. If it's too hard to push the needle through with your fingers, use a thimble or even a small block of wood to push it.

Find the center of the belt and sew it to the inside of the panties. To wear, just put the panties on, wrap the ends of the belt around to the back and attach the lock.

You can do the same with the bra. Sew the belt to the inside of the bra at the bottom front. If you want to prevent taking off the bra partially, you can get a small padlock and lock the ends of the bra strap together with two grommets. These come with a tool to put them in. You can put a grommet in each side of the fastener. Pass the padlock through both grommets and through the padlock locking the belt. Then the bra can't be removed.
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