Getting seen while out and about

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Getting seen while out and about

Postby simonelovesyou » 10 May 2018, 13:55

Been fighting the urge to go out recently and gave in last week.
So i decided to go i got dressed up in my satin blouse, pencil skirt, stockings, thong, bra, nipple clamps and 4 inch heels. I also took my black satin mini dress with me in my bag.
Now i dont do make up or shave wish i could but the wife wont allow it, so i just wear a hooded coat over the top covering my face.
I drove to the spot where i had to walk about 200m on a path before a quiet little footpath.
The way to the footpath was quiet no cars nothing. So i walked down the footpath again nothing just felt so good to be out walking in my heels. Half way down the footpath i got changed into my black satin minidress and started to head back.
All was good untill i was getting to the end of the footpath and saw what i thought was a pushbike light. It wasnt there was someone walking towards me. And just then a car came around the corner and stopped to speak to the person walking.
I was now stuck as to get back to my car i would have to walk passed them, i couldnt turn around as the lady walking looked up and her head torch looked straight at me, as this point i knew i was seen so i decided to just go for it and continued walking.
Just as i got onto the path next to the road as luck would have it the lady finished talking to the car and went off to check her sheep in the field next to me and the car drove off. So i was clear to make back to my car.
Once i made it make to my car i had to sit there for a moment and take in what happened. It felt soo good but also so scary..
A picture of the outfit i was wearing is on my tumblr
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Re: Getting seen while out and about

Postby CD Tammy » 16 May 2018, 19:20

Like you, I do not do make up or the wigs. I am not against them, I just have never done it. I also like to find places to walk while dressed where I have to get a pretty good distance from car. I climbed over the fence at the back of an office park to walk through the secluded area back there. It was a cool night and the wind felt great on my legs. It was great. The walking path was empty and I was alone. It led all the way to the river. As I was returning, I walked between two buildings only to see two patrol cars parked along side each other. There was no way to get back to the place that I left my car without exiting onto a major road or going past them. I hid in the shadows for over an hour before they finally left.

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