Driving all dressed up

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Driving all dressed up

Postby Kimberly » 23 Dec 2017, 17:15

I decided to go for a drive all dressed up. I did full make up and wig. Looking good if I must say so. This will be a night drive (midnight) up the interstate stopping at three rest areas (I drank lots of liquids so I would have to pee a lot), going through a fast food drive through, and stopping for gas numerous times. Only a few gallons each stop so that I can make multiple stops.
I’m wearing an off shoulder hot pink sheer dress that is very short, a pink underwire shelf/half cup bra, pink string bikini panties and pink 5” high heel booties. The bra allows my nipples to peek out over the top and I pumped up my nipples to make them nice and tender. The dress is so short that when I’m in the car, my panties are clearly showing.
So after a short drive through town with a lot of stop lights I made it to the interstate. Up the interstate I paced quite a few 18 wheelers with dome light on to give them a show. At the first rest area I used the ladies room but encountered no one going in or out. At the next rest stop there was definitely a lady in one of the stalls so I picked the one right next to hers, so naughty! She left and I waited only 10 seconds then I left, so that we were both walking to our cars at the same time. I made two stops for fuel getting only 5 gallons each time. Lots of both men and women around, but no issues. I went through MickyD’s for a burger, fries and drink. Got a thank you ma’am from the window cashier, felt so nice!
On my final rest stop it was very late and not much going on. I parked in the trucker area and walked down to the rest rooms. Used the ladies again without anyone coming in while I was there. I decided to spice things up a bit, so I took off the dress and put it in my purse. I left the ladies and walked back up to my car in just panties and bra. A truck was coming in as I was almost at my car so I was brightly lit by his lights. I know he saw me because he turned on his brights to get better look. I gave him a little wave and got in my car.
I drove the rest of the way home in just the panties and bra. Extra naughty!! By the time I got home I was dripping wet.
I recommend this type of short road trip to any crossdressing exhibitionist. It was very exciting!!!
I’d love to hear any comments or suggestions or additions. :hi:
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Re: Driving all dressed up

Postby CD Tammy » 08 Jan 2018, 16:47

I love to drive dressed but I am not as bold as you are. When I have a long drive, I will sometimes be dressed from the waist down. Pantyhose or tights, pumps, and a skirt but wearing a men’s shirt. I’ve worn pantyhose under my slacks and pumps then got gas. I go to that far pump when I do it. A little risk but not a lot.
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Re: Driving all dressed up

Postby slut_jennie » 10 Jan 2018, 21:09

I used to, before moving to the city, go driving around the countryside wearing makeup while dressed up which my outfit being locked on with padlocks. Going for a treasure hunt having placed several keys, including duds, all over the area on the way home from work the day before. It was soo exiting having to walk out on a bridge dressed in a short tight miniskirt and 4-inch stilettos to retrieve a key, hoping it would unlock my hands from my waist so I could reach the short chains and padlocks keeping the stilettos on.
Closet sissy crossdresser that enjoys chasity play and high heels. I like to go out in public while being locked into my chastity device and look at all the pretty girls, knowing that they would laugh at me if they knew about my small penis locked away.
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