Advice needed for Crossdressing System

Crossdressing as a part of or type of selfbondage.

Advice needed for Crossdressing System

Postby SlaveGirl » 15 Jun 2017, 12:33

Hi everyone,

I'll finally move to my own appartment and be able to have some CD fun.
I'm not interested in overly restrictive methods (putting on handcuffs and hogties, etc).
I'd rather implement crossdressing into my daily/evening routine. So I have planned a "system" and would really love your input before I spend money on something that is fundamentally flawed. Thanks a lot in advance!

The time locking mechanism will probably be those guys.
They are easy to use, reliable and in case of an emergency, you can just smash them with brute force. They are still 60 bucks a piece, so if I have to break 3 or 4 of them to escape, cheating will get expensive.

I plan to put all my guy clothes into the 2 doors of my wardrobe I can lock with a padlock. I'll also hide all the tools from my appartment there that might be used to break locks or cables (bolt cutter, saw, etc).
All clothes that are available once I have locked those things away will be girly clothes, which I'll have to wear unless I want to get cold and miserable.

Furthermore, I could use 2 or 3 of the kitchen saves to create a staggered release.

Let's give a simple example:
I get home from work and want to have "fun" for the rest of the day.
The first stage will be doing some housework. I'll lock on some high heeled shoes, a collar and lock on some general girly clothes to stay warm. Then I'll tether myself to the kitchen area with a shortish leash so I can't leave there. To keep me concentrated, I'll wear a locked cockcage.

After one hour (when the kitchen is supposedly clean), the first safe opens up, and I'll be able to lose the leash and the cock cage. I can roam the appartment and do some recreative work, but still can't access my guy clothes.

In the evening, the second safe will open, which allows me to lose the high heels and girl clothes, and only the collar stays locked on.
I'll probably get to bet, but I'm really horny with a collar, so the first half of the night might be quite exhausting.

Near morning, the last safe will open and allow me to get rid of the collar, access my wardrobe again, and the keys to leave my appartment.
Then, the session will be over and I can go back to normal mode.

Does this sound anything good to you? Does this system work, or is there some obvious flaw? Is there a variant to make cheating harder?

Later, I might add a "stage" in which I can put a jacket over my locked girl top/ collar and go out to do some shopping. This sounds especially important if I do a longer session over the weekend and need to get some time outside.

Thank you, fellow crossdressers, your help was very much appreciated!

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Re: Advice needed for Crossdressing System

Postby lj » 15 Jun 2017, 15:26

I think there is a psychological/hormonal flaw, but it depends upon the OP's motivation.

When I first started cross-dressing with any degree of seriousness, it was for a sexual thrill, and was usually coupled with self-bondage, with an orgasm the desired result. Like most men, after orgasm there is a distinct drop in enthusiasm for both the dressing and the bondage. This occurs with pretty much any male sexual activity - excitement/orgasm/back to normal.

I regularly attended play-parties where I always cross-dressed, and after quite a short time, the clothes simply became part of my play, and whilst I enjoyed wearing the clothes for the sensations, they lost most of the sexual thrill.

So if I wanted to stay cross-dressed, I would simply stay cross-dressed, without feeling a need to be trapped into wearing the clothes.

OK, that's enough of my psychology.

What I am getting at?

If the OP wants a sexual thrill from cross-dressing, then he needs to be unable to have an orgasm, so that the sexual excitement is continued through out the day/night. Which means a good chastity device. Again, from my own experience, you need a well-fitted device that stops an erection occurring - I have a custom one (a JailBird from MatureMetals) and whilst it is possible to orgasm whilst locked, it is seriously unsatisfactory.

If the OP wants to stay enforced cross-dressed, then the scheme is fine, though if he takes matters into his own hand :shock: then he may find the experience frustrating in the wrong way.
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Re: Advice needed for Crossdressing System

Postby Sergio » 20 Jun 2017, 09:33

In a way having to remain in the chosen clothes after orgasm is half the fun of it for me.

Sometimes when working from home I'd dress up - rubber, plastic or womens clothes, possibly with added bondage like hood or cuffs and chains - and put on a chastity device. In summer the keys to the clothes and bondage might go in the garden which is overlooked by about 30 properties but hard to see after dark, and the keys to the chastity device go in a kitchen safe set for the end of the working day. A frustrating day of work follows before the safe opens and I can give myself relief, but then in that moment of post-orgasm anti-climax the realisation that I'm stuck in the clothes and bondage for hours to go is itself a turn-on and many more orgasms will follow before I can get the keys.

It actually works to just put all the keys in the kitchen safe because when it opens I'm horny enough to think that retrieving the key to the chastity device but locking up the other keys again until bedtime or even the following morning is a good idea.
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