Bondage cuffs.

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Bondage cuffs.

Postby Sub2323 » 05 Aug 2016, 01:15

Hi all
I have a question, so several years ago i bought some locking adjustable cuffs. they are simple. just a piece of leather with 3 slots to make them different sizes and a looped buckle to put a lock in. they are by far the most durable and secure cuff i have found. they got warn out a year ago, so i have been trying others but i have found that most of the ones I'm finding are cheap plastic leather and do not hold up at all. I'm tired of paying $50 for a poopy set so I'm hoping some one out there can point me in the direction of a good set. i have been tossing around the idea of metal ones but I'm having a hard time finding what seems to be a good fit. a nice and secure set of leather would be nice, also I'm trying to stay away from padded. i find that the padding makes it hard to get them tight enough and i like to spend time outside and muddy water like to make the padding smell bad. Please let me know if you know of good ones!
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Re: Bondage cuffs.

Postby cdinbonds » 05 Aug 2016, 04:40

Unpadded leather cuffs are easy to make yourself. It only requires a couple inexpensive tools (hole punch, rivet tool, possibly and edge beveler) and some belt blanks or leather straps from somewhere like Tandy Leather. If I understand your description, you can get the metal loop at any hardware store as part of a hasp for locking doors or gates. The part you need is the staple, a metal plate with four mounting holes and a wire loop for the lock.
The slots are cut with the hole punch, just a series of hole right nest to each other, or you can get a special punch to make slots. I usually just punch the holes at the ends and then make straight cuts between them with a utility knife guided by a straightedge to create the slot.

There are a few threads about such things in the DIY section, just use the search function.
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