Hair clip nipple clamps

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Hair clip nipple clamps

Postby Bound&Helpless » 20 Apr 2008, 20:20

I found a good way how to make your own nipple clamps.

Firstly, you need 2 hair clips similar to:

Once you have these, place one on each nipple.

Finally, close the end with some tape (i used electrical tape)

Word of note though, i found that when these are on the correct position, they are unable to get pulled off (atleast on me)

For those who are unable to picture this or imagine how it goes, i do have a picture of how it works where i can post upon request.
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Postby Amy_Tenchi » 20 Apr 2008, 20:42

In the US, we call those kinds of clips bobby pins and if I'm not mistaken, come in HUGE packs. Hmm, what to do with the remainder of those 50 clips... :roll:
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Postby Bound&Helpless » 20 Apr 2008, 20:46

Im unsure on what they are called over here, but as far as i can remeber, they only get sold in packs of about 10.

You are able to buy in large quantities, but there is always the option to buy in small amounts
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Postby bound_jenny » 21 Apr 2008, 00:51

Nice idea, B&H. I used to have a lot of those scattered about. You just gave me an excuse to buy new ones. :twisted:

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Postby onestrangeguy » 02 Sep 2008, 05:16

Most spring loaded clips that I have tried have a spring that is much to agressive. Then I came across spring loaded hair clips. They seem to be gentle enough, and just right for my use. :wink:
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