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PostPosted: 18 Feb 2008, 08:36
by knotfellow
Does anybody have a pattern for an armbinder? Years ago a girlfreind had one she and her sister had made out of ballistic nylon. It zipped up the back and was near impossible to get out of once on. We used when we knew the other would be there to let us out or if one of us lost a bet. It was easy to wear, and could be worn for hours with no ill effects. I would love to get a pattern so as to make one for myself. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Knotfellow.

PostPosted: 18 Feb 2008, 21:42
by curious_sb
Im no expert on these things but you could probably fudge your own together through experimenting, the rough idea is you get a peice of leather / nylon / whatever which is about two thirds of a semicircle, the radius of the circle (that is the length from the outer edge to the center) should be no longer than the length of your arm (for obvious reasons).

Now on the two straight edges you need to punch some holes and preferrably use metal eyelets to make sure it a) looks nice and b) doesnt rip the material when you bind it closed, then use some sort of lace or rope to weave the two straight ends together (they fold in to create the sleeve).

Wow not bad for a noob lol if I say so myself....

Step 1: Measure the circle diameter and then cut a peice of material two thirds of a semicircle....


Step 2: Make holes, Attach eyelets and fold both straight edges into the middle


Step 3: Lace it all up! (you'll need to add some shoulder straps)


PostPosted: 19 Feb 2008, 03:27
by bound_jenny
That's just about what I would do to make a monoglove armbinder. The other method, a bit more complicated, is to have two triangular pieces with a long strip along the sides, so the finished product looks like a pie slice. The outer triangle would have the eyelets or a zipper closure down the middle:


To use a zipper closure, it would have to be a good, solid one, preferably a metal one of good quality (not a crappy one made in China). Experience has told me to avoid certain brands of zippers.

While I was drawing the image, I had an idea for a self-release method involving two closures, one facing outward, and the other facing the back. The outside closure would be a zipper (for self-entrapment), and the one facing the back would be laced, but with the knot on the inside of the armbinder and at the hand end (assuming there is enough room to maneuver the fingers).

The laces would have to be short enough to come out of the eyelets once you undo the knot and start pulling the edges apart. The risk here would be the laces snagging on a sharp edge inside the eyelets. Large eyelets would reduce or eliminate that risk.

An alternate or backup release would be some way of undoing the shoulder straps. Using velcro instead of buckles?

I'm putting this on my R&D list - I'll make one out of scrap fabric first (no shortage of that) and "test fly" it sometime. If it works, it's going to be one of the accessories for my "correction corset", done in the same materials as the corset.



PostPosted: 19 Feb 2008, 15:28
by knotfellow
I should learn more about working on the computer. Thanks Jenny and Curious, I'll continue looking around and see what I can come up with. If possible, I may ask you, Jenny, to make the finished product for me (business opp?), because you seem to have the experience and you're close by...ish. Thanks again, Knotfellow.

Relatively Inexpensive Armbinder

PostPosted: 11 Feb 2009, 13:54
by bndgluver
Check EBAY for leather armbinders. I see them for ballpark $30 U.S. They have both zippered and laced styles, along with a variety of strap designs and come in a assortment of colors. The zippered version allows for self-bondage or at least an attempt at self-bondage. I have purchased two but as yet haven't tried them out. A whole 'nother lament. They also have armbinders that are indivually laced onto each arm with numerous attachment points. Leather arm splints that prevent the elbow from bending and have attachment points. EBAY is a wonderful source for toys. Do check the feedback from former purchasers as to the quality of an item. I have purchased some items of marginal quality and some that far exceeded my expectations.

One item I'd post the link to but the image might be deemed inappropriate. If someone could advise forum policy, I'd post the link.

As a firefighter {and yes, I was there an hour afterward and remained for weeks} we are trained in the use of rope, knots, and by virtue of the work we do, a certain amount of ingenuity and imagination as to getting a/the task done. I don't post here often but I do read weekly, and find that imagination wise, I'm at minimum matched here and in many cases exceeded. This forum as a sounding board is wonderful.

I don't have a 'friend' that is aware of my interests and can provide a safety net for play. Ergo, it can never be inescapable when it comes to self-bondage. I realize the two statements above are shared by many but another issue rarely mentioned is time, or the lack of it. Self-bondage scenarios take time and the economy begs little free time. Unless the same economy has provided more free time than anyone wants.

I do wonder how many on this forum are face-to-face friends beyond the forum. Are there get togethers, lunches etc? Thanks for allowing me to post.

PostPosted: 11 Feb 2009, 17:08
by onestrangeguy
I'm certainly no seamstress, and I know just from reading that Jenny is a good one who knows her stuff. To be honest, I've been looking too, having never had one. Nevertheless, the "Cone" idea just doesn't sound quite exactly right to me. Many of the ones I have seen have a sort of pocket for the hands to fit into. This makes them more secure, and helps to hold them on. - Not the greatest picture (Below), but you can see a slight bulge at the bottom for the hands, and a narrowing around the wrists. - (Added) - Here are some better pictures of what I am talking about. ... m153.l1262 ... =aa&bnr=39

Buying a cheap E-Bay armbinder would give you something to start with, and if it breaks or wears out, take it apartand use it for a pattern. You might even be able to improve the design at that point.

As for self bondage removal, I was wondering if you had a zipper closure, with the type of zipper that had a tab on the inside, if you couldn't tie a string to the tab leading to the hands. It would probably take you a while to work the tab down, but if you had enough dextarity it should be possible. Admittedly, that kind of defeats the purpose, but us self binders have to do what we have to do!


PostPosted: 06 Apr 2009, 21:55
by JKremis
im kind of curious to know how one would use an armbinder in SELFbondage... how would you get in? and if you got in it, wouldnt you be hopelessly stuck?

im assuming most ppl here cant unlock things with their toes, but hey.... never know :wink:

EDIT: To note my first post :D

:!: :!: :!:

PostPosted: 07 Apr 2009, 01:13
by bound_jenny
JKremis wrote:im kind of curious to know how one would use an armbinder in SELFbondage...

I believe that this thread is a discussion on just that point.



PostPosted: 20 Apr 2009, 11:26
by invunrible
Hi All

I know this topic is a little old now but came across this vid on youtube.

Its of a guy(Paula by stage name) in a hotel room getting into a armbinder. Its very impressive to watch. Although it doesn't show him getting out, If you look closely there are a couple of cableties dangling down, which I guess he yanks then(on the door handels he uses to tighten everything) and then he will be realeaced.

Worth a watch for anyone interested in self bondage, Armbinder style.


PS this is my first post "YAY" . I shall introduce my self in a few days time, along with hopefully publishing some plans for a few DIY projects I am working on.


PostPosted: 14 Dec 2009, 01:54
by ydal


PostPosted: 14 Dec 2009, 02:55
by bound_jenny
A zipper requires that the tab on the slider be pulled out slightly in order to release the ratchet underneath (which prevents the zipper from unzipping itself). Just pulling straight down along the length of the zipper will not suffice. It might do it once in a while, but it's not a reliable method.



PostPosted: 29 Dec 2009, 00:41
by ydal


PostPosted: 29 Dec 2009, 00:59
by onestrangeguy
ydal wrote:Could you make one our of something stretchy so you can freeze the last 2 sides 2gether with ice so basically it is stretched on a skeleton and you put your arms in it and push down so it comes off and you are stuck till the ice melts then it just opens up and falls off :mrgreen: and its not like much can go wrong with ice if you are indoors :whip:

This sounds to me like one of those ideas that sounds good in theory, but would fail miserably in practical application. To make it work you would have to have a big piece of ice, which would get in the way and freeze your arms. Not only that you would undoubtedly leave a trail of water behind you. I would also imagine that timing your release would be difficult at best.
Unfortunately, while there are various ways to use them in self bondage, the most practical application of an arm binder by far is with a partner. Hopefully, one that will release you after some period of time. :lol:


PostPosted: 20 Apr 2010, 19:55
by CrazyMetalFuka
Going back to the original post about patterns, using a patern similar to the one bellow should produce a decent arm binder, hopefull (the cross hatching shows where you'd need to stitch) Though thinking on the self application, i think jenny had the best idea with the two layers. You'd also have to either add straps for the shoulders (and possible a d-ring at the bottom) or add more holes and have rope straps you tie before you put on the binder.



PostPosted: 15 May 2010, 07:40
by randomguy
I have been wondering about a way to do this also with the stuff i already have and finally thought of a way and figured i would share it. First the 4 items i use are the leather locking cuffs, handcuffs, thumb-cuffs, and zip ties. With the handcuffs and thumb-cuffs key holes facing away from my fingers i can not unlock them without bringing them in front of me and using my mouth to get the key in the cuffs. So i would start off by putting the leather locking cuffs right above my elbows and snugging them down and locking(might be optional to leave them unlocked I don't think you could take them off once everything was snugged up and cuffs on) them on with the D rings facing towards my back. Then depending how flexible you are start adding the zip ties to the D ring 1 on each arm only 2 clicks tightened on the zip ties on each one and repeat till you can connect the 2 sides with 1 more zip tie connecting the 2 lines of zip ties from each arm. Then you just start pulling on the zip ties to snug them up and bring your elbows closer together. Then apply the handcuffs and thumb-cuffs and your stuck. I have not actually tried it yet still a new idea but it seems like it would work well. If you don't plan on having anyone around to free you, before you do any of it, secure a knife somewhere with the blade facing up that you will be able to get your arms to and carefully cut yourself free. (I will personally probally use a sword with its handle secured between my bed box springs and my bed-frame) Feel free to comment on the idea it seems like it would work when i play it out in my mind but still have not had the time to test it.