DIY: Tips, Tricks and Thoughts

Ideas and instructions how you can make your own bondage toys.

DIY: Tips, Tricks and Thoughts

Postby tkwsni » 10 Sep 2018, 19:08

I thought it would be nice to create a thread with just short, condensed random tips and thoughts around DIY. One or two-liner per tip, here goes some of mine:

- To prevent the rare case when a padlock does not work, and give you more safety by creating a bit of leeway, use 2 different padlocks locked to each other.

- Don't buy expensive ice locks. Create your perfect ice lock using 2 spring toggles (ceiling fixtures), a plastic cup and two bits of wire to hold them in position while in the refrigerator.

- If you use a key safe, use an ice lock as second, delayed release method. The "unpleasant liquid" is not very practical...

- Use a mop on top of a tall piece of furniture to hang an ice lock holding a spare set of keys for release.

- The ice lock should not reveal progress, i.e. the ice block being visible.

- An image lock software should tease but not show how much time is left.

- Before you lock yourself using a time lock mechanism with a key safe, make sure you can access and read the key safe dials.

- Nothing on your neck! An example of a deadly scenario is being on your knees using a bar connecting to your neck on one end and your ankles on the other end. If you faint, the strain on your neck will kill you.

- When creating a scenario, determine if your body changes position in case you faint. Then determine if that is a safety hazard.

- Even your bed theoretically can break and have you dying of asfixiation.

- You will not think rationally when you start panicking. And if your body takes control over the show... Better safe than dead.

- If you use an image locker software running on a PC, make sure your system power settings and screensaver settings are appropriate.

- Always have an internet connection and a couple of phones reachable when you're locked up and make sure all batteries are charged. The last resort is to be able to contact someone; at least you have the whole internet available.

- Your belt is a pervertible. You can use it with a rope under your crotch to hold a butt plug in place. A good butt plug belt is hard to find in the market...

- You can use a small magnetic lock connected to a relay bank + Raspberry Pi to create an iceless release system.

- When buying a keysafe, make sure the dials are easily readable.

- Do not cover your mouth. Puking kills.

- Would a medical feeding tube (people with Crohn disease use it) be a good pervertible? People insert them via the nose and swallow water when passing it through the throat. Then they take a sample and measure the PH level to ensure they haven't inserted the tube in their lungs.

- Youtube has plenty of videos demonstrating how to insert a Foley catheter.
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Re: DIY: Tips, Tricks and Thoughts

Postby Jadit » 11 Sep 2018, 17:05

- You can put your ice-release in a small plastic bag that will collect all the water. When it releases, the bag is left hanging from a rope while the other end from inside cube has come out. You won't be able to create a real vacuum because of 2 holes for ropes, so melting time should not be affected. Every store sells these bags to store food in freezer/fridge.

- Always test ice lock melting time with the same setup and room temperature you are planning to use.

- Don't use long string and no knot inside the frozen cube, they could get stuck or not fit through the ring or a non-tightening rope loop. It should easily just slide through when melted.

- Non-chlorinated latex clothing are hard to put on, unless you are prepared to oil your body. You can counter that alot by making sure zippers aren't hard to reach, like behind the back is. People tend to exaggerate how much latex can stretch, actually you will be more worried that it snaps broken. They will slowly wear down and break even if you don't have much trouble with wearing. Chlorinated ones snap even easier, so my thoughts now lean on having something thicker than 0.4mm by default. But it is also a problem if you ordered size too small.

- Think about ordering latex clothing that are size or 2 larger than your fit. It will not stick to your skin as much and leave a bit of space for air. I would think it will let you sweat more and make the experience a little more fun. Too big gloves will make it harder to use your fingers, further making your session with it more exciting.
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Re: DIY: Tips, Tricks and Thoughts

Postby Slave_L » 11 Sep 2018, 21:22

- Most simple leather arm restraints have D rings. If you put them on, then put hand cuffs through the d-rings, the hand cuffs become the locking mechanism, and the leather arm restraints become a protection for the hand cuffs to not close too tight. This way, you can use arm cuffs for self bondage without requiring double-locking hand cuffs and be afraid to cut off circulation.
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Re: DIY: Tips, Tricks and Thoughts

Postby Sir Cumference » 14 Sep 2018, 05:46

When using zip-ties (cable ties) as restraints, put them through a piece of rubber tube with an appropriate length first.
It will stop them from getting too tight and make them a lot less likely to cut into you.
(It can also make them a bit harder to cut)
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Re: DIY: Tips, Tricks and Thoughts

Postby tkwsni » 20 Sep 2018, 18:55

- How would I design a versatile SB frame out of pipes and connectors? Maybe cuboid-shaped. Adding secured wood boards it could act as a sophisticated piece of furniture combining possibilities like a table, shelves and a bed, and you could lock yourself in a gazillion ways. This gives me ideas, see canopies here:

- Forced exercise system: imagine you're naked wearing nipple clamps with weights. You hands are cuffed. A medical TENS unit is securely connected to your balls or ass and activated by sound or a relay. A camera uses AI to classify your exercise movements. Or a smartphone uses a software with accelerometer pattern analysis. If you don't perform the exercise movements correctly, you get a shock.

- If you lock yourself with arms stretched above your head, do not use collars, gags or anything on your neck. In some positions your arms can put additional pressure on your neck, this will be dangerous.

- Always use 3 release methods at the same time: 1. key safe + software, 2. Suspended ice key release with longer time, 3. last resort: Mobile phones and internet to call for help.
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