How Embarassing

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How Embarassing

Postby switchwithu » 12 Nov 2010, 17:07

The morning of Halloween I got a call from my older sister asking me to stop by her house to pick up some female clothing for my sub husband Tom. I put on a turtleneck and jeans with some boots and drove over. I walked in calling her name and she answered from her bedroom in the far end of the house. As I walked down the hallway I heard a door behind me open and out walked my sub Ann. Dottie came out of her bedroom as her friend Kathy joined Ann behind me. I said, "What's this, a party?" Dottie grinned at me and said, "Yes, and it's all about you." She explained that she was taking all of us and my husband to the Halloween party in Myrtle Beach as her slaves.
In just a few disagreeable minutes I was dressed in a black leather cutout bra and miniskirt with no panties. I was helped into knee boots with 3 inch heels complete with police legirons.A tall posture collar was buckled on and I was led into my sister's den. Dottie handed me the cellphone from my bag and told me to call Tom. I refused to help her in her scheme. ( I'll show her!) I was pushed over to a column where thumbcuffs went behind the column, pinning my hands behind it. Handcuffs went on my wrists and another pair above my elbows. One ankle was uncuffed and the chain passed behind the column as well, then locked back on. Kathy put a pair of clover clamps on my nipples and Dottie said I had one more chance to call Tom. Again I refused and was rewarded with a ball gag harness and a leather blindfold. Ann was told to watch me and I heard the other two bitches leave.
I heard Ann stirring around the house and making several trips in and out of the den. If I could talk, I'd tell her what I thought of her treachery. I guess that's why they gagged me.I could see I was going to the party as a slave.
After a while I heard the others come back. The blindfold was removed and I saw them lead Tom in with a leash attached to his collar.He wore identical legirons to mine. They took off a rain coat that was belted around him. He had on a pair of shorts and sneakers. His hands were cuffed in front of him with tape over his mouth and he was blindfolded as well.
He was led over to me and his collar was attached to mine with a pair of handcuffs. Ann and Kathy each grabbed an arm as Dottie released one wrist and put his hands behind my waist and recuffed him. They took the ball gag out of my mouth and the tape off his. I saw Ann pull a pair of panties out of his mouth. Dottie put a ball into his mouth and strapped it in. The gag had another strap that she held on either side of my head as Kathy pushed my head forward to meet his. Ann held my nose until I opened my mouth to breathe and found that I was to be gagged with the same ball as my husband. Our lips met and Dottie said, "This will be the longest kiss you ever got." She fastened the strap behind my head. It was plain that we would have to do whatever they wanted of us.
They went giggling into the bedroom as we embraced each other and mmpphhed for a little while. Despite feeling helpless and angry I was very aroused and knew my more submissive husband felt the same only more so. I knew Dottie would'nt harm us but I sure was mad at her anyway.
When they came back, Dottie was done out in true Dom form. She wore a black leather catsuit, zipped way down to show a red corset underneath and a chain necklace. Her hair was in a tall ponytail above her head, with dangling crystal earrings and a mask like the lone ranger wore. She wore a pair of red boots that she had taken from my house, as well as my husband. She looked great, I wished I were her!
Ann and Kathy were dressed in leather from head to toe, exact replicas of my outfit. If they dressed poor Tom the same, Sis would have a matched little army of slaves. They carried a box each, which they sat on the sofa. What now?
I soon found out when they released Tom from me and took him to the bedroom. When they returned, he had on a long black wig and plenty of makeup and red lipstick. He was dressed in a black corset and the same boots as the rest of the slaves. His thumbs were cuffed behind him. I saw that they had put him in his chastity belt. He was bent over the sofa and they installed a vibrating plug in his butt. The strap was put on the rear of the belt and locked on. A pair of red frilly panties was pulled up and tucked under his corset. They put his legirons on and led him to the column again. Ann put on a posture collar and leashed him to a ring set into the post at the top.
Next was my turn. I was released from the pole and led to the sofa. I wore only the thumbcuffs behind me, but I was powerless to resist whatever they wanted to do to me. I was lubed and locked into a belt with two vibrators. I got the same frilly red panty as Tom. Ann pulled up her skirt and showed me the same arrangement on herself. Sis hit the remote for the vibrators for about ten seconds and promised I'd get more later. Thanks. Then the collar and legirons before I joined Tom at his column.
Ann was more than happy to get the same bondage as Tom and I. Kathy had her hands cuffed in front of her and a long chain between. No legirons for her either. She was to be our keeper. We three were chained together with a chain at our collars, keeping us about two feet apart. Kathy led us out to my sister's Escalade and we three were seated on the rear seat and belted in. She carried out all the suitcases as I promised revenge on everyone but Tom. Dottie came to the car and inserted a simple penis gag into my mouth and strapped it behind my head.
As we made the drive to the beach, I glowered at my sister in her mirror while she told me how much I was going to enjoy this. I was planning to take Tom and Ann as my subs, but that was all blown to hell now. We arrived at the hotel and to my embarassment, Kathy had the valet help us out of the car. As Dottie registered, I wanted to be invisible. We went to our room, I wondered what else Dottie had in the luggage. I will finish this by saying it was a night of firsts for all of us. I will make Ann post her version of it soon.
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