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Scrotum that is bigger than an orange.

PostPosted: 06 Apr 2018, 20:17
by Slave_L
In my most recent purchase at a pharmaceutical company, I managed to get 5 bags of 1 liters of saline (0.9 NaCL)

As a result, for the third time now, I have injected saline into my ballsack, and it has expanded to an enormous size which is quite a bit bigger than an orange. 1 Liter of saline obviously weights 1 kg, so I have a lump of 1kg dangling between my legs.

Its hard to compare the size with anything else, but I can safely say that its bigger than an average female breast. A girl with a breast this big would not need to get them enlarged by a protese (or whatever they are called)

All I need is to add a nipple to it, and I have a breast between my legs. XD

Anyway, this is the 3rd time I did it, and it feels so awesome. At the start I was scared a bit even though I knew I would love it.

I placed the 2 0.7mm needles on the table and prepared the session. The chastity cage was allowed off (wouldn't fit anyway)

I sat down, held the first needle in my hand, looked for a proper place to insert the needle through the skin of my ballsack and sat there for about a minute. Not because I couldn't find a proper place, but because inserting a needle through your ballsack is not something you do every day. I felt the butterflies in my stomach but I wanted this. And I have a rule, if I get the needle out of the package, its no longer sterile so I have to use it. And yes, I got both needles out of the packages because I knew I wanted to use them and that was a good way to not back out of it.

One deep breath, sitting a bit relaxed I decided to go ahead. I slowly pressed the needle against the skin, slowly make it finds its way into the inside of my ballsack, felt the pinch and it slid in quite easily. I expected more pain actually, so I was pleasantly surprised.

I grabbed the second needle, didn't feel that anxious anymore so I pressed it against the skin in a spot that deemed safe, and pressed it in too in the same way. I did felt the pinch more than on the other side, which usually means that I did hit a vine, but from experience, that really is not a bad thing, just means it will bleed more when I take the needle out.

The saline is very cold, even though it has been stored at room temperature for quite a few days now (all sterile packed though). I would estimate the temperature to be around 9 degrees celcius. Possibly lower.

I filled my 100ml syringe to inject it into the left side of my ballsack, then placed it on the needle and started to insert it. I didn't had my needle at the proper placed and applied too much pressure and bwam... the syringe ejected the needle and there went 30ml of saline all over the place. I reseated the needle on the syringe, moved the needle inside my ballsack and slowly applied pressure to start filling the left sack up. Once done, I removed the syringe from the needle, but kept the needle in my sack, refilled and repeated the same procedure for the right ballsack which went without troubles.

I then refilled 4 times and added the 400ml to the left ballsack filling it up with 500ml of saline (or so). I then took out the needle with the syringe, applied some pressure on the puncture wound but it was sealed pretty quickly. (this is important because if you don't seal it properly, it will cause slow leakage and the saline stays in less long.

I used a small syringe and placed it on the right needle as I was filling up the left ballsack to prevent the 100ml of saline from going out of the sack as the needle was just hanging. Little pressure from the left sack could just push out the saline, and just putting an empty syringe ontop of the needle is a great way to seal that needle temporarily.

As I was filling the left sack, the cold saline was doing its work. First, the needle was being made cold, which means that you feel the needle being inserted in your skin. This is something you must account for, otherwise you'll be thinking that you are sticking the needle into all kinds of things, when its just the puncture wound that you feel.

But that wasn't all. This time, the saline was colder than before, and as the saline cooled down my ballsack and balls, the balls started to hurt a little. I knew this was a possibility, just never experienced it. It was pretty nice actually to experience it, even though the feeling was a bit... unpleasant. As the first needle was taken out, I took the time to embrace my already big sack and warm it up a little. This solved the unpleasant feeling.... for a while.

With the left needle out, now focussing on the right ballsack, the same routine was being done. The cold saline made the needle cold, making it that I felt the puncture wound. As I had punctured a vine, I felt it more than normal, but nothing overly painful. It was just there. The cold saline also cooled down my balls and I started to feel the ache of my balls once more. Not as much as the first time though, given that the already somewhat warm saline from the left sack was helping warming up the newly injected saline on the right side.

Once done, I removed the syringe with needle from the right sack and immediately saw that it was bleeding. It was at this point that I could clearly see that I had indeed punctured a vine. So I just took some additional care for the puncture.

A tip, even though your ballsack is now like an inflated balloon, you can still grab a bit of skin and pinch it. By doing so, the wound heels much faster than if you just apply pressure ontop with the saline pushing from below.

With the wound sealed, I am now typing as my ballsack rests on the leather from my chair. I can't put my hand on it and not see my balls. They're that big. Swinging everything left/right or forward backward is so nice.

Too bad it will be gone in 2 days.

My skin still feels cold from the saline, but inside, the temperature is quite a bit higher for sure.

I'll soon use the fact that my ballsack is now fully stretched so I can shave the thing without worrying for a cut. :)

I hope you enjoyed reading this. I sure had a lot of fun doing this and I can't wait to redo it.

I'm actually considering to inflate my penis, as in, the area between my penis and the outer skin. I saw this in a video and that seems so much fun. Now the skin from my ballsack is pushed into the area of my penis and it is a bit inflated through that means, but inflating the penis itself, where the skin fully swallows the cock... yum... sounds like fun!

I didn't want to use the saline from my balls to partially do that, because the 1l of saline is already not that much and will only give me about 2 to 2,5 days of fun... using less saline for my balls means that fun is going to be less too.

Anyway, can't wait to go to sleep as turning with this heavy bag of saline between my legs is so much fun. :D

Re: Scrotum that is bigger than an orange.

PostPosted: 06 Apr 2018, 21:08
by Slave_L
Small addition...

With such huge scrotum, I definitely can't fit a chastity cage on, but I wondered, would a chastity belt fit?

Well... barely. I am wearing it now, but my balls pop out from underneat, and sitting is nearly impossible without giving much pressure on my testicles. Very uncomfortable. Neat! xD

Will remove the belt soon though, even though it works, its much more fun with my balls freely dangling. :)

I also tried putting on normal underpants and my trousers... well, that's a big mistake. My pants are so stuffed that every single movement causes me to rub against my penis. I definitely could not go to work with this... lol. bummer. XD

Re: Scrotum that is bigger than an orange.

PostPosted: 07 Apr 2018, 12:03
by Slave_L
This morning, they were still nice and big, but the sack was now more like a leaked balloon. If you look at it, all looks nice and big, but if you squeeze in it, you can dent it, so to speak.

The sack felt a bit sore, but from all that stretching, that was to be expected. Not really painful, just like when you are in a position for some time, your arms and legs may feel a bit sore.

After a few hours, the sack reduced in size more and was the size of a large fist(like those of people who do intense labor with their hands (making streets, plumbers, etc)

Currently, my sack has reduced even more in size, and now actually resembles a sack again with balls inside. Still inflated like a balloon, but now the saline just makes it look like my balls are 4 times as big. I can now also squeeze in my balls again and feel my balls. Doing so makes me realize that my balls are still small, and its just the saline. At this moment, my sack has the size of my own fist.

I've actually considered doing another 1l injection and do part of it in between my penis and the flesh around it, but decided against it.

I do think this will be my last update given that from now on, it will just get smaller and smaller until the sack has reached its normal default size again. The skin will still be a bit stretched, but that will correct itself in a few days too.

Re: Scrotum that is bigger than an orange.

PostPosted: 07 Apr 2018, 13:54
by smelt
So here is a question. What if you did this WHILE in the cage? Would you be stuck until it shrunk down? I saw a video of this from Germany a while back, and reading your description brings back the "heebie-jeebies" that I got watching that. I would be too afraid that something would slip, there would be a mess, and a trip to the doctor. Interesting concept though...

Re: Scrotum that is bigger than an orange.

PostPosted: 08 Apr 2018, 15:39
by Slave_L
I would definitely not attempt this while being caged for a simple reason. Pressure increase.

When I wear my cage I often have that when I have or had an erection, the skin where the cage touches can become slightly irritated, and I need to move the ring.

When I inflate the sack it will become really huge, including the part where the ring normally is. So either I would limit the amount of saline to a bare minimum and only have like 1 hour of joy from this, or I would get to uncomfortable levels.

It may even increase the pressure up to a point where the cage may break or become deformed.

So yeah, I haven't attempted this because I can already see that it is a really bad idea. But the thought have crossed my mind.

That said, if it were to actually work, then I would definitely be trapped in this for a few hours until enough of the saline has been absorbed for my skin to be flexible enough to just pull it through. Remember its not the testicles that change in size, its adding volume to the sack. Like having a plastic bag, fill it with water to get it round. Enough pressure inside maintains the round shape of the sack, but once you pour out water, the shape can be changed and water can be moved freely inside the sack making it possible move the ring around the skin and move the water through to take off the ring.

Of course with a cage on and huge ballsack, it will look stunning if there is no irritation. That is definitely something I'd like to try, but given that I have a saline bag of 1 liters, and when open it just has to be used all, that makes it not really suitable for this. There are small packages too. I may need to get one of those if I want to try this.

Also, having an inflated ballsack feels really weird, and nothing at all what you would expect. For example, your balls are pushed to the sides and to the back and remain there. You can find them if you want and then feel that they are indeed your balls. But when you touch your ballsack, normally you feel the skin of the sack and your balls. Now you only feel your skin. Given that it is stretched out, the skin is more sensitive. For example, if you use a small flogger designed to hit your penis and use it on your inflated sack, then it feels very stingy as if the flogger had little knifes attached to them, even though you are not at all damaging your skin. Its just that the nerves are easily stimulated through little skin, as normally the skin is wound up to form a sort of cushion.

But it is really easy to shave a sack so stretched out... :D