Online Sex Slave - a true storie

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Online Sex Slave - a true storie

Postby Cazandra » 18 May 2018, 15:48

Hello fellows. I live in Brazil and have experienced bdsm since I had 17. I took a long way until I finally became a mistress and have my own slaves to enjoy pain and pleasure in my bondage sessions.

One day I played a MMO game just for fun , MNF Club. A place where I could find potentially slaves that did know how to enslave themselves in real life. Because of that I tried to teach how to do self-bondage by the chat inside the game. In this game I identify myself as Cazandra, same name in here.

It's not easy to find people wanting to do this kind of things, even to trust in someone by the internet. But eventually I founded a German girl interested in self-bondage in real life.

This is the true story about my online german slave. I found her in the MMO game MNF Club. Since then I order her to tie herself at home, folling my instructions.

The first selfbondage session I order her to do was like in this link:


She gave me this report in the next day morning:


Slave - hello ma'am. I'm ok, thank you very much. I couldn't free myself on my own and the ice was melted enough to get free after almost 3 hours. after the first orgasm I was still excited and wanted more, but after the third, my pussy started burning and hurting, that was after ca an half an hour. the next 2 and half hours, I struggled and panicked a little. I was even crying, while I was forced to one orgasm after another. I don't know how many I had. They came in a row at the end.

The pain from the clothespins and especially the alligator clips was killing me. It was so painful, I felt losing my mind. I was struggling and begging, I wanted to take them off. I felt completely helpless and got a view into a being as slave. My ass squeezed on the dildo inside all the time and from my wrigglings and tremblings it moved inside. My nipples, breasts, pussy and ass are sore, I was sitting in a puddle of my juice and my spit. I was sweaty and messed up. I even peed myself and was sitting in it

I really suffered. I cried and begged. But when I was watching the video, I was so horny again. It turned me on so fucking hard. I really loved it ma'am. It was just amazing. Thank you so so so much for this experience. Maybe if you would want, I would be excited to make more of those experiences ma'am.




Me - Can you use clothpins in your lips and tape them too?

I'm ready so far. In the moment you say it. I will blindfold myself. Turn the egg and vibrator on, clip my nipples and slide my arms in the pantyhose. I will keep being in your pm window until I lose connection, I would love if you talk to me again, but I won't be able to read it instantly

Yes mistress. I can tape them as well, when they are on my pussy lips

Me - Ok, put them on your lips and tape

Me - Are you afraid?

Yes mistress, done. God I'm so wet and excited. My pussy lips are spread and in pain, the clothespins pinching hard. Yes I'm very afraid mistress. My head feels hot and I'm shivering. I'm nervous and fuck to be honest I'm fucking scared. But I don't want chicken out. I will do it mistress, I want it

Me - go on. Turn your vibes on

Yes mistress

Me - clip your nipples

Yes mistress

Me - cover your eyes and put your arms inside. Enjoy, my sweet slave

Yes mistress, thank you very much


Hello mistress. I'm sorry, I was busy with work the last days.

Because of the last time, it was more or less the same like the first strict self-bondage. My body was just much more sore and sensitive from the day before. It felt much more intense. The pain was killing me but I couldn't stop cumming, I felt endless pleasure through this terrible pain. I was forced to one orgasm after another for almost 3 hours

The biggest difference was the blindfold. I was lying spread-eagled and strict tied up on my bed. I had no blanket, so I was all exposed. Of course I locked the apartment, but I heard my neighbors on the house floor and I really started to get paranoid. I was so nervous, when I thought about... what I will do, when I feel a hand on my skin, when anyone is there and make pics or even rape me. Of course there was nothing I could have done, I was helpless. It was scary, but to be honest I became more and more horny. God I was so excited. I just want to tell someone. I fantasized about to leave my door open a little, so that there would be a real possibility that someone finds me. Of course I don't dare, but I wanted to share my fantasies >:<

It is just like that I always wanted to try risky stuff. Not directly public and I don't want to be seen, but I it makes me crazy to think about, that I'm in a situation, where a real chance is, that I could get caught





It was very rough mistress.
I could struggle out on my own. I was falling asleep and when I woke up after 4 hours, it was killing me. The clip on nipples and clit was too much pain and I was lying on my soaked wet bed. I panicked when I was just woken up and still tied. I crawled in the bathroom to get the scissor, the belts were too tightly, and I couldn't open them with my bare hands.

But as you wanted I tied the scissor to close it. I did it too tightly and couldn't even open the scissor. I was laying in the bathroom, in despair, tortured without any chance to stop it by myself. My mind was going blank, I cried and my body was messed up in spit, sweat, juice and pee.

I still had the dildo in my ass and the vibrator in my pussy, tied inside to not be able to push them out. While I was lying in my bathroom, I was still forced under immense pain to orgasm after orgasm. After ca 1 hour, I couldn't stand this anymore, I need to get free and made my decision. I wanted to leave my apartment, that any neighbor can help me, but I couldn't open my door. I really panicked. I felt absolutely helpless, I stucked in this self-bondage., no way to take off the clips what were hurting me so badly, I had no chance to stop the forced orgasm. I was just laying on the floor, crying and cumming and cumming and cumming.
I was very slow in my head, but after another hour or so, I got finally the idea to write my sister a message with my phone. She has a key for my flat and lives not far from me, but she was on work. After I wrote her, she came to free me after 5 hours. I was caught in the self-bondage. for fucking 11 hours.

I was feeling like a real slave this day and thought often about, that a real real slave maybe have to take this for 24 hours or longer. It was fucking embarrassing when my sister found me. I couldn't even explain the situation, she just jelled with me, that I need to be more careful when I'm doing this "stupid bullshit" her words. My body was a mess, the pain needed almost a day to vanish, but eve now I feel my nipples and clit are sore. But when I think back on this session. Fuck it was so amazing. I

Finally got a real slave experience and I'm fucking horny for even more mistress. I think I'm really totally masochistic, but I love it really very much

Me - How was it when you found the scissors?

At first I was relieved, I was glad to get out. But when I noticed after 15-20 min helpless trying, I got dispaired
The vibrator did its work. My pussy felt hot, like it was burning. The orgasms were painful, but I loved this mix of pain and pleasure, while I was forced to cum. to be honest I really wished it would stop, but that it wasn't and I had no chance to stop it, made me hornier

Me - What about your sorry ass?

More or less ok. It was filled by a mere dildo, it was vibrated or fucked. The dildo just moved very slightly, when I was moving and while I was cumming, my ass tightened and squeezed on it. It was a little painful to pull it out and my ass felt loosen a few hours. I had a bit panic that I can't hold my shit, but it was just a feeling. But I was glad, when I could take it out, I had a bit belly ache, because I needed

Me - tell me about your breasts

My breasts were ok, much more sensitive. When they were pushed on the floor or on a wall, it felt just very good. I wanted to get them grabbed and squeezed. I couldn't do it myself. Another thing was it with my nipples. Same like my clit. The clips were biting very rough in them. The pain increased and increased. This was, what made me shaking the most, I guess. I really wanted them off. After a while, my nipples and clit felt a little numb, but when I moved just a little and made them shaking, it hurted terrible again. But the most pain in the whole session, was taking them off. I did it very slowly and had my face in a pillow to muffle my screams. The teeth of the clips leaved purple marks on my nipples and clit

Me - Did you drool? Did you pee? Did you cum many liquids?

I did a pee in my bed, I think so, and my bed was soaked, when I woke up. I did a second pee on the floor in front of my apartment door. I was gagged, so yes. I drooled a lot. My mouth felt dry, but my spit was dropping on my breasts, legs and the floor. I don't know how often I squirted. I don't even know how often I came. I didn't count, I had not the mind to count. But I leaved a puddle in the bathroom and in front of my door. My legs were totally wet



Me - leave the 12 inch dildo to your ass. Can you endure this?

I will mistress, for you I will. And if I can I have no choice to endure it, when I'm tied

The egg is taped on my clit. The vibrator is inside my pussy. I'm already so wet. I'm very excited. I hold the vibrator with a crotch rope inside


But I can do it on the door next to my front door, mistress

Me - I want you leave the front door unlocked

Me - You will use blinds in your eyes

Yes mistress

Me - You'll never know if somebody goes inside and take you, understood?

Me - Prepare this door, next to the front door

No one will mistress. Even unlocked, the door can't be opened from outside

Me - So you have two options: leave a key outside, in the keyhole... Or leave the door a little opened

Omg r...really? Are you really s...serious?

Me - yes, I am

Me - don't you wanna something almost in public?

O...ok mistress. Yes I will do it. I have only one key, I don't want them outside. Maybe I get locked. I will leave the door a little bit open

Me - I imagine you now all soaked wet with this

Oh god I am, my heart beats so fast. I'm fucking nervous, but I feel like cumming, and the vibes don't even vibrating now

Me - Put something behind the door. Something that can stops someone to breaks in

Yes mistress

I need a moment for the preparations

Me - ok

How much ice shall I use?

Me - the many you did to last 3 hours

3 hours. Omfg... y..Yes mistress

I wear the higheels now. Egg on my clit, vibrator in my pussy. The door next to my front door is closed, a sock with ice between it, a key ring on the sock, stopped from the ice and a rope tied to the ring with both ends, than only a noose hangs up. The handcuffs are in the noose, I made it as high as possible. My spit is dropping down through the gag, I will continue the preparations

Me - great girl. This gonna be amazing. How is your neighborhood? Are they gossips?

I opened my door a little bit. The place where I will be tied is directly in front. Only 2 or 3 meter between the doors. If someone comes in, I will be the first thing what's been seen. I was opening my door and stepped outside for a second, like I am. God, my heart beats so fucking fast and my head feels hot. Leaved the door open just a little bit and placed a bottles box on it. The door opens inside my flat

The older women in the house yes. They talk always about other neighbors.

Me - Your door can still unopened? Or someone can force to enter?

If someone pushes the door open with a bit of strength, the bottles box will be pushed away and the door opens

Me - good. Real good. Do you think this gonna happen?

I tied my legs now, under leg to upper leg, that I'm not able to stand up anymore. I'm sitting with my back to the door, where I will be tied and got the dildo in my ass. ca 5 inches deep. The dildo is taped to the floor, I can move still a bit deeper, but I can't stand up of it. It is really think. It spreads my ass open very wide and hurts a little.

I don't know, I must not think about it. I look at the door and on the cuffs above me. I'm hesitating to be honest. I'm so nervous. My mind feels like going blank

Me - ok. Are you ready?

I have the blindfold in my hand. Fuck I'm so nervous >.<

Me - do not use it. It's better for you look at the door

Please just command me to blindfold, turn the vibes on and cuff myself, I'm going to chicken out any moment

Me - turn vibes on now

Yes mistress, no blindfold

Yes mistress

Me - ok, put your cuffs, now! Now!

Yes mistress

Me - enjoy, my little slave

Me - prepare to be raped today

Me - Someone goes in and gonna rape you for sure

REPORT - 14/12/2017

I will try to give you a report mistress. It's a bit different from the other times, because I lack a bt on memories. I'll start here:

I was wearing the body rope and high heels, nothing else. The vibe egg was taped on my clit, the vibrator held in my pussy. My mouth was gagged, my legs tied to hold me on knees and my nipples pinched from elastics, attached to the rope on my breasts. I was sitting with my ass on the huge dildo, while I leaved the door a little open, held it with a bottles box. At you gave the command, I cuffed my wrists quickly above my head and was unable to move away or get free by myself at this point. When I was helpless and noticed my cuffed wrists and tied body, I just started to realize the situation. Until then, I was just doing what I got told, totally horny and excited. but at the moment my hands were cuffed, I understood, that I really leaved my front door open, while I'm in self-bondage. I got scared fucking much, I was totally freaking out and when you sent your pms, like I'm going to it was about 9 am where I live and I got a unfortunately day to do this, because just a little while after I was tied up, I heard the cleaning woman cleaned the hallway. I heard her knocking the broom or scrub on my door, when she was cleaning there. My heart started to beat fast as hell, my head was burning, my body shaking and trembling. I was so scared, I felt how I was going crazy. I begged so much, that she won't push the door open. I needed to hold back my moans and stop my movements to be as quiet as just possible. I've heard through the time I was tied, more often people in the hallway and started to panic, every time again, while I was forced to orgasm after orgasm. I was exhausted like never before and one time, a few neighbors were meeting on the hallway, close to my door.

I was about to cum again, I already leaved a puddle of spit and juice between my legs on the floor. Again, I was holding back my moans, I tried to be completely silent, but when I was, I heard the buzzings of the vibes. It was going louder and louder and louder in my head and I was scared that they would hear. At this moment I just thought, my neighbors are kidding me. I was holding mack, my moans, the orgasm and my movements, but they kept staying in the hallway and started small talk. Finally I came. I don't know, how I can explain this orgasm. I came and squirted. While I was not moving my body and not moaning. I really don't know how to explain this feeling, but I remember that I was crying in this orgasm. Then something happened with me. I was thinking about, that the stuff I fantasized about often, happens for real. That any moment any stranger could enter my apartment and finds me. I couldn't scream, I couldn't beg, couldn't resist. I was helpless and exposed. I was a slave at this moment, without rights and choices. I panicked hard, I was breathing really heavy and all possible thoughts were running through my mind. What if I really get raped? What if anyone use this chance and take me with him? What if anyone make pics or video and blackmail me? I would become a real slave. I tried to calm myself, with the thoughts, that my neighbors aren't bad people, but I don't know them too well. I was going crazy in this fear, I felt. I was forced to cumming in this immense fear and I was losing my mind. My thoughts were spinning through my head, I couldn't think clearly and I caught myself, while I was resigning. It was like, I gave up. I kept begging and begging and begging that nothing will happen, that the ice will be molten soon, but deep in my mind I also accepted the situation and was prepared. I was prepared, that if someone enters, I wouldn't resist. I would obey. I would do what I maybe got get free again. In the end, nothing happened. I know that is the most disappointing outcome of this session, but I don't want to create stories. So it was what happened... nothing. I don't know how often I was cumming, I can't really remember what happened with me while I was losing my mind, but at one point my hands were sliding down. The ice was molten and I crawled quickly to the door and pushed it close. I was exhausted, I was glad that I was safe, but to be honest one part of me was also disappointed, that nothing happened. I switched off the vibes and pulled them out. I was sweaty, covered and messed up in spit and juice and felt asleep right there on the floor.




Me - Do you know how to escape?

When the ice is molten, the key will drop, I will take it to open the the chain, the chain will slide through the ring and the keys for my handcuffs will drop in my lap

I'm horny as hell. I want to cum so badly and I get nervous and excited, thinking about, I will be tied again in pain and pleasure. I'm afraid, scared of getting stuck again, just for the case I have my phone next to me. My thoughts are. I'm grateful mistress. I'm so so so so grateful that you show me the real deal of being a slave. Thank you very much

The gag is in my mouth. I did it very tightly, that it hurts a little on my jaw

Y...yes mistress. I dropped the battery in the bathtub and slipped the phone over the floor to the other end of the room. I will tie my legs again now

Me - How's your pussy?

Yes mistress. My legs are tied again. From the movements I made, the toys were moving inside, stretching my pussy more. My pussy is in pain. Being stretched open this wide, hurts. My pussy is throbbing, pulsating and dripping wet

Me - And your ass and tits?

My ass feels , don't know how to explain. It is nothing compared with the big dildo yesterday, but having my ass filled and spreaded open makes me horny. My breasts are ok, they feel a little bit hot and thickly. I want to squeeze them

Me - put the alligators' clamps

Yes mistress

They are attached

Me - turn on your vibes

Yes mistress

They are on, god it feels like I'm cumming soon. My pussy gets stretched so hard when the vibrator wriggles around and moves the dildo too and I feel the egg vibrating deep in my ass, I feel it moving

Me - put your belt your elbows, very tight, then out your cuffs

One moment please, I will attach the threads on my toes to the clips

Done. I did it tightly, my nipples are stretched and my toes are pulled a little

REPORT - 15/12/2017

Hello mistress. I wanted to tell you that I'm ok. It was a struggle to open the chain on the sink and I dropped the key a few times, but finally I made it. During this session, a little panic over came me again, when I realized that I have no back safe this time. My door was closed and I couldn't reach my cell phone. When I could have been stuck this time, I had no chance. It felt dangerous, but it made it much more real for me. I've read your messages and when you were talking about my rape, you made it real for me again. I was getting nervous and very scared in my bounds. These fear while I'm tied, this is the ultimate feeling of being helpless. When you called me "fucking slave", when you insulted me, I felt so hot, that I instantly came. I never felt so owned before. My thoughts were spinning through my head, but I really felt like an owned worthless piece of meat. No rights, no choices.

My bathroom is very small, it was like I was captured in a small cubicle. I imagined, this would be the new home of me, I always will be there, tied, in pain, endless pleasure, until my owner comes to take me out. My heart was beating very fast, when I thought about, that everything was taken away from me. My owner held me there and I'm totally at her mercy. Sometimes I will get food in a bowl, sometimes I will be allowed to use a toilet. This feeling of helplessness and being nothing else, than the property of someone, was driving me crazy. The most scaring thing at this moment was to imagine, that when my owner would take me out of my room, then one and only to abuse me, but after this I won't be free, I just would be pushed back in my room, tied, suffering and locked away until the next time. I will break with the time, until I accept my new role and someday start to love it, until, I can't even remember that there was anything else before.

This was, what I was thinking and emotional feeling, while I was tied, with no escape in the pain. The clips were biting so fucking rough in my hard nipples and they were pulled down on my toes. Every shake and tremble, made them shaking too and every time I moved I pulled them harder. It was too much pain, I screamed muffled in the gag and cried. I wanted this pain to stop, I really wanted to just stop it, but instead I was forced to orgasms the egg slipped and wriggled inside my ass, while it vibrated and my pussy was merciless stretched and loosen open from the dildo and vibrator. I was not even sitting, I was swimming in my own juice. I came and came and came, I made a pee on the floor and was forced to orgasm after orgasm in this state of terrible pain. It lasts for ca 2 and a half hour and I almost fainted away in the painful orgasms, but this is what I needed, what I deserve. I loved this session as well, very much mistress

I tired past an hour ca. my body is still sore and exhausted. I still feel pain on my nipples and pussy and when I touch my nipples or even pinch them it hurts badly. My pussy and ass feeling hot since the session and thickly from the steadily vibrations. My pussy is loosening little. When I get wet, I mean really wet, my pussy opens so wide, that I can push my fist inside. Not so easy that it slides in, but much more easy then before. I don't know if my pussy will tighten again or if it will keep being like this like the hole of a real slave.
Thank you very much mistress, for this night. If you want to talk with me about the night before, my orgasms while I was crying, please just message me mistress. I don't know if I can come online today or tomorrow. I have to go to work this weekend mistress


OUTSIDE BONDAGE - 16/12/2017

Me - Today you are going out on the street tied up and handcuffed. First take your single house key and fasten on your 8-inch dildo with a condom. If you do not have a condom, use plastic wrap. Or invent a way for that key to get stuck in your dildo. You will put this dildo in your vagina along with the vibrator. Try putting the key more on the tip of the dildo than you can, but on the side of it so you do not get hurt. You will wear the chain of your leash around your waist. Leave it above the hip, almost on the belly. Secure it very well securely, with the padlock to your front, just a little to the side. Put the dildo with your house key in your pussy. Put your vibrator in too and you can turn it on. Leave the anal plug inside you as well. After that, take a thick belt and fasten first to the chain in front of you and then, passing between your legs, fasten the belt on the chain behind you. Leave the belt buckle behind you.

Me - You will now be wearing a homemade chastity belt

Me - Where did you hide the keys? How tall were they hidden?

I've hidden one on the ground mistress, under a bench and covered with leaves. The other is hidden on the ground as well on a tree, next to the bench

Me - How far are these keys to your home?

Close to my work place, across the train station in a park. ca 2 km.

I'm done mistress. The chain is on my belly, tightly, that I can pull it over my waist, but I can breathing good. I'm very nervous mistress.
The belt wasn't long enough, but I managed to fasten it similar as you said. The dildo, vibrator and butt plug are held deep inside. My pussy hurts mistress. It's stretched and filled very hard. I had a condom and placed the key for my apartment on the dildo tip.

Me - Are you vibrator on?

Yes mistress

Me - do this bondage that you did once


Yes mistress

Me - Place the alligator clips on your nipples, lying flat on the side. Then put a tape on them

I'm done mistress. The body rope is tied tightly and the clips are taped. They biting my nipples and pulling them to the sides. It is very painful. I came the first time mistress. My body is trembling in pain and pleasure and I need to control my breathing to not breathing too hard and fast.

Me - Take a pair of cuffs and hang by the chain of it's in your groin, passing it through the belt and the rope of the last bondage.

Yes mistress

Me - Good, you had cum already

The handcuffs are in place mistress

Me - Put the handcuff key on your bed

Me - Take your coat

Yes mistress, keys are in place and I have the coat

Me - can wear your coat ass with be exposed then mistress. I... I am fucking nervous and scared as hell mistress

Me - You said it goes to your knees. It doesn't?

When I put the cuffs out off the coat, it will pull the coat up mistress

Me - Ok, put on a pair of pants.

Yes mistress

Me - try to fold your coat so it does not look so strange

Me - Are you ready?, yes mistress

Me - the challenge today is for you to be naked in public, as well as being handcuffed

Oh god. Are you really serious mistress. this really necessary. I'm fucking nervous and scared at moment

Me - Now go get the key to release your chain

Me - Did you cover your handcuffs?

I... I didn't cuff my hands yet. M...mistress. I'm so scared. I... I am so sorry for hesitating, but this is a really big deal

Me - cuff your hands, now!

Me - Do not worry, this will be fast

Y...yes mistress

My hands are cuffed .im so nervous. I feel a little dizzy

Me - Can you reach the padlock of your chain?

Yes mistress

Me - The moment you close the door of your house, it will begin. Do you know what to do?

I... I need to get the keys I've hidden

Me - Yes, and then?

I... can open the chain and get the dildo with my apartment key

Me - Where are you gonna do that?

W...when I'm back at home?

Me - where at home?

On the s...street?

Me - It's up to you. Take your dildo where you think is the best place

Me - How many cums until now?

3 times

Me - You are ready. Go now

I'm scared. I'm so scared

Me - You look nice? Something is wrong in your look?

What if I gonna captured. I have just a fucking fear

Me - The sooner you go, the faster it will end

Me - Go now! It is an order!!!

Y...yes mistress. I'm leaving

Me - have a good trip. Send me an email as soon you get at home


I'm sorry mistress... I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm so so sorry.
I was chicken out, please forgive me. I'm terribly sorry. I... I took a scissor with me and leaved the apartment as you wished. I was standing in front of the house door, I was too nervous, I was so fucking scared.
I couldn't go outside. I was hiding in the basement. I was crying, I suffered, I came, and I was in hurt. I really really tried it, but I couldn't overcome myself.
I cut the belt and got the dildo with the key out of my pussy and came back in my apartment.

Oh god, I feel so terrible. I feel so very bad for this. Please forgive me. I'm sorry mistress. I'm so terrible sorry.

Me - talk, slave

H...hello mistress

Me - I'm very angry here

I don't know, what to say mistress. I'm terribly sorry. I was chicken out. I failed a...and disobeyed. It makes me crying. Please forgive me mistress

Me - You gonna repeat the door bondage. And leave your front door open again

Y...yes mistress

Me - I would not have you repeat that bondage from the open door so early, but you deserve a punishment. Drag a piece of furniture from your house behind the door. A dresser, a heavy table, anything.

I got naked and tied the body rope again mistress. I will carry everything in the floor and place a table on the front door mistress

Me - Leave almost a head space in the open door.
Try to put your head out. It shouldn't go outside

The door is open an almost head space and I placed the table in front of the door. My head isn't going through

Me - Put heavy things on the table too

I attached the elastics to pinch my nipples and took on the heels. I will prepare the ice bag and the cuffs now.
Yes mistress, I will do

Me - No elastics. use alligator clamps

yes mistress. I putted some things on the table and attached the alligator clips instead of the elastics

the ice bag and the cuffs hanging down are prepared mistress
I can move the table just barely when I pull it hard

Me - If it moves by someone push, gonna be your fault

y...yes mistress

Me - Put your vibrator in your ass. The egg in your clit. Go to your position

yes mistress

the vibrator is in my ass, held inside all in with the body rope. the egg is taped on my clit. my legs are tied to hold me on knees. I'm under the handcuffs, the 12 inch dildo is in my pussy streching me open and fills me very deep.
I... I am so sorry mistress. I'm so terrible sorry

Me - I want to spank you a lot! on your ass, your breasts, your pussy!

Me - Everything is on place???

yes mistress. shall I use the gag too?

Me - Of Course, slave!!!

yes mistress

Me - How are you look? Describe to me

the gag is in my mouth, tied tightly and locked. everything is in place. I... I'm scared mistress.

Me - Look at the door. What do you see?

I see the table, the door more open than the last time. its dark on the house floor, but I feel the cold air from outside my flat

Me - At the moment you get free, give me a report. At the moment, did you understand???

y...yes mistress... b...but I need to go to bed very soon...

Me - leave a light on in the house. One that is not from the front door

Me - I know you need to rest

you m...mean in my apartment?

Me - yes, your apart

I switched on the light in the floor, I'm in

Me - are you ready???

y...yes mistress

Me - turn vibes on

Me - Blind yourself and cuff

y...yes mistress (16/12/2017 9:31 pm mnfclub time)


Hello Mistress, im sorry, but i passed out last night and was already too late for work, when i woke up.

When I've done the self-bondage and was tied up finally, i got scared as hell. I've finally realized that the light in my flat is on and my door is standing open much more than the last time. i was struggling to get out of the bondage, but i had no chance. all i could do was waiting and hoping, trying to be quiet, but this was impossible. i felt the steadily pleasure from the egg on my clit and the vibrator in my ass. my clit burned, it hurted, after i was cumming a few time, but the vibrations didn't stop. i was forced to one orgasm after another. my pussy was dripping wet and throbbing and squeezing on the monster dildo. i was stretched open so hard, that it hurted and still yet my pussy feels loosen. the vibrator stretched my ass while it was wriggling around so deep inside. the clips on my nipples were killing me. the pain was unbearable, they have bitten in my nipples so rough and from my shaking and struggles, they were swinging a little, twisting my nipples. i couldn't stop moaning and i didn't see anything. i was begging, that nothing will happen.

I don't know, how long it was, but after a while i heard the house door open and someone walked through the house door. my heart was beating so fast. i was so fucking scared. i couldn't even see anything, that was the worst. i was so nervous that i was breathing hard and cried a little, while i tried to be quiet. when the steps i herd were stopping, it felt like my heart stopped. i had always to think about the light in my house and the open door. i was really really afraid of being raped in this moment. but instead of doing anything to defend myself, i was just forced to another orgasm. i was relieved, when i heard another door opened and closed. i don't know if i was seen, but at least no one was intruding in my flat.

just a little later, i heard the house door again. at this time, my breasts and belly were already covered from my drool and i think i was sitting in a puddle of my juice. i felt dirty, i felt like a dirty slut. tied down to get abused, it made me shaking and trembling much harder. i heard steps from more than one person, walked upstairs. a while nothing happened. i was tired and exhausted, but the bounds still held me tightly in place, while i was keep being forced to cum. my body hurted so badly. i just wanted it to stop and tried to calm myself, by thinking, that it wont last for long anymore.

i heard a door in the house opened and again more than one persons steps came downstairs. from this point... i heard a man voice said "the door is still open" and i heard my neighbor, who lives right above my apartment, knocking on the door, asking "anyone there? everything ok?"

i panicked, i struggled, i begged. it was the worst thing ever. i felt dizzy and my heart was beating, that i believed it would stop any moment. i couldn't talk. god, i wished at this moment, i could just say, everything ok. but i tried to say with "mhm" yes to him, that I'm ok. it sounded forced and i still was in so much pain. my neighbor asked again and i heard the door pushed on the table. i was almost black out, i didn't know, what to do. and because the door was blocked and he heard my strange sounds, he was worried and i heard the table was shoved away. i heard a mans voice i didn't know laughing and my neighbor coming closer. he wanted to set me free, he really was worried, but the other man... i hear his voice and words still yet in my head. he was laughing and said "look at this, she did it herself".

my neighbor asked, if i did and i nodded. i was dying at this moment. my head felt burning hot and i couldn't think clear. i just though, that my life is over. i came direct in front of them and i couldn't see anything.

they wanted to leave me like this, a least my neighbor wanted, but his friend said, that this is real, that this fucking fantasie is real and he don't wanted to miss the chance. they whispered anything and the man i didn't know, asked me, if I'm up for a blowjob. i didn't know, what to do, what to think or to feel. i was just loosing my mind, i really was like dead inside and i nodded.

it didn't came to the blowjob, because my neighbor made stress, that they don't have time. but the other man moved in my flat, i heard him very close to me. after a little while, i felt his hand on my hand. i cant describe this feeling of fear, I've never felt anything like this. he said, he got my number in his phone and that the blowjob is a promise. i nodded and started crying my soul out when i heard my door was closing. i woke up, everything still inside, i just passed out, it was far too much for me, the whole evening and night. i don't know how often i was cumming. but my body hurted and burned the entire day. even yet i feel it. when i woke up, my hands were cuffed, but in front of me, i took off the blindfold and have seen the closed door. i took off everything, i was dirty and laying in spit, juice and pee. I've seen the time and took a shower and headed to work. i know that it was real, i felt and still feel like a real slave, but when i think back it seems so unreal, my brain isn't really accepting what happened.

I've met my neighbor this evening, i instantly blushed and got shaking legs. i just wanted to run past him. he said, he wont tell anyone, but i shall be careful with this stuff.



Me - My slave, How are your feelings now?

hello mistress. at moment I feel not bad. I try to not think so much about what happened and what might will happen

Me - I do not wanna lose you under my control. I must help you now so you can stay mental healthy.

Me - But you disobeyed me and I had to punish you

thank you mistress. I'm ok, I really am

Me - There was a risk in that punishment, and you ended up being caught in bondage

yes mistress, I deserved it and it worked. it was like being pushed back in my place

Me - How did you feel being caught? Not to mention the fear, I understand that.

I'm not sure, it felt somehow relieving. like something I always was cared about and still fantasizing, already happens. it was exciting as well, I cant deny that. but the fear and embarrassment at this moment were overwhelming. especially when I came in front of people I cant see and one I don't even know

Me - You're ready for my gang bang group. But it's here in Brazil.

Me - How did you get rid of the chain around your waist?

on my way to work, I drive through the park, where I placed the keys

I took the chain off and kept it in my back, while I was on work

Me - How is your body now?

a little uncomfortable. I'm ok, but when I get horny, my nipples getting hard and my pussy starts slightly throbbing, I feel this light burning and pain. not that it hurts, but uncomfortable. but to be honest, I don't want to stop. while my body is still a bit sore, I would love to continue, suffer more and get a feeling of, how it is when a slaves body gets broken

does that sound weird mistress?

I mean, no serious injures of course. but a such abused body, that it doesn't feels like my own body

Me - Not at all, slave. You are just being yourself, a perfect slave

Me - I need to report to my master about your case. Maybe he wants to get in touch with you. Or maybe he'll just punish me. Either way he will tell you something to do.

I think I'm mentally still hesitating.
o...ok mistress. makes me very nervous, that you will tell your master about me

Me - I told him that I would have you raped, and you almost did. If your neighbor was not there, maybe his friend had impregnated you. My master told me not to do this, but I did. I should report to him.

Me - Did you have any detriment to your work?

aren't you in trouble then mistress? it is like, you disobeyed him, or?

Me - I can endure my punishment, slave. I myself was once a slave to him.

no mistress, I haven't. the first day it was a struggle to work with the butt plug, but today, I was used to it better

Me - I want you to go work without panties too.

yes mistress

Me - Does your work uniform hide your crotch?

yes mistress, I wear pants or a skirt

Me - And about your bra? You can work without it?

yes mistress

Me - How is your breasts? I never see them

what do you mean how? I have a C cup, but shape... I cant explain. they are not hanging or so

Me - Slave, I need to see your body. How can I not know my slave body?

you said no pics is ok mistress. I don't want that and you were fine to accept this as my limit. I always knew that you would want more someday and maybe I will be ready for this, but I am not now

Me - Let's do this way. We'll have a routine. I want you to email me every day. Even if it's just to tell me it's okay.

Me - I want you naked photo. But I'll respect your limit

yes mistress, I will send you daily a email

thank you very much mistress

Me - What I want you to do: look on the internet for a naked model that has the body similar to yours so I have a parameter. Size of breasts, butt, height, shape of pussy, color and length of hair ...

that comes close to me mistress. even the breasts seems similar, because my right breast is a bit smaller than my left. my hair is blond aswell , but a little shorter and my nipples are a bit bigger

ok... my breasts are hanging a little bit more



Me - you will use the ice-release process on your neck with your collar

I'm almost done mistress. I'm naked, kneeling on the floor. My legs are tied, to hold me down. The belts for hands and elbows are prepared, but I'm not tied yet

what exactly shall I do with the ice release and collar mistress?

Me - Use your scissors to loosen up. Leave the scissors on the other side of your apartment

yes mistress

Me - Lock your collar into some high place, in your bedroom

done, mistress, the scissor is in the bathroom. I'm sorry, I needed a while, I'm crawling, I got a ice bag as well. I shall lock the collar on my bed?

Me - you already know which accessories you should use

yes, lock it using the ice bag

butt plug and egg in ass, clips on nipples and clit, dildo and vibrator in pussy?

Me - did you enjoy the egg in your ass?

yes mistress

Me - so do that way

Me - but I wanna you blinded this time

the collar is locked on my neck, the ballgag in my mouth, the keys are on my desk, the ice bag release is prepared on my bed and the collar is tied to it

I will place all toys now

Me - can you pick up the scissors without seeing it?

yes it just will need longer and be more struggling

Me - good

the toys are in place. I tied a crotch rope to hold them in place. It feels much more intensive with my sore body. This will be a fucking hard session. I am scared of the pain already now

Me - Did you put your clamps?

yes mistress

Me - Tell me what you gonna do by now, until you'll be free

nothing mistress. Theres nothing I can do, I will kneel in front of my bed and wait until the ice is molten. I'm sure the only thing I will be able to do is suffer

Me - And to free yourself from the belts?

I will crawl blinded in the bathroom and search the scissor to cut the tape on my legs.

Me - Good. Turn your vibes on.

yes mistress, turned on

Me - Are you ready? Are you afraid? Someone will invade your place?

I am ready mistress. I'm very afraid of the pain and suffer I probably will feel. My door is closed, I'm alone.

Me - Ok Blind yourself and put your hands in place. Tell me your last words

thank you very much for using and training me mistress. And if I may a request, then please explain me again exactly how shall sleep in the cage, keys, what toys etc. I'm afraid my mind will go blank and I might not remember well. I blind myself now ant tie my hands mistress.

Me - You gonna cuff your hands in front of you and your feet too. Into the bathroom you gonna go inside the cage, cuffed like this, and lock the cage. The keys of your cuffs in the high place you already have. The keys of the cage you will tie with a rope INSIDE THE CAGE, into the bars of the cage. So you can get it to free yourself. No toys when you go to sleep. Just the cuffs.

Me - Send me a report as soon as possible, like always.

REPORT - 19/12/2017

i know, you were giving me free time at this night, but i was very excited to bring myself on my limit. to suffer in pain and pleasure much more, while my body still was sore.
after a few minutes i already had regret it, mistress.

my nipples and clit were in too much pain from the clip. it hurted terrible and i would never had been able to endure it on myself. also my pussy and ass, they were spreaded open and vibrated merciless. it burned. it just burned and hurted. every single orgasm was painful. i was begging for stop, i was crying. i thought all the time, that it was a terrible mistake to go through it again, but since my hands were tied, i had no choose, but to endure it. i couldn't move, i couldn't see anything. i was breathing very hard and my head started getting dizzy, while my whole body shaked, trembled and cramped. My heart was beating crazy and i was forced to one painful orgasm after another, in just minutes.
i was loosing my mind in this pain and abusment. my body was messed up in drool and sweat, while i was sitting in a puddle of juice and i imagined, that i just have to take it until the ice was molten, but when someone else had done this to me, there would be no time direction. i would be totally at her / him mercy and suffer like this for maybe 10 hours, maybe 15 or longer. this thoughts were scary as hell and im sure i would break under such a treatment. i think i would break into a obedient, never failing slave, loosing everything of pride and own will.

i don't know how long exactly, but after a long time, the ice was molten so far that i could struggle my neck free. i crawled only using my tied legs forward a little and moved the toys inside me as well. not only the vibrations anymore, i fucked my holes too by moving, at least it felt like this. the clips were shaking and especially my clit was almost going numb. i was looking blinded for the scissor i left in the bathroom and pushed the laptop with my legs with me over the floor. i was very exhausted, i reached my limit, but i imagined, that right in this situation, someone would grab my hair and saying "we just getting started"
i was cumming, i don't know maybe 3 or 4 times only while looking for the scissor, but finally i could get free, by cutting the tape. i took off everything and it felt wonderful to give my body a pause. i was kneeling for hours and i wanted to lay down and sleep, but i checked your pms in mnf and did the cage sleep.

it was a struggle to get with cuffed feet inside, but i did and closed the door and locked it. the key was hanging in front of my face and i cuffed my hands in front of me. i still wanted to stretch my arms and legs, but i was kneeling and bended down like a dog, with n space for movements. at this time i felt the fist time really like my body don't belongs to me. no matter what i want or what movements my body wants to make. it wasn't my own, my body was nothing else then a usable toy. my ass and pussy were still pulsating and open, i felt the cold air on it and i didn't need too long to fall asleep.
when i woke up, i started to panic a moment, i needed a little while to realize where i am and what I've done last night.

i was kneeling bended down in the closed cage, after i was abused merciless last night. i was naked and cuffed and through the night it seemed i couldn't held it. i was kneeling in my own pee and shit. i was dirty, messed up totally, my body felt hot and hurted. i was exhausted and my body cramped. it was disgusting, but i loved this degrading feeling. i felt like, i would be not even a human any longer.
i cleaned everything, before i was going to work and of course took a long shower myself, but it needed hours until my body could move at least ok.
and still yet, my body feels just tired and heavy and my nipples, pussy and ass still hurting a little.

Me - Good to know, slave, that you follow my orders even after you was free from your bondage. You pleasure more and more, each day. I gonna send you orders for tonight, nothing to hurt you even more, but something to keep you in submissive mode. Today I need to find my master, so I won´t be online in mnfclub.

yes mistress, i understand.

Me - I gonna give you a rest to your holes, so I want you to hogtie in bed,like you did with your pantyhose. But tie your ankles with your hopes leaving your legs wide open. Put your wrists handcuffs and tie them to the bed´s headboard. Again use the ice release. But this time I wanna you bounded for double the time, 6 or 7 hours tied down. So use twice the amount of ice.
Put your egg inside your cunt and tape your pussy. I know you have some adhesive tape to do that. Leave your egg in low vibration, so you can endure this.
On your nipples I want you to put wooden clothes pins on. I do not want you to wear braces with teeth on them.
Put on that "rope outfit" you've already learned to do, put a pillow between your head and arms, use blindfold and gag in your mouth. Put your cuff´s keys on the wall hook.
Consider this a break for you. This time you will not sleep in the cage. I want you refreshed for what 's to come.
I also want you to change your routine about sending me the report. I want it ready before leaving the house for work, as soon as you wake up. Leave your hands handcuffed to do this.
Answer this email soon, I will leave home in 3 hours and I will not be back today.

I'm not going to work today, but i have a lot of things to do and get a visitor as well. but instantly when I'm done with my stuff, i will tie myself down exactly as you ordered. in the moment i get free i will send you a report mistress. thank you very much for your kindness.



Me - Slave, I'm already at home and you haven't sent me anything from yesterday. I'm waiting for your damn report and I'm already having a special session for you



email: hello mistress, I'm very sorry. my internet was down, it is fixed for the moment, but still causes some trouble. end of the year, someone will come to fix it properly.

of course i did your last order and tied myself spreadeagled on the bed. i was gagged and blindfolded and to be honest i was dying in boredom. the egg was taped in my pussy and vibrated on the lowest level. it was a suffer for me as well, not because i was forced to cum. this time, when i started getting close, i was edging again and again for minutes until i already could come. i was tied for 6 hours and i needed to go to toilet so badly, but i taped my pussy well, i needed to hold it. i forgot to use a blanket and it was kinda cold, i realized it after i was tied. i had to endured it and it was a totally new experience for me mistress.

of course, i always wore the buttplug, when i leaved my home and i always was sleeping naked and cuffed



email: hello mistress, if everything goes well, I will have time in beginning march. I'm not quit sure, but i think the 3rd march. because you said you planned a special session a...about rape. do i need to prepare anything?



Me - I've done a session of this before and it worked fine. You will get in touch with that friend of your neighbor who wanted to talk to you but that you were afraid and did not respond to his message.
The day you go to do the bondage session you will send him this message:
"Dear stranger, please help me. I was trapped while I was tied down by myself at home and I am ashamed to speak to someone I knew of. Could you help me? My front door is opened, please come soon.
Vanessa "
I'll instruct you what to do that day for the mnf club, so you'll let me know before what time you'll be ready for me to go to the game site and talk to you.
You're really going to lock yourself up this time. No ice pack, no release mechanisms, no messages for relatives. A real slave. Be psychologically ready, after that day there will be no return for you.

Slave - yes mistress, i understand. my heart beats fast as hell, I'm nervous as fuck already now. i will need the days to prepare myself.
Me - I know you're prepared for what's going to happen to you. In your deepest dreams you want to be used and abused by someone who makes your mind shatter into pieces and make you an object of flesh to be used without forgiveness.


Me - I was thinking about how you got stuck to sleep and I want you to make some updates.
I want you to add three items: blindfold in the eyes (that do not leave the place at night); a cloth gag (which allows you to use your lips to pick up the keys to your handcuffs); rope outfit, which will provide you with the feeling of entrapment you need. And more: you will fasten your handcuffs on the rope outfit.
I wanna know about this update by the morning, when you wake up.

I think this change in your way of sleeping will be good, you will feel more and more a perfect slave. But I need to know how you're going to react to that. So tell me tomorrow how you slept tonight. Sleep the way I instructed you and speak in a few words if everything went well.

Slave - yes mistress, i will tell you quick tomorrow



slave - hello mistress, I'm sorry i didn't sent you a email earlier, it was hard to fall asleep and i had a restless sleep. i overslept in the morning and needed to rush to work, I'm just back yet. it was definitely much more strict, but i was very horny. i was wet, i think the whole night. i tied a bodyrope tonight, because i have no bondage dress. with the first sleep style i was at least able to go to toilet in the night. with the rope tightly between my pussy lips and butt cheeks, i cant do it anymore. i will need a while to get used to it, but i like it mistress.

Me - Good to know that, slave. From the beginning I thought about how you should spend the night and what you had done so far was very little. I still want it to be more enslaved, but we will do it over time.
Get ready for tomorrow

slave - yes mistress, im prepared as much as possible. but tbh I'm really very nervous

Me - Starting tomorrow you're going to be blackmailed by this stranger. He'll rape your holes for sure and he'll probably shoot you and film you. I know these types of people. Maybe I'll lose control over you if it happens he starts to manipulate your life. I want you to know what you're getting into. Are you ready to be a slave 24 hours a day? Being caged and maybe having to submit to other people?

Slave - i am really not sure, now where you told me, what i imagined, im much more scared mistress. i really dont know if i can do that, if im ready

Me - Let's see this tomorrow. We meet at mnf club.
Do not forget your sleep preparation. You need to know where is your place

slave - yes mistress, of course

RAPE BONDAGE - 02/03/2018

Me – Write this note in a paper:
"She is my sexual slave and will do her first rape session today. Probably she doesn't want to be raped, but she has no choice but to accept her fate. You can use her vagina and her anus the way you want. I ask you to do just this: ejaculate inside her anus and release her arms before you leave. And leave before midnight, there are more people to arrive."
Me – send him that message I told you before. That you are stucked in bondage.
Slave – Done mistress, the message is sent. I pushed my phone out of reach and turned on my vibes. I… I'm freaking out mistress, I… I'm too nervous, thinking on cuff my hands and being really helpless. I'm going crazy, I'm crying a little.
Me – where did you put that paer note?
Slave – beside my phone on the table.
Me – Tell me your feelings
Slave – I'm scared, nervous, I feel hot, my mind is going blank, everything feels not really real at moment. I feel pleasure from the vibes. I'm sure I already came, I feel my legs are wet, but its like, my mind and body are out of my control.
Me – any answer?
Slave – He have read my message, he ask if I'm serious
Me – just say “hurry”
Slave – yes mistress
Me – give me your sister email too
Slave – no mistress, this had nothing to do with my lil sis, I won't involve her. Let her out off this, please
He answered, he said he can be here in a half an hour. Mistress, I can't do it, please let us stop, ok? Please.
Me – Do you want to be stucked forever there? She answered you?
Slave – no, she haven't read the message yet. I don't know if she have read the email
Me – ok. Let's begin this.
Me – last words, slave
Slave – I… I'm chicken out, I don't want to do this, please mistress. Let us stop, please
Me – spank your butt
Slave – yes mistress
Me – make it red. Both sides. 20 slaps each side
Slave – I feel so hot, I'm getting close so fast mistress. I keep slapping my butt, it burns, it drives me so fucking horny
Me – Ok, cuff yourself
Slace – don mistress, 20 slaps each butt cheek, my butt burns, I'm so close, I want to cum
Slave – please allow me to cum mistress
Me – cum while cuffed
Slave – yes ok
Me – go now!!
Me – I don't know what gonna happened (7:22 pm)
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Re: Online Sex Slave - a true storie

Postby Krepper » 07 Jul 2018, 13:29

Wow such a detailed explanation of your online sessions. Thank you for discribing this. The sessions would be a bit hard if i would be the slave but they were great to read :shock:

I wanted to ask if there is a more detailed ending? What happened after she locked the cuffs?
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Re: Online Sex Slave - a true storie

Postby Cazandra » 03 Nov 2018, 05:10

Sorry my absence. I had problems to login in BoundAnna.

That was what happened after last post:


Me - Vanessa, my dear, everything is fine? I'm worry about you. What happened?

REPORT - 06/03/2018

It wasn't just one time being raped. I got a look too deep in real slavery. He came and i had to write my sister, that everything is ok, after i did, i was held for so many hours as slave. I was tied the whole time, being abused, injured and fucked. He gave a fuck on your letter, he came in my pussy too. It was a game for him and he didn’t stopped, not when i was begging, not when i was crying. He just kept raping and breaking me. He slept with me in my own bed, i wasn’t allowed to go to toilet, i wasn’t allowed to eat. i... i am sorry, but i will stop this, I’m very sorry, please forgive me

Me - What happened in the last days?
Slave - i was taking vacation from my work and was at home, alone
Me - Wanna talk in mnf club?
Slave - no I'm sorry, i want to be alone, i just wanted to pm send you a message, that you don't worry about me, without knowing what happens
Me - We went beyond your limits, so I know how you feel. I was gang banged before and I felt useless after that, a piece of shit. You love to be a slave, but you have your limits. You said lots of time that you loved to be in bondage and forced to cum.
That guy is not a master, and don't know how to take care of a slave like you. Let's do something now to make you forget all of this.
Slave - yes mistress, ok... but can you give me more time please
Me - I don't want you to be traumatized. How are you sleeping? Are you scared? Having nightmares? Still doing the last bondage I instructed you?

Slave - I still sleep in my night bondage mistress. I wake up often in the night and tremble, I feel watched and I'm nervous like I would be grabbed, when I lay helpless in my bed

Me - I want you with more restrictions to sleep, but I don't known if you are ready to this. What you say about that?
Slave - I don't know mistress, if you wish, I will do
Me - Get your toys. I wanna know everything you have today

Slave - 2 dildos (12 and 8 inches), 1 vibrator, 1 vibe egg, 1 butt plug, sex balls with 4 almost fist sized balls, a ball gag and a collar both with locks, 3 ropes, tape, 2 pair handcuffs, clothespins and 4 alligator clips with weights and a rabbit cage, where I barely fit in, if it is from interest for you

Me - I liked these sex balls. How much tape do you have? Prepare the cage for today

Slave - I'm not sure, ca a half roll left. i fetched the cage out of my basement, mistress. where shall i place it?

Me - Do you have any wardrobe where it can fit?
I wanna the many tape to bond all your body. You think this much you have will do it?

Slave - yes mistress, it is enough, shall I tie myself with the tape, or just wrap it around my body? I placed the cage in a cupboard, I'm sorry it took so long, I needed to place some thing out to make it fit

Me - Because of the hour (I think it's 23:12 in your country) we can prepare a sleep night. But wanna do a bondage session instead of this?

Slave - as you wish mistress, i will do as you say

Me - Ok. I'll explain how it's gonna be.
This time you gonna sleep plugged and with dildo for the first time. You will tape your legs folded and your wrists cuffed to your feet. The key for your handcuffs tapped in a dildo inside you. Understood? But before that, you will have you bondage session

Slave - yes mistress, I understand

Me - I liked the 5 belt bondage because you can remember when you got stucked. Do this again. Put a vibed egg inside your pussy (all power) and your sex balls in ass. Gag in mouth.

Slave - I will do the real deal mistress, but where shall I place the key for the gag and shall i do it in the cage?

Me - No. This is your bondage session, before you sleep.
Do the 5 belt bondage in the kitchen, where you have your cupboard (I think). Put a scissors tied with toilet paper inside your tube, in the bathroom. Begin in the kitchen, egg inside pussy at max. When you got your third orgasm you will be allowed to escape. Go to the bathroom (try your way), take the scissors and get free.

After that you can go to sleep. Do your piss and poo before. Go to the cage, tie yourself before go inside: legs taped, key of handcuffs taped in a dildo, this dildo inside your pussy. Put a butt plug in ass. Go inside the cage, inside the cupboard. No flashlight, no cellphone. Close cupboard and cage, cuff your hands to your feet. Have a good night.

Slave - yes mistress

Me - Use the gag in the bondage session. When you go to the cage you will use a cloth in your mouth, as I teach you. Put a blindfold too. Alligators in nipples while in the bondage session, not to your sleep time. Tell me when you are ready to begin

Slave - I am ready mistress. I just need to slide my hands in the bets

Me - Lap your butt. 30 times each side

Slave - yes mistress

Me - Are you using nipple clamps?

Slave - yes I do mistress, and I slapped my ass

Me - Pull your clamps trying to remove them, without open them!!

Slave - yes mistress

Me - Tell me

Slave - I pulled them off mistress, it hurts terrible

Me - Great. Put them again. Turn your egg at max. Ready to begin? Last thoughts...

Slave - I am ready mistress

Me - You are a great slave. I have big plans for you, no rapes, don't worry. Begin your bondage and have a good night. Just to be sure, tell me what you gonna do by now until tomorrow

Slave - at moment I'm naked, gagged, vibe egg in pussy taped and plug in ass with key for gag taped on plug. I will do the belt bondage now. a scissor is taped in the bathtub. after I came 3 times I'm allowed to free myself, after that I will go to sleep.
1)when everything went well: I will tape my legs, plug in ass, dildo in pussy, blindfolded and wrists cuffed to ankles, keys taped on dildo
2) when I pee or poo during the bondage session: the same, but + cloth gag and in cage. I have to lock the cage and the cupboard and no light allowed

Me - No, you SHOULD pee and poo before you go to the cage, to empty your body. You cannot do dirty things inside the cage. Understood? If you do, you can go. Have a wonderful night, my precious slave

Slave - yes mistress, i understand. I'm sorry, I'm just stupid, please forgive me, I will be better I promise.

Me - You are my sweet slave. I love you and I forbid you to call yourself this way


Me - Vanessa, I'm really worried about you. Did something happen? Talk to me as soon as you read this!

Slave - hey, everything ok. i am still alive^^
Don't worry about me, I feel better a bit. I have not much time and I don't know, when I can use internet next time. But please don't worry I'm ok, really. I get help at moment to overcome what I was going through. And no, of course it isn't your fault. Please take care. I write when I have the possibility


Unfortunately that was the last time we talked. Not having the control and vigilance of a slave personally has these problems. Despite my insistence on looking for her, I never got an answer, which is a pity. This slave was every day closer to total submission, but lacked a constant and definitive intervention of mine. In the distance, it became impossible to continue our training.
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Re: Online Sex Slave - a true storie

Postby alx1515 » 13 Nov 2018, 14:50

I've tried the door bound a few times lots of fun, won't mind being a slave or even having one like you myself.
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Re: Online Sex Slave - a true storie

Postby alx1515 » 24 Dec 2018, 12:14

Cazandra i replied that I would like to be our online slave, you sent me a personal message which I responded too, I wanted to be sure you got it. I'm happy to give you my email but privately.
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Re: Online Sex Slave - a true storie

Postby sonik » 14 Feb 2019, 23:48

Incredible story :shock: :shock: , I would also like someone to order me how to tie me up. it would be great.
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Re: Online Sex Slave - a true storie

Postby Shannon SteelSlave » 17 Feb 2019, 23:25

Great story. Love the combination of discipline and order. Reading and doing them are 2 different things. Unless you close the gap. Excellent read.
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Re: Online Sex Slave - a true storie

Postby Cazandra » 23 Feb 2019, 21:29

Thank you very much. I never thought that one day I could do this online due to the nature of my work. I will continue updating as soon as possible.
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