Quite a difference

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Quite a difference

Postby Selfsub » 09 Oct 2018, 13:07

So last friday night i my roommate was away and i was alone in our flat we share at university and desided to have some fun.

I love being spread eagles but was not always able to get myself nice and tight and almost most of the time im able to get out by using my mouth (i know a gag will prevent that but i have read that its not really safe when bind on your back alone).
So this time i wanted to get myself nice and tight in a spread eagle and desided to go to the hardware store and pic muself up 2 rope ratchets, what a differance it made.
For time release i use socks with ice in and a padlock, tis is for me the savest way of always getting free ater the ice has melted and i use 2, ons binded to each arm.

The session started, i got dressed in a monokini swimsuit and binded my feet to their positions layes back on my back and secured each wrist and started pulling on the rope to tighten. Pull by pull i cab feel the rope getting shorter attatched to my wrists and not long after i was in a nice spread eagle tighter than i was ever before.

Did not take long and my cock was throbbing and with the great feeling i diseded to go as tight as possible and pulled on the ratchet ropes until i could no more.

I layed there for about 40min before the ice melted and my left arm came free and i was able to free myself.

It felt great but this was only a test run with but one ice cube... would want to try with more ice for an 2-3 hour session.

The rope ratchets made a worlds differance and it cost me about 25usd (converted from my local currency)
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