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Finding erotic old memories

Tell us about your latest, greatest, best, worst or simply funniest bondage/selfbondage/chastity/CD experience. Only true stories please!

Finding erotic old memories

Postby Arthur » 07 Sep 2018, 19:03

Cleaning out the garage is a lot of fun, no? Especially boxes from years past with "stuff" in them.
I came across one with letters and newspaper articles from 1978, including a latter I wrote to a self-bondage friend.

You would never believe the time I had last week in Seattle. I was there for a convention, and since the evenings were just parties put on by sponsors, I had them for exploring and adventuring. (I do admit the party at the space needle gave a great view, and for free.). So I took along my fetish wear, black tights, black turtleneck leotard, and collar. I put them on and locked the leotard's zipper to the back of the locking collar. The first steo was at a small fetish boutique. One young woman was there, and no patrons. I handed her an envelope which contained a note for her to pick out a butt plug for me, and gave her the combination to my padlock. The note said I was to wear it home. She selected one about five inches long - - specified in the note - - and before she handed it to me, she put lube on it and worked the lube in with her hands for about a minute. Man, that was erotic to watch her do that. She unlocked me and sent me into the dressing room where I inserted it. I came back and she zipped me up and then had me lean over to she could see that it was securely in the right position. Then she locked me in and gave me the change from the $20 bill in the envelope.

I thought that would be it for the evening until a half-hour later when I spotted a large well-lit adult store across the street. I parked and went in. There was only the female clerk, a little older than the other one. I walked around and decided to go for broke. I picked up a pole with four cuffs attached and walked up to the counter. "Is this really secure?" "Do you want to try it on and find out?" Did I ever! She took me ver to a nearby stairway and had me sit on the bottom step. She put the pole behind me and then bucked one leg into a middle cuff and then the other leg into the other middle cuff. I started to feel a rush in my privates. Then she had me lean forward and buckled one wrist in an outside cuff. By that time I was hard. She took my left wrist and put it in the other cuff. And as I realized I was totally helpless, I had a huge orgasm. She was kneeling on the floor in front of me and there was no way she could not notice. Especially when she said, "Are we having fun yet?"

Just then it started to pour rain. "Is that your car across the street?" I said it was. "Then you wouldn't want to leave now or you will get soaked. I have work to do. I can't stay to watch you. I'll leave you here until it stops raining or another customer comes in." I started to protest and she added, "If I need to, I will put a gag in your mouth and then you will have to buy it." Se walked over and picked a leash off a display, wrapped one end around the bannister, and slipped the other end onto the ring on the back of my collar. And she disappeared. I tried moving around to find the most comfortable position - - maybe I should say least uncomfortable - - especially since the butt plug was starting to feel obnoxious.

About 45 minutes later, the rain stopped but she did not reappear. Then the bell for the door rang and in walked a couple. Then she appeared, and after remarking to the couple that I was demonstrating a new addition to the stock, she unbuckled me. Slowly. When I stood up, the big wet spot in my crotch was very obvious, and all of them had a good laugh. While she was waiting on them, I quickly made my exit from the store. Reluctantly, as I wondered what else she might have done to me if I had stayed.

Ad that was the letter. 100% true story. I've not been back to Seattle since, but now I have a wife. Good that I found this before she did!
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