Public selfbondage naked in the rain

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Public selfbondage naked in the rain

Postby Slave_L » 25 Jul 2018, 11:33

If you came here reading the topic title and you are like.... slurp....

Well, it has always been a fantasy of mine to do this, and today, I attempted to do just that.

Although I can say that I succeeded, not everything went according to plan.

It's currently summer here in the Netherlands, and for the past... I dunno how many days now, but over 30?, it has not rained, or when it rained, it was very little rain.

I have an app on my smartphone that shows me how much rain is going to fall, and this app has a widget for on my homescreen. In addition, it shows the temperature too. In all tides except the winter, I use it to see when and how much rain is going to fall so I can plan around it. In the summer I use it mainly to see how warm it currently is.

This morning when I looked at my phone to see how hot it was, I saw that in about 2 hours rain was in the forecast, and according to the graph, it was going to be a big (but short) rain shower.

This made me realize, I have this secret spot in the forest that has this small open area. I'm very sure no one will come there, and if so it is really just bad luck. But it being the holiday season, on a weekday at a place that is very secluded, I dared to go there and get naked for a while.

My idea was: Go there, get naked, do self-bondage and wait for the rain to start, then get wet from the rain and suffer, wait for the rain shower to end, then get out of the bondage, dry myself off and have had a great experience. Well, that was the plan anyway.

I checked the time and looked at how much time I would have to prepare for the session, get dressed up to go and all that stuff, and I had only 30 minutes, where I actually needed slightly more. The rain would for the first half hour be mild, then get into a shower for another 30 minutes, and that's all I could see. (forecast doesn't go beyond 2 hours)

I grabbed a pvc sheet to lie on in the forest, so I would not have to lie on a lot of branches with insects crawling there and small pointy ends that would hurt me in a bad way.

I grabbed 2 arm restraints. I wanted to use my timed lock but couldn't find it, so I decided to use a normal but short chain. I would be able to get out at any time if I wanted, which was kinda bad, but for a first session, probably not too bad.

I grabbed a gag and a double-sided hood, and some nipple clamps that I know, I can take for an hour and a half. I figured there was going to be a chance I would be in the rain for an hour and a half.

I inserted a buttplug as I figured it didn't matter if I did that at home or there.

I got leg restraints and figured this would be enough for a great session. I also grabbed a towel to dry myself up.

Before I left, I checked my phone to see the time and noticed the rain graph was changed. No longer was the forecast a big rain shower, but only a normal rain shower. Still plenty enough to get seriously wet so the session was on.

I was low on time and decided to change plans. Instead of driving to the parkingspot I usually go to and walk for 15 to 20 minutes to my secret spot, I would go to a closer parking spot and walk from there. It would then be about 5 minutes to walk. That other parking spot is a more public spot, as it is a parking spot from a restaurant. I would normally not go park there, but given that I knew it would be very quiet at their place, I knew they would not mind. And indeed, at the parking lot where I parked, there were room for 30 or more spots, and only 3 cars, me included.

I arrived at the place in the forest, looked at my phone and was very disappointed to see that the rain shower forecast had again changed to a mild shower. I still proceeded, given that I had felt a few raindrops on my way to the secret spot, so I hoped I would at least feel some rain. I was well ahead in time to prepare for the session.

I placed the pcv sheet on the floor and noticed how every movement would break a twig under it, which was very loud. This was pretty unwanted as that could draw anyone from a distance to my location, but I knew in the wide surroundings, it was going to be unlikely that anyone would need to be there, so I proceeded.

I got the bondage gear ready, undressed and placed my clothes in my backpack so it would not get wet.

There I was, naked in the forest ready to be bound. I still was wearing my chastity cage, but other than that, I was fully naked.

I started to tie myself up and before putting on the final item, the hood, I placed the nipple clamps on my nipples.

The gag was next, and the hood went over it.

Things became real at that moment as I started to feel some discomfort on my nipples. With the hood on, but not closed, I could still see somewhat, but given that I can't wear my glasses I had placed them in my backpack too.

I now closed the front zipper of the hood which closes a 2nd layer over the eyes and mouth. It has 2 zippers so I can effectively create an opening where I want. Either have an opening for my mouth, eyes, both, or none. I decided to go for an opening for my mouth, so my nose would have some air to breath, given that I was wearing a gag.

Not being able to see, I moved my hands behind my back, lifted my ass up, and secured the chain from one armcuff to the other.

I was now fully in my bondage session. I was getting to tie up quite early, so I had to wait quite a bit before the rain would start.

I only hoped that the rain would actually start, but I decided, as long as I can take it on my nipples I am definitely not an hour into the session and the rain could still come.

The weather was warm, so being naked was not a problem. There was little wind either, so there was no sign of feeling any kind of cold, whatsoever.

Then I thought I felt a raindrop, very faintly on my arm.

Was this it? Was I now going to experience the rain, being bound, not being able to resist it? Or did I imagine it?

Being blindfolded like this, my sensory perception was heightened. A fly landing on my arm and taking of would also have felt like rain...

But then another drop hit me. Again a tiny one. There was considerable time between the drops though, but rain slowly starts and gets bigger over time.

Well, I definitely felt a few rain drops, at one point one that can be considered big, but nothing like a shower. I was disappointed. This wasn't what I wanted. I kept waiting for the rain to get bigger, but at some point I hadn't felt rain at all for some time so this must've been past the shower...

I was going to be in bounds until it stopped raining, and this seemed to be it. I decided to wait a little bit more, seeing if this wasn't that rain shower, but one before. I waited some more, but it seemed it really had stopped.

I freed my arms and opened the hood so I could see. While still being bound otherwise, I opened my backpack to get my pants so I could get my phone. I checked the phone and saw that this rain shower was about to start! oh. It wasn't a big shower anymore as forcasted earlier, but it shown a considerable graph for 5 to 10 minutes. I quickly put my pants and phone back into the backpack, closed the hood, locked my hands behind my back once more and got ready for the actual rain.

In the meanwhile, my nipples were aching a bit and I definitely felt my jaw too. It didn't take long before I felt the first raindrop. I felt a few more drops and I was ready for it. A gust of wind was felt too and I was like: Yes! This is it. Its going to pour rain soon and I am in bondage and I can't do anything about it.

A few more raindrops were felt, and then it stopped again. I waited a bit more, but nope, that was it.

I got out of my restraints again, opened the hood so I could see, grabbed my phone and saw that indeed there was no more rain in the forecast.

I decided to get out of my bondage and head home.

I was a bit disappointed not getting the rain I wanted, but being out there in the open, fully naked and tied up for about an hour, that was definitely fun.

Although I did not get the full satisfaction, I now know that I will be looking out for when it rains. This session is something I'm going to do, even if it means going to that place in the rain. Most of the forest is having the trees close by so I could in theory get naked there, then get in the rain from there. Not the best, but it would work.

To be continued. :)
I'm not yet very comfortable expressing my love for kink from my private life. I will therefor hide behind my username Slave_L and not allow any connections to who I really am. I'm sure you'll understand.
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Re: Public selfbondage naked in the rain

Postby Jadit » 25 Jul 2018, 13:48

Check if some other weather-report service gave more correct prediction to the area too, unless it's too far in the past for logs. Different sorts of forests in here, an hour naked would have produced propably tens of mosquito bites and propably some ants or other tiny insects.
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Re: Public selfbondage naked in the rain

Postby Slave_L » 25 Jul 2018, 14:06

I heard that in a neighbouring city it had downpoured hard. So yeah, a different place would possibly had yielded better results, but I would not have had time to get there in time either. The area I went to is close to where I live, and I know it inside-out. A different forest and I wouldn't even dare to go naked.

But this is definitely something I will do more often. And by that, I mean, go to that location and get naked. I will plan a session with rain for sure. Maybe I'll even be brave enough and do one in the winter. I will of course not go fully naked, but I have pants where I cut out the area that covers the ass and penis. Wearing that in the winter while otherwise properly protected will be fun, and I may actually go nude entirely for a bit. But we'll see about that when it happens.

As for mosquito bites, they are actually attracted to the carbon dioxide you breathe out. I was wearing a hood so it was already somewhat shielded. With many trees around me that produce oxygen, me being pretty much the only person in the entire area, and a busy road not too far away with cars that produce carbon dioxide, I do not really have to worry about mosquito bites. And if they do, well, isn't that part of the fun anyway? Its not something I die from.
I'm not yet very comfortable expressing my love for kink from my private life. I will therefor hide behind my username Slave_L and not allow any connections to who I really am. I'm sure you'll understand.
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Re: Public selfbondage naked in the rain

Postby Slave_L » 26 Jul 2018, 19:32

I had 2 hours extra to spend today, so I decided to head back to the forest.

The forecast is approximately 31 degrees celcius, no rain. I wasn't interested in being naked in the rain this time, but there's another session that I want to do, and I decided that I would scout out for that session.

The idea of the session is this: I bring with me 2 needles and all the stuff to prepare to use the needles. In addition I will bring thin rope and enough bondage gear to get myself fixed in place.

I will undress myself, skewer my nipples and then tie myself up against a tree. The idea is that I then use the thin rope to attach them to the needles so I can pull on them, and tie them at the back of the tree. This would ensure that I can't move and have my nipples pulled. If I decide to move anyway, I will pull extra hard on my nipples.

The session
For this, of course, I needed a tree with plenty of space around it. Preferably a big tree. I did find a secluded medium sized tree, of about 15 to 20 cm in diameter. Quite a bit smaller than I hoped, but it would worked.

I undressed myself attached nippleclamps to a big rope that would then be used to tie myself to the tree, and finally allow my nipples to be pulled.

The usage of just one rope was a mistake. It did not provide enough bondage nor could I make sure I had my nipples secured as close to the tree as possible. I did get in a good bondage position and my nipples were clipped, but I would essentially only tug them if I leaned back far enough, which is what I did anyway.

It was really nice and I know that the real session will be even better.

I was forced to stand barefoot on the ground near the tree which had all kinds of small twigs and stuff.

In the end, that spot wasn't that great afterall, but the session worked okay enough to know this is definitely worth a proper session.

After about half an hour, I heard thunder in the far distance. Thunder was not on the forecast, and although rain is something I want to experience being naked and outdoor, I did not want that rain to come from a thunderstorm, especially not given that I was naked in a forest.

Besides, I did not bring a towel with me to dry up.

After being in the forest naked for almost an hour, I decided to end the session and get out of the bondage, and back into my clothes.

I decided to scout the location I was a bit more by going a bit deeper into the forest. I found a spot about 4 meters away that did not had the floor covered by all kinds of twigs but mostly by sand and some small trees and plants. Far more ideal spot for bondage actually. Even more secluded. I looked in the air and saw that there was an open spot. Ideal for my rain predicament too, given that in the other spot, I wasn't lying really well in that position.

I definitely need to do another test session, but this is going to be great.

When I was on my bike home it did start to rain, although it weren't many drops, just like last time.
I'm not yet very comfortable expressing my love for kink from my private life. I will therefor hide behind my username Slave_L and not allow any connections to who I really am. I'm sure you'll understand.
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Re: Public selfbondage naked in the rain

Postby Slave_L » 10 Aug 2018, 20:10

I've done it! I've done it!!!!!

I waited for this moment, and I carefully planned it. I knew what I was going to do if the forecast would tell me it was going to rain.

This morning, it told me there was going to be plenty of rain tonight. When I got home, the forecast had changed to no rain, only a little bit very late in the evening.

I had given up hope to do a session today.

I was very surprised when my rain prediction app that shows me a graph for the next 2 hours actually shown me a good rainy storm to unleash in 45 minutes of time. I quickly stopped doing what I was doing, got my gear as quickly as I could, and 15 minutes later, I was on my bike heading to the forest.

Arriving at the forest, I checked the rain prediction app once more and saw that the big rainy storm had dimmed down, just like last time, but not as much that it was virtually no rain. It said: rain will start at 20:30 with a duration of 40 minutes.

I'll settle for that, was my reaction, being very excited. The temperature was only 20 degrees celsius, which was 5 degrees colder than last time. I figured this may be a tad on the cold side, but well, that would only add to the session.

I went to my spot to look for the place I wanted to do the session. It was almost at the same place as where I did my ant session, except, due to the cold and no sun, there were no ants, as I had predicted.

The session
I placed the pvc sheet on the floor, grabbed all my other bondage gear out of my backpack and placed it besides me. I started by taking off my jacked. I figured that with a proper session, I may be cold afterwards, and I don't want to become sick, so I brought my jacket with me, just in case. It went off and into the backpack.

I took off my shoes and socks and placed them back into my backpack too. My pants followed, my leather thong followed next, my shirt followed by my t-shirt, and there I was, naked in the forest, ready to be in bondage just before the rain would possibly torture me.

I was very excited. I was still wearing my chastity cage though, and I had considered to take it off for the occasion, but no, maybe on a next run.

I started by putting a leg brace around my legs tying them together. Arm cuffs around my arms with a small chain with hooks so I could easily tie my arms around my back and unlock it at will, but still be restrained.

I then put on the gag, followed by the dual layer hood. As I was putting on the hood and was about 70% into position, I felt the first raindrops landing on me. I was still sitting up which was a bit of a downer... I wanted to be in bondage waiting for those first drops... Oh well... I rushed the hood on which still was a bit hard to do, but managed to do so. The nipple clamps that I can take for an hour went on as well. I laid down, connected the hook to the other cuff and my hands were secured behind my back.

I was thrilled. Laying naked in the forest feeling raindrops hitting my naked body. I estimated that at this point, it should have been around 20:10? Earlier than the rain was predicted, but I hadn't looked at the clock, so I wasn't sure.

The rain stopped quickly though, it was definitely more rain than the worst session of the first time, but it was not that much. Maybe 1 minute of light rain. It was awesome though, but it was over quickly too.

There was quite a bit of time of nothing, when I felt a cold wind blowing. I remembered from the previous time, that it usually meant that it would rain soon after. And indeed, I heard the wind blowing hard, and it started to rain again. This time it rained more than the first time. The rain became colder too. The first time it was warm rain. Now it was slightly colder. But again it was short.

I remembered from the graph, that it was like a lot of little rain, with a bigger session at the end. I figured I was at the start of this little rain and that it would most likely rain on and off for a bit.

As the rain had stopped again, the temperature increased too. Or so it felt. I did feel stuff fall on my body but was unsure what it was. Were it raindrops from a tree? Was it a twig? was it something else?

The bad thing was that as, whatever it was, moved, it caused for a little itchy feeling, similar to what you feel if an insect crawls on your body. Or water for that matter. But I was tied up, and I was going to endure this. This is what I wanted, right!

Some more waiting, and the rain started again. Again the gush of wind at the start, this time a bit more wind and even colder wind. The rain was colder too this time, and its duration slightly longer. Maybe 2 minutes? This time the rain and wind actually make me feel cold. Yes, this is what I wanted! This felt like torture. I was naked and it was raining on me. The rain felt like a good moderate rain. Some drops even managed to find the opening of my chastity cage, meaning that the drops landed directly on my penis. NICE!!!! I was in heaven.

The rain stopped. In a way, I was glad, but also a bit disappointed. Was this it?

Some time later, another rain session started. It was shorter and not that much rain fell. Like the whole storm had passed.

After it stopped and I waited for a bit, nothing happened. I knew that after the session I had planned, it would rain quite a bit harder. Given what I had experienced, I didn't want to wait for that, given that the duration would be 30 to 40 minutes of hard rain. Something I definitely didn't want, also because it would become very late.

I decided this was a nice session as it was. I unhooked my arm cuffs, opened my hood, looked at the clock, expecting it to be like 21:15, after the big storm. But no, it was only 20:30, at the start of the storm that I had seen. I quickly checked my phone, and it confirmed it. The light rain was about to start! Oh jolly.

I quickly closed the hood again, tied my arms behind my back and waited.

But I didn't have to wait long. I felt a gush of wind. Cold wind, and it was not a little bit of wind either. It was quite a bit stronger than before.

As predicted, it started to rain. A good rain session was to be felt. But it was short. I figured it would be like previous, going on and off for 40 minutes, although I figured I would have experienced already 10 of those minutes.

I think I was in the rain for a good 5 minutes of light rain. The rain felt cold. It wasn't too bad, but it was definitely what I wanted.

After the rain stopped, it stopped for a mere minute before the wind gushed again. This time even more cold wind came and given that I was already wet from the previous rain, that felt very cold. The rain that followed was definitely heavier in volume than anything I had experienced. It was cold too and its duration was pretty long considered to what I had endured so far.

Oh, this was so great! It sucked because it was cold, but it was exactly what I wanted. I felt rain everywhere falling visously on my body. Cold wet rain. No place was spared. I noticed that the top of my body felt cold, while the bottom (which was dry) felt warm. This sort of balanced each other out and made it durable. I figured, if I had been standing up, it would've been much more horrible.

Eventually the rain stopped again. I was wet but the cold went away as the cool air went away too. This made the entire session quite bearable. I started to feel my nipple clamps which was a nice bonus too.

I endured more of these rain sessions in similar intensity. The last second last rain session I got was the worst by far. It felt like hard rain, although I'm pretty sure it was only a medium shower, nothing big. The rain itself was really cold, the wind enhanced it even more and its duration was pretty long too. Or so it felt. It made me thing, I'll wait until this is fully over and then end the session. I was afraid I was going to get to 21:30 just like that without realizing getting much worse rain on me. I felt like I had endured enough.

But as I was waiting for the rain to stop, I never really felt the moment where it stopped, and before I knew it, it started to rain again. The previous rain session definitely felt like the biggest point in my graph though, and this could simply be an after rain. The rain was not that bad and stopped quickly. I waited for the moment where it was about to end and figured I had enough. I undid my handcuffs, opened the outer layer of my hood so I could see, looked at the clock, 20:54.

I quickly grabbed my phone to check what the rain was going to do. I saw that I was in the end of that session and that I would have about 10 to 15 minutes of dry time. I still felt an occassional rain drop, and the graph showed me like 5 more minutes of rain to come. I quickly laid down, hood on, cuffs on and waited, but I felt no rain. I think I waited for a minute then decided to end the session afterall.

I got up, took off the hood, the gag, the nipple clamps, and all the other stuff and noticed that I wasn't as wet as I thought. I expected to be soaking wet, but the rain had already nearly completely dried up. The towel I brought with me was not necessary.

I got my clothes back on, the bondage gear in my backpack and headed home.

Wow, this really was a great session. The coldest rain felt like torture in a way, but it was awesome. Definitely something I want to repeat in a more forced environment. (by that I mean, a mistress forces me to endure this, in any way she sees fit).

Not sure I will do this solo again, but maybe I will. Depends on the weather circumstances. 20 degrees was no luxury. Almost a requirement. Something that is going to be hard in the Netherlands. But I estimate that in the future, if I attempt this again, I will likely have a different place where I live that has a garden where I can do the session in the back yard rather than to go into the forest. This makes more sense because I can then get in and out of the rain in an instant without having to prepare for the session and carefully plan it.

If you consider to do this yourself, definitely do! It will be worth it.

During the session my heart was pounding from excitement and I enjoyed every minute of it, including the moments where I was cold. It was awesome to be wet from rain, feeling the cold, struggling in my bounds and feeling pain on my nipples all at the same time!
I'm not yet very comfortable expressing my love for kink from my private life. I will therefor hide behind my username Slave_L and not allow any connections to who I really am. I'm sure you'll understand.
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Re: Public selfbondage naked in the rain

Postby bounddosster » 31 Oct 2018, 20:52

I was once sent off for a long walk naked by my Dom down a farm track on which we had parked at night. I had to walk right to the end of the track which finished next to a main road then turn around and walk back. Just as I reached the road it started raining really hard and as I walked back to the car I got thoroughly soaked. When I arrived back my Dom laughed her head off and refused to let me into her car as she didn't want it to get wet, so I had to stand and wait for the rain to stop which it did in about ten minutes. Then my Dom got out the car and started drying my back down, then I was told to look up as she thoroughly dried my front off and once I was dry I was allowed in the car. My dom followed me in and we spent the next two hours having sex. During this time the rain had returned and was absolutely chucking it down.

It soon got around to about one in the morning and my Dom had been satisfied so she decided it was time to go home. I was still naked and asked where my clothes were. She then informed me that she had used my clothes to dry me down with and left them outside to dry off but of course with all the rain there was no chance of them being dry, they were soaking and there was no way she was going to let me wear wet clothes in the car.

The two options my Dom gave me was get dressed in the wet clothes and walk home, not really an option due to the distance so it was option two which meant I had to be driven home naked with the clothes shut in the boot and even at night I was nervous the whole way home.

My Dom pulled up in the street a bit short of my home and I had to get out still naked go the boot and retrieve my wet clothes. She drove off on her merry way before I was even dressed in my soaking clothes. She had very thoughtfully pulled up under a street light so I and anyone else looking could see what I was doing.

When dressed I walked the short distance home. Hoping my parents would be asleep, I unlocked the door and quietly made my way to my bedroom and stripped off my wet clothes. But now I had a dilemma what do I do with my soaked clothes. Using the drier was out of the question so I scooped up me soaking clothes into a plastic bag and shoved them under the bed for the night. The next day I sneaked the bag out with me and dumped it into a bin.
:oops: deedee.
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